Brad Marino “Looking For Trouble”

This LP should have been out in April but we all know that it’s hard to keep up with dates with vinyl record industry nowadays and Covid is not helping… Spaghetty Town Records, Beluga Records and Ghost Highway Recordings have teamed up to release this 12 song vinyl. “Even The Score” opens with good sunny US powerpop with a bit of slide guitar before “Taillights Fade” takes us somewhere between new wave punk and 70s glam and “Looking For Trouble” gets us to the ROLLING STONES side of rock’n’roll. You sometimes get straight powerpop (“Local Show”, “Take Your Time”, “Fell In Love Again”) and also a bit of old school garage rock (“Something For Nothing”) but it can all get cinematic at times (“Tripwire”.) This album seems to be less RAMONES influenced than the previous ones (one of them is actually a RAMONES cover album!) but you’ll still hear traces of the NYC gang in “False Alarm”, “At Night” or in the catchy “What Do You Know?” “Looking For Trouble” is a great pop rock’n’roll summer album, it’s still summer, right? /Laurent C.

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