The Dark Shadows release new single “Sour Candy”

Sour Candy dances the edge of torn romance with a melodic punk energy of soaring high hopes and razor sharp guitar blasting through wall of sound vocals with distant echoes of 60s pop and a few ‘yeah, yeahs’ kicking in between…  

‘Sour Candy’ the latest single by The Dark Shadows will be released though Select-A-Vision Records in collaboration with Icy Cold & Manic Depression Records, Paris and digitally available online through Bandcamp 6th September with a digital release on Apple Music, Spotify, etc. to follow.

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Eddie Mooney & The Grave “Telephones”/”Lockdown Baby” 7″

EDDIE MOONEY started in 1978 in Manchester when the punk scene was at the height of its no future fame. Still Unbeatable Records from Germany reissued the band’s early recordings but also has released two singles recently. The latest one “Telephones” is a good powerpop song with sunny positive energy, hand claps and nice vocal harmonies. “Down The Drain” on side B is also quite a catchy powerpop tune that might stay in your head for a couple of hours!

“Lockdown Baby” is another single with lots of handclaps but this one sounds more glam rock’n’roll with a groovy bass than 60s powerpop. “Working Man”,the second song has a bootboy glam vibe and a catchy chorus too. The production makes it sound like it was recorded in the early 70s, check it out! /Laurent C.

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Joe Normal Releases New Video “Summer Jobs”

Joe Normal (The Zeros) has just released his new video “Summer Jobs”:

“I was raised on the comedy of Benny HillThe Little Rascals, and The Uncle Floyd Show, so I wanted to make a video for “Summer Jobs” that brought a bit of that kind of humor to my song’s blue-collar ‘stick it to the man’ storyline. Please join me for a melody and a laugh.”

– Joe Normal



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Nasty S and The Ghost Chasers “Waiting For The Last Gap Of My Generation”

Musician (SECOND RATE, HAWAII SAMURAI, BLACK ZOMBIE PROCESSION, DEMON VENDETTA, DUMBELL, SIMON CHAINSAW and many more!) and writer (Tons of fanzines and megazines (!) New Noise magazine, a book about French 80s thrash metal and one about French punk rock legendary band BURNING HEADS, etc.), Nasty Samy has been very busy these last 25 years and although he started thinking about recording a solo album years ago, the last two years weren’t really the best ones to release an album… Here it is now! This album is actually a cover album featuring a few friends and people Sam met on the road. The CD comes out with a great looking 48 page black and white booklet in which Sam tells us about each song and the reasons why he chose them among others. Nostalgia is central here but it never gets pathetic. After an intro sample of “Le Feu Follet” (Louis Malle) on a music compsed by long time friend Sylvain Bombled (SECOND RATE, MAYERLING…) you get to hear a power rock version of GUN CLUB‘s classic “Sex Beat” with Paul Smith (DUMBELL) on vocals just before “Creepy Kackalope Eye” (SUPERSUCKERS) with Patrice Fillol (NEDGEVA) on vocals. If anybody has told me about a cover album by Nasty Samy, I would have bet on a DRAMARAMA song. He chose “Work For Food” with pop punk vocals by Forest Pooky, and of course I would also have bet on MORRISSEY too since Sam is actually responsible for making me like the Moz. The chosen one here is “The Last Of The Famous International Playboys” with Francis Altrach (NOTHING MORE) doing a very good job singing it. The LEMONHEADS‘ “Rudderless” featuring Mike Begnis (SHOOT THE SINGERS) will take you straight back to the 90s and The HARD-ONS “I do, I do, I do” is one of my favourite tunes on here. Singer Wattie Delai (DEAD END) is perfect on this one. My other favourite on here is definitely SAMHAIN‘s “To Walk The Night” on which Erin Sims’ voice almost sounds like SIOUXSIE‘s. Then you get back to power rock with “The Last Goodbye” (AGENT ORANGE) featuring Simon Chainsaw on vocals and grungy powerpop with TUMBLEWEED‘s “Hang Around” with Anne Durand on vocal duties. You’ll also get some American indie punk moments with “You Fight Like A Little Girl” (PEGBOY – Paul Smith on vocals again) and “Oyster” (JAWBREAKER) with Rom Tom Cat on vocals. One of the most surprising choices on this album has to be “Shine On”, the HOUSE OF LOVE mega hit here sung with style by Ravi (BURNING HEADS.) Although Sam is a true metalhead at heart, he didn’t include any metal songs and decided to give a rock/powerpop colour to this album. On the other hand, he’s paying tribute to skate/pop punk with a DAG NASTY cover (“S.F.S”)! The record ends with a bang with an excellent THERAPY? Cover (“Nausea”) with great powerful vocals by Sylvain Bombled and a surf rock rendition of JOY DIVISION‘s classic “Transmission”. Whether you like these covers or not, you can only admit that this is a very good paylist and “a postcard sent from the past with a few comforting words written on the back…”. /Laurent C.

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Pelazo “Carry On” 7″

So a few days ago I went to the “John Paul Keith” show here in Valencia. I usually go early to every show, so that I can get to see the opening band, I was surprised when I arrived there and Mr Keith started playing, I thought the opening band had cancelled or something. So after John finished his explosive show I went out for a beer and and some fresh air when suddenly I heard these catchy chords and melodies, I went in and there was this band from Asturias playing a mind blowing set. To make a long story short. I found traces of Cheap Trick, The Beat, The Raspberries, The Replacements, and Husker Du all mixed together. The band’s name was “Pelazo”, they are formed by : Adrián Cadaya : Lead guitar and vocals Vini Serrano: Bass and vocals Pibli Gonzalez Drums and vocals Pablo Alvarez Torre : Rhythm guitar and vocals First of all, they all sing!! Now that’s a weird thing in the year 2022, and they also do it well, which is even weirder. They played that gig like if it was their last, and so I decided to write a few lines about their latest release, a 2 song ep which consists of “Carry On”, a complete Power Pop gem. This is an original cut that sounds like The Who meets The Plimsouls, in your face Rock and Roll with a 70’s twist so this is probably why it is not a strange thing at all that the other song is no other than a cover of Todd Rundgren’s “Couldn’t I just Tell You” I’m in love with this band, I strongly suggest you guys listen to them You can do it here :

Review by Juan Pablo Mazzola

The Roxies “Don’t Wanna Dance Because I’m Told To”

This punk rock band from Berlin is definitely influenced by the ’77 scene but you’ll also get an indie vibe when listening to these songs. A bit of PIXIES in “Underdog” or even a little ARCTIC MONKEYS in “Scapegoat.” The vocals are snotty enough to please any PISTOLS/BUZZCOCKS fan and you’ll find enough guitar melodies to seduce Brit pop lovers, especially with songs like “Down” or “Bad Parenting.” The guitars actually remind me of The LIBERTINES at times. Since the band mixes both punk and pop so well, it’s not very surprising to find some RAMONES and BOYS influences in “Beat Of The Street” or in “Lovedrunk.” Bass player Imