Civil Rats “Your Dummest Friends” EP
Joe Normal “Public Works”
Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs “From Anytown in the USA”
Nancy Boys “Live At The Basement” EP
Sister Morphine “Ghosts Of Heartbreak City”
Tim Izzard “Deepfake 99” EP
V2 “Johnny Rocco/Car Crash” 7″
Vanilla Blue “Sweetheart”
Z Raw “Dark Inside” EP


Ariel Bélont “Season 4, Vol.1”
Baby Scream “Castell de Pop”
Bad Decisions “Subnormal”
Bitch Queens “Party Hard(ly)” EP
Black Bombers “Last Bite” (7″)
Cheap Cassettes “Ever Since Ever Since”
Discipulos De Dionisos “i Apolo Debe Morir !
Doctor Explosion “Superioridad Moral”
Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds “Revolution X”
Eddie Mooney & The Grave “Telephones”/”Lockdown Baby” 7″
Fast Eddy “Take A Look”
Faz Waltz “On The Ball”
Girls In Synthesis “Konsumrausch” EP
Go Public! “Between Nowhere and Goodbye”
Gunfire Dance “Witness To The Crime”
Hard Times “Little Satan” EP
I Love Rich “You Have The Right… To Remain Sexy”
Into The Valley Of Death “Ruthless” EP
Kevin K “Cadallac Man”
Lester Greenowski “Carpenter’s Cult”
Lester Greenowski “Kover All Over”
Monster Zero Records Fall Special: The Pigeon Boys, Sweatpants Party, The Wimpys, The Budweisers
Morrissey “L’insoumis” Nicolas Sauvage (Book in French)
Nasty Reputation “After All It’s Rock’n’Roll”
Nasty S and The Ghost Chasers “Waiting For The Last Gap Of My Generation”
Paradise Alley “Bad Timing And Silver Linings” EP
Pelazo “Carry On” 7″
Ravagers “Badlands”
Robbie Quine “Glitter Hole”
Rob Moss And Skin-Tight Skin “Now More With Rockets”
Slaughter and the Dogs “Il Tradimento Silenzioso”
Star Park “S/T” EP
Steve Vincent “Poison Heart” EP
Steve Vincent “Recovered From My Past”
The Delinquents “Too Late, Too Little, Too Loose”
The Duel “Soundtrack To The End Of The World (The Zak Splash Story)”
The Erotics “Rot In The Shade”
The Golden Rat “We Got A Right”
The Hallingtons “Hop Til’ You Drop”
The Piggies “… And Now!” EP
The Roxies “Don’t Wanna Dance Because I’m Told To”
The Speedways “Talk Of The Town”
The Sweet Things “Brown Leather”
Too Sophisticated “Like It Or Not”
Torpedohead “TRPHD” EP
Trashcan Darlings – Me Punk, You Fuck! (Some Of The Award Winning Hits From The World’s Greatest Band Ever)
V/A “Nuits Blanches”
Velvet Attack “Visions From Inner Space”
WolfWolf & The Tuzemak Orchestra “S/T” EP


Ariel Belont “Fake” Single
Baby Scream “Sad Balloons”
Bambies “Summer Soon”
Bitch Queens “Custom Dystopia”
Blue Jinns “Baby’s On Drugs” Single
Brad Marino “Looking For Trouble”
Brigitte Handley “Köln” EP
Criminal Kids “Live at Liar’s Club” EP
Dirtbag Republic “Tear Down Your Idols”
Gilby Clarke “The Gospel Truth”
Guttercats “Eternal Life”
Killer Hearts “Skintight Electric”
Kurt Baker “After Party”
Monster Zero Super Involved: Mondo Wave/Snotty Cheekbones/Animols/Sonic Angels
Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders “…There’s Pretty Things in Palookaville…”
Randells “Kicks”
Razorbats “Mainline Rock’n’Roll”
Ricky Rat “She Feels Like A Good Thing” 7″ / Brian McCarty “HamTramck Jukebox” 7″
Scream Idol “Movie Mary”
The Cheap Pops “Winless Summer”
The Chris Rolling Squad “Cannonball Holocaust”
The Claws “Stars and Broken Glass” + “Hazy Days Wasted Night” EP
The Cutthroat Brothers and Mike Watt “Devil In Berlin”
The DeRellas “Somethig’s Got To Give”
The Erotics “Hungover On Christmas” EP
The Erotics “Ride It To Death” EP
The Popravinas “Goons West”
The Speedways “Borrowed & Blue” 10″
Tommy Ray! “Handful Of Hits”


Alex Sindrome “Fantome”
Baby Scream “Just Covers”
Bitch Queens/Delilahs’77 “Split” 7″
Black Market Heart “Transfusion” EP
Brigitte Handley “After Dark” 7″ (Picture Disc)
Dear Hearts “Old Shirts” EP
Dee Cracks “Attention! Deficit Disorder”
Destination Lonely “Nervous Breakdown”
Frankie Delmane ‘Street Penetration”
Jagger Holly/The Windowsill “Saving The Genre, And You Know It…” Split 10″
Johnny Jetson “Make Your Move”
Los Stars “Grandes Fracasos” EP
Los Tarzanillos “Lo Mejor de Lo Peor”
Monster Zero Records Special: Neon Bone/So-Cho Pistons/The Skullingtons
Mud City Manglers “Give Me The Hammer”
Nikki Hill “Feline Roots”
Nikki Hill “Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists”
Pavid Vermin “The Beach Boys Never Surfed” 7″
Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons “Beast”
Rick Kid Expre$$ “Bubblegum Radio” EP
Rich Kid Expre$$ “Psychodelic”
Rod Hamdallah “Crawling Back” 7″
Russ Lippitt “F.T.W. Rise of the Anarchy March” (Book)
Sugar Lady “Night Prowlers”
Suzie Stapleton “We Are The Plague”
The Beatersband “Vol Due”
The DeRellas “Inner City Rock’n’Roll” (Single)
The Erotics “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”
The Great Affairs “Everybody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt”
The Guilty Hearts “S/T”
The Speedways “Radio Sounds”
The X-Ray Eyes “Destiny Is Depressed”
Tommy Ray! First Hits Free”
Tremendous “Relentless”
Undercover Slut “Haters Gonna HATE”


Baby Scream “Things U Can Say To A Stranger” EP
Bitch Queens “City Of Class”
Cheap Gunslingers “S/T”
Demons “Kiss Off”
Ditches “The Taste” 7″
Electrajets “Transatlantic Tales”
J.D Hangover “S/T”
John Dissed “American University”
LATTE+ “Next To Ruin”
Lester Greenowski “Out Of Tune, Out Of Key”
Rod Hamdallah “Think About It” EP
Brad Marino “Extra Credit”
Paradise Alley/Plastic Tears “Class of ’92” Single
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “The Past Came Callin'”
PinkLips “Pink Is The New F*#k You!”
Psycho Barbies “Stupid Cupid” EP
Razorbats “The City” (Single)
Richard Duguay “Bad JuJu”
Stiv “No Compromise No Regrets” DVD
Suicide Bombers “Murder Couture”
Gary Sunshine “Beer, Picks & Old Records”
Teenage Bubblegums “In Limbo”
The Beatersband “Black Christmas” EP
The Beatersband “Vol Uno”
The Brothers Steve “#1”
The Candy Snatchers “Moronic Pleasures”
The Cutthroat Brothers “Taste For Evil”
The Empire Strikes “Charm”
The Erotics “The Songs Remain Deranged”
The Factory Superstars “b/w “Lullaby For Furs”
The Gentlemens “Triage”
The Hallingtons “Hexed” EP
The Hangups “No Expectations” 7″
The Hip Priests “Stand For Nothing”
The Jackets “Queen Of The Pill”
The Laissez Fairs “Marigold”
The Leftards “Apocalypse Cabaret” 7″
The Popravinas “Willy Nilly”
The Ratcliffs “Hell Mental”
The Yoohoos “Up Goes The Rocket”
Trifle “All That Used To Be” EP


Ashtones “Who Are The Leper Messiahs?”
Badass Mother Fuzzers “Heartbreaker”
Black Market Heart “Who Put A Knife Through Your Heart” EP
Brad Marino “Four Track Attack” EP
Broadway Lafayette “Subway Zydeco”
Criminal Kids “S/T” EP
Danny Garcia “Looking For Johnny” Book
Dead Furies “Rock City A Go Go”
Faz Waltz “Julie” 7″
Guttercats “Follow Your Instinct”
Hey Honcho & The Aftermaths “Chico Purito!!”
Hollywood Killerz “The Starving Sound”
Idol Lips “Street Values”
Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs “Entering Anytown U.S.A.” EP
Jollys “Cosmic Heels” 7″
King Brothers “Wasteland”
Lana Loveland “Strange Charms” 7″
Nicotine Pretty “Real Life Glories” EP
Norwood Park All Stars “N.P.A.S. DOS”
Outtacontroller “No Echo” 7″
Paradise Alley “Psychotic Playground” 25th Anniversary Edition
Pest Modern “Rock’n’Roll Station”
Plastic Tears “Angels With Attitude”
Prophets Of Addiction “Nothing But The Truth”
Razorbats “II”
Rich Ragany & The Disgressions “Like We’ll Never Make It”
RunHideFight “He’s A Jerk” 7″
Sloks “Holy Motor”
Smash Fashion “Rompus Pompous”
Spencer Robinson And The Wolf Spiders “Poisonous Berry” 7″
Sugar Lady “S/T” EP
The Bad Somethings “S/T”
The Carvels NYC “Everything With You Is A Travesty”
The Cheap Cassettes “Kiss The Ass Of My Heart”
The Claws “S/T” EP
The Connection “Wish You Success”
The DeRellas “High Rise Supersize” 7″
The Dirty Truckers “Best Of”
The Erotics “Stuck Between Venus And Mars” EP
The Forty Nineteens “Good Fortune”
The Innocent “S/T”
The Irradiates “Lost Transmissions From The Remote Outpost”
The Jones “Silver Faces”
The Laissez Fairs “Empire Of Mars”
The Morlocks “Bring On The Mesmeric Condition”
The Ringleaders “Bi-Coastal Blasphemy”
The So Lows “Alto”
The Stick Arounds “Ways To Hang On”
The Thick Un’s “Greasy Gambit”
Twin Guns “Imaginary World”
V/A “Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds”
Walter Lure & The Waldos “Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo”
Watts “All Done With Rock’n’Roll”
X Darlings “Dead Toy Capital Of The World”


16 Ton Rockers “Limited Edition Deluxe”
16 Ton Rockers “Shake Riot & Roll/Other Side Of Midnight” (Single)
3 Parts Dead “Master” EP
Bitch Queens “L.O.V.E.”
Born Loose “Torn Up Heart” 7″
Brat Farrar “II”
Bullet Proof Lovers “Shot Through The Heart”
Choke Chains “Android Sex Worker”
Circus Of Power “American Monster” Single
Cream Pie “No Secrets”
Cyclope Espion “Friday Night Epitath”
Dead End “Suicide Notes”
Dead Furies “No Talkin’ All Action”
Dobermann “Pure Breed”
Doll Hazard “Transatlantic Meltdown”
Eduardo Martinez & The Thunderclouds “Hyena Planet Bites On You”
Frozen Dead Kittens “Shelter In The Wild” EP
Godfathers “A Big Bad Beautiful Noise”
Grande Royale “Breaking News”
Gypsy Roller “S/T”
Indonesian Junk “Stars In The Night”
Jeff Ward “Carry On Dreaming” Book
Jenkinses “Langered” EP
Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind “Super Natural”
Kevin K “and The CBGB Years”
Kris Rodgers “Losing The Frequency”
Lester Greenowski/The Empire Strikes Split 7″
Lipstick “Lipstick II”
Motosierra “S/T” 7″
Midnight Crisis “Heart Beatings”
Neon Animal “Bring Back Rock’n’Roll From The Dead”
Nicotine Pretty “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?/Nicotine Pretty” (Single)
Olowex “Discode” EP
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “The Outskirts Of Your Heart” 2XLP
Role Models “Dance Moves”
Shanda & The Howlers “Trouble”
Spencer Robinson and The Wolf Spiders “Beneath The Surface”
Spencer Robinson “Standing at the End of the World” EP
Suicide Bombers “Suicide Idols”
Telephone Lovers “S/T”
The Cheap Cassettes “All Anxious, All The Time”
The Dirty Truckers “Tiger Stripes”
The Erotics “United We Can’t Stand”
The Ghost Wolves “Texa$ Platinum”
The Hip Priests “Those Fuckin’ Boys – A Decade Of Disdain”
The Latter Day Skanks “Devilishly Dirty” EP
The Loose Lips “Get Loose…””EP
The Phantoms “’65-’75” EP
The Sweet Things “Slather/Dustianne” 7″
Tom Baker and The Snakes “Lookout Tower”
Toward Space “The Bomb That Fell”
The Zombie Dandies “Dandy’s Little Monsters”
V/A “We Weren’t Meant To Last” (Best of Norcore compilation 83-86)
V/A “SMACKED! – A tribute to Ilari “Claude” Peltola
White Demons “Bleed It Out”
WolfWolf “The Cryptid Zoo”


Baby Scream “Life’s a Trap”
Black Star Furies “Vamp In Paradise”
Born Loose “Death From Above” 10″
Brandy Row “Hold No Shame” 10″
Brat Farrar “Being With You” 7″
Breaker Breaker “Wreckin’ Machine”
Bullet Proof Lovers “S/T”
Cadaver Club “It’s Always The Quiet Ones”
Choke Chains “Cairo Scholars” 7″
Club Wow “Nowhere Fast”
Dancing Crap “Cut It Out”
Evil Matchers “Burning Baby!”
Iron Lizards “Red” EP
Jonesy “S/T” 7″
Les Suzards “S/T”
Los Pepes “All Over Now”
Lovesores “Rock And Roll Animal” 10″
Magic Eight Ball “Richest Men In The Graveyard”
Matty James “The Road To No Town”
Medicine Ball Caravan “Keep Goin’ ‘Til The Next Stop”
Modern Kicks “The Kicks Ain’t Alright”
Nerve Button “S/T”
Pat Todd & The Rank Outsiders “Blood and Treasure”
Plastic Tears “Rhythm Rider” EP
Radiohearts “Tell You” 7″
Rakel Traxx “Dirty Dollz”
Ray Sonic Hanson’s Whores of Babylon “Sonic Outlaws Empire Of Dirt, Glitter, & Perforated Electric Souls”
Razorbats “Camp Rock”
Revenge 88 “Still Walking Under Neon Lights”
Role Models “Forest Lawn”
Sindrome “Alarmiste”
Smash Fashion “Junkie Luck” 7″
Spit Pink “Night Of The Lizard”
Squarecrow “Rammi Jamms”
The Backseat Angels “Saturday Night Shakes”
The Bloodtypes “Pull The Plug”
The Connection “Just For Fun”
The Crybabys/Lester Greenowski “Split” 7″
The Derellas “Freakshow” 10″
The Fiascos “Built For Speed/Olivia” 7″
The Gee Strings “I’m So Gee!!”
The Ghosts Of Lovers “S/T”
The Hot Lz’s “Aggravate My Mind”
The Joystix/High-School Motherfuckers “Skulls Out!” Split CD
The Phantoms “S/T”
The Sacred “Lovesick Pills” 7″
The Sweet Things “Love To Leave” Single
The Wayward Gentlewomen “Still Burnin'”
Torpedohead “III”
V/A “Rock is Alive and Well” Vol.1/Vol.2
Watts “The Black Heart Of Rock’n’Roll”


16 Ton Rockers “Kung-Fu Kicks and Recycled Licks”
16 Ton Rockers “The Vintage Retro Tapes 1977”
Baby Chaos “Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory”
Baby Scream “Fan, Fan, Fan/The Worst Of…”
Billy Hopeless vs.The Hip Priests “Split 7″”
Black Cat Rebellion “Lovers Of The Bizarre”
Blacklist Union “Back To Momo”
Born Loose “Blowout!”
Born Loose “I Loathe You” 7″
Claudio Simonetti “Demons” Original Soundtrack
Duncan Reid and The Big Heads “The Difficult Second Album”
Eldorado “Babylonia Haze”
Guttercats “Beautiful Curse”
Jack Scratch “If Only” EP
Jet Black Kiss “Power Of Three”
JJ & The Real Jerks “S/T” EP
Kore Kosmou “S/T”
Leather Boys “Back In The Streets”
Lipstick “S/T”
Los Pepes “For Everyone”
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus “Urge To Kill”
Mannequin “S/T” EP
No Tomorrow Boys “Who Killed Johnny?” 7″
Pleasure Addiction “Extra Balls”
Radiohearts “Lot To Learn” 7″
Raging Dead “Born In Rage” EP
Rebel Hotel “The Way I Am/Overflow”
Sassy Society “Lipstick Love Affair”
Sindrome “Pop Polaroid”
Suicide Bombers “The Sex Tapes”
Temporal Sluts “Cosmocracy” 7″
The DeRellas “Rock n Rollercoaster” 7″
The Easy Lovers “Get a Job”
The Erotics “Three Sheets To The Wind” EPThe Erotics “Three Sheets To The Wind” EP
The Gee Strings “I Will Get You” 7″
The Jones “First Shot”
The Joystix “Punchline”
The Legendary Pink Dots/kETvECTOR “The Shock Exchange”
The Role Models “The Go-To Guy”
The Sangomas “Giddyup & Destroy”
The Sick Livers “Mid Liver Crisis”
The Sick Things “We Got It Figured Out” Demo
Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics “How Do I Taste?” EP
Twin Guns “The Last Picture Show”


3 Parts Dead “S/T” EP
Baby Scream “Greatest Failures”
Bastardogs “No Pain No Gain”
Bella Wreck “S/T”
Billy Tsounis “Nefelibata”
Bitch Queens “Kill Your Friends”
Black Heart Breakers “S/T”
Brand New Hate “Hangover and Over”
Brandy Row “Decline of a Better Man/Crazy World” Single
Bubblegum Screw “Filthy! Rich! Lolitas!”
Cavaverman “James Dead”
Dr. Boogie “S/T” EP
Flying Over “We Are Outsiders”
Gypsy Roller “Champagne & Rock’n’Roll”
Hole Xpander “You Gonna Scream” EP
I Love Rich “Respect The Rich”
JJ & The Real Jerks “In The Alleyway” EP
KNIF “Demos”
Las Furias “Sudor De Hembra” 10″
Lester Greenowski “It’s Nothing Serious Just Life”
Living Deäd Lights “Black Letters”
Los Pepes “Tonight” 7″
Matty James “Last One To Die”
Mental Beat #1 Fanzine
Nasty Rumours “Girls In Love/Barbwire Heart” 7″
New Babylon “My New Baby”
Prima Donna “Living In Sin” 7″
Radiations “S/T”
Simon Chainsaw “Don’t Kill Rock’n’Roll”
Smash Fashion “Big Cat Love”
Squarecrow “Oh, Ramona”
Temporal Sluts/The Leeches “Shitville Confidential” Split 12″
The Artist Formally Known As Vince “NYC” 7″
The Barbarellatones “Mummified!”
The Bermondsey Joyriders “Brian Jones (The Real True Leader of The Rolling Stones)/Johnny Thunders Was a Human Being” 7″
The Black Marquee Los Angeles “Sessions From The Hive Volume 1”
The Black Zombie Procession “Vol. III The Joys of Being Black at Heart”
The Bloodtypes “Johnny” 7″
The Breakdowns “Rock’n’Roller Skates”
The DeRellas “Slam! Bam!”
The Disconnects “Wake Up Dead”
The Erotics “Preaching To The Choir”
The Hip Priests “Black Denim Blitz”
The Irradiates “Revenge Of The Plants”
The No Tomorrow Boys “Bad Luck Baby Put The Jinx On Me”
The Ricky C Quartet “Recent Affairs”
The Jones “S/T” EP
The Sangomas “Debut EP”
The Sick Livers “Motors, Women, Drugs, Booze & Killing”
The Wearies “S/T” EP
The Zombie Dandies “Lo-Fi Heroes”
Warshow Angels “S/T”


2nd District “What’s Inside You!?”
Addiction For Destruction “Neon Light Resurrection”
Adler “Back From The Dead”
Alex Mitchell “The Strange Case Of The Flying Meatballs” Book
Amélie & Les Sucettes “Quatre Chansons” EP
Ashtones “Let Us Be The Legends… (You Think We Are”)
Ashtones “… From The Outskirts Of Town”
Baby Scream “S/T” – Special Extended Edition
Billy Miles Brooke “All Dressed Up… and Nowhere to Go”
Billy The Kill “An Open Book With Spelling Mistakes”
Cadaver Club ” No Fate Worse Than Life”
Cannibal Mosquitos “Surfin’ Love Party”
Cold Blue Rebels “Love Of The Undead”
Cream Pie “Unsigned 2.0”
Daily Noise Club “Rock’n’Roll Fixx”
Damn Dice “Wild ‘N’ Ready” EP
Dancing Crap “Commercial Crap” EP
Dead Sexy “Rodeo Boys”
Demon Vendetta “Guardians Of The Bitter Sea”
Dirty Box Disco “Legends”
Easy Trigger “Bullshit”
Every Day Is Like Sunday #5 Megazine
Faz Waltz “Back On Mondo”
I Derelitti “Come Se Non Ci Fosse Un Domani”
James Stevenson “The Shapes Of Things To Come”EP
JJ & The Real Jerks “Economy Class Ego Trip” EP
JJ & The Real Jerks “The Wringer”/”High Anxiety Society” 7″
Jonny Cola & The A-Grades “Straight To Video/Marlborough Road” Promo DVD
Junkie Dildoz “Fuck You We Rock” EP
Kurt Baker “Brand New Beat”
Lovesores “Formaldehyde” 7″
Manic Street Preachers “Rewind The Film”
Matty James “Uncertain Times” EP
Mental Beat #0 Fanzine
Michael Monroe “Horns and Halos”
Mike Zero “Now”
Saturday Overdose “Eat My Dust” EP
Scott “Deluxe” Drake/The Gee Strings Split 7″
Seventh Veil “White Trash Attitude”
Sons Of Buddha “Didoudam”
Squarecrow “B Sides”
Superhorrorfuck “Death Becomes Us”
Straight To Video “S/T” EP
Suburbia Blends “Queens & Vagabonds” EP
Superhorrorfuck “Gore-Geous Dead” EP
Telenovelas “I Am The Destroyer”
Television 60’s “Celebr-Hate”
The Barbarellatones “The Sound of Love”
Thee Faction “The Sausage Factory”
The Taikonauts “Mysteriis Alienis Mundi”
The Waldos “Rent Party”
Tom Keifer “The Way Life Goes”
Tragic Romance “Hollywood Daze”
Trash Monsters “There’s a Rat in the Tunnel of Love”
The Unripes “This Is Not America”
Vampire Junkies Featuring Teaxas Terri “S/T” EP
V/A “Music For Maniacs”
V/A “Roots! Riot! Rumble!”
Velvet Condom “Vanity & Revolt”
Vietcong Pornsürfers “We Spread Diseases”
Wyldlife “The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll”


Alley Sin “Wildheart” EP
Angus Dersim “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll”
Baby Scream “Lost Balloons”
Bastardogs “Sex Machine” EP
Beggarz Fix “S/T” Demo
Beside Myself “Here’s To You”
Bitch Queens/Trashmonkeys “Split 7”
Bitch Queens “Suck It Up!”
Biters “Last Of A Dying Breed” EP
Black Star Furies “Rest Of The City”
Candy “Whatever Happened To Fun…”
Cellulite Star “Explicit Attitude”
Cold Blue Revels “Blood, Guts, and Rock’n’Roll (-Horror High)”
Deadbeat Poets “American Stroboscope”
Demons Alley “Dead End Tricks”
Dennis Most “Instigate Me!!!”
Dirty Glory “It’s On” EP
Dr. Crankstein “L.A.”
Dumbell “Electrifying Tales”
Dune Hill “Big Bang Revolution” EP
Ember’s Flame “Rock This”
Federico Bruno “A Gentleman Loser”
Fuel From hell “Easier Said Than Done”
Garbo Dastorg “Black Sheep Syndrome”
Glitter Magic “Bad For Health”
Hellectrokuters “Rock’n’Roll Beggars”
Highlight Enemies “S/T (EP) + Covers”
Iris Berry “Daughters Of Bastards” (Book)
Jack Scratch “2012”
Jolly Power “Like An Empty Bottle… Again!”
Jonny Cola & The A-Grades “Halo” EP
Kevin K “Tramp Stamp”
Kill City Bandits “How The West Was Wasted” EP
Leather Boys “Real Leather”
Lester And The Landslide Ladies “It’s All About The Result”
Michael Rank and Stag “Kin”
Miss Guy “Dumb Blonde” EP
Nikki Sudden “Truth Doesn’t Matter”
Norwood Park All Stars “Northwest Highway”
Pleasure Addiction “InDependence”
Prima Donna “Bless This Mess”
Ricky Rat “Songs In C Major Love”
Sassy Society “S/T” EP
Seventh Veil “Nasty Skin “EP
Smash Fashion “Blame It On The Brandy” 7″
Starbolt 9 “Human Strings & Mechanical Things”
Suicide Bombers “Criminal Record”
Swine Diamond “Swine This Year” (Demo)
Taurus Trakker “Building Ten”
Teenage Renegade “Continental Divide” CD+Book
The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band “On Display”
The Backstabbers “Full Blast”
The Crazy Squeeze “S/T”
The DeRellas “Stick It To The Man” 7″
The Erotics “Boulevard Of Choking Screams” EP
The Hangmen “East Of Western”
The Hangmen “In The City” EP
The Joystix “Wasted” EP
The Leeches “Underwater”
The Machines “S/T”
The Pink Elephants “We Hate You”
The Sickle “Get Bigger Last Longer”
Todd Is New Each Moment “A Thousand Nights” EP
Torpedohead “Greetings From Heartbreak Key”
Wayward Gentlewomen ‘The Last For…”
Zombie Dandies “S/T” (Demo)


180 Proof “The Gutter Sessions Part 1 : The Filth and Freedom Ouverture”
Ashtones/Asphalt Tuaregs “Savage Salvation” Split 10″
Billy Gaz Station “Lost and Paralyzed” EP
Brass Knuckle Evangelists “No Sin No Soul”
Bubblegum Screw “Screwphoria”
Dogkennel Hill “Sweethearts Of The Rodeo”
Face To Face “Laugh Now, Laugh Later”
Faz Waltz “Life On The Moon”
Fillmore Slim “S/T”
Flash Boys “Dyin’ For Something To Live For”
Garden Gang “Backstair Revolution”
Giuda “Racey Roller”
Hollywood Killerz “Dead On Arrival”
Idol Lips “Scene Repulisti”
Ki & The Arrowtooth Waltz “Enivrez-vous!”
KickStarter “One Stop Shop”
Kiria “Let Me In “Single
Lester And The Landslide Ladies/Kevin K “Frantic Tales For The Fast Living” Split CD
Living Deäd Lights “S/T”
Mighty Shakers “The Hang Of It”
New Toys “Made In Buffalo”
Pink Dolls “Dirty Jewels” EP
Pompei Nights “Midnight Mistress” Promo Single
Ricky Rat “Crossfire Summer” 7″
Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers “Kings In Jeans”
Roger Miret & The Disasters “Gotta Get Up Now”
Simon Chainsaw “Four On The Floor” 7″
Slime Zine issue 3
Sonny Vincent “Bizarro Hymns”
The Adjusters “… Always In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time” Single
The Dead Tricks “You Should Have Worried About It” EP
The Ratboys “Cash, Gas and Trash”
The Regime “S/T”
The Sunmakers “Viens Twister Ce Soir”
The Supercopters “Psycho Heroes”
The Velvoids “Big Latex Baby Soda Muff” Single
TSAR “The Drugboy Tapes”
Twopointeight “Twopointeight II”
Underride “Distorted Nation”

Blasts From The Past:

Acey Slade & The Dark Party “The Dark Party” (2010)
American Heartbreak “You Will Not Be Getting Paid” (2004)
Billy Idol “The Very Best Of Billy Idol: Idolize Yourself” (2008)
Black Halos “Alive Without Control” (2005)
Brian McCarty “Lover Forget Me Not” (2008)
Brijitte West And The Desperate Hopefuls “S/T” (2010)
Duff McKagan’s Loaded “S/T” (2010)
Gunfire Dance “Archway Of Thorns” (2007)
Hanoï Rocks “Buried Alive” DVD (2009)
Jetboy “The Glam Years Movie + CD” (2008)
LTNO “Sea, Sex & Burn” (2003)
Murderdolls “Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls” (2004)
Pink Grease “Mechanical Heart” (2010)
Poison “Poison’d” (2007)
Queen Adreena “Drink Me” (2003)
Rebel Rebel “France Comes Alive” (2007)
Rock City Angels “Use Once And Destroy” (2009)
Semi Precious Weapons “We Love You” (2009)
Soho Roses “Whatever Happened To… The Complete Works Of” (2007)
Sohodolls “Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation” (2007)
Sour Jazz “American Seizure” (2009)
Sugar Shock “First Date” EP (2004)
Supergroupies “La Musique Pornographique” Demo CD (2004)
The Batusis “S/T” EP (2010)
The Biters “It’s Ok To Like The Biters” EP ‘(2010)
The Dogs D’Amour “The State We’re In” (2004)
The Factory “S/T” (2010)
The Hangmen “Lost Rocks” (2010)
The Joneses “Keeping Up With The Joneses” (2007)
The Soda Pop Kids “Teen Pop Dream” (2007)
Toilet Boys “S/T” (2001)
Torpedohead “Let’s Go For A Ride” EP (2010)
Trash Brats “American Disaster” (2001)
Trashcan Darlings “Real Fucking Make-Up” (2008)
Undercover Slut “Amerikkka Macht Frei” (2009)
Velvet Condom “Safe & Elegant” (2008)
Walter Lure “Live In Berlin” (2008)

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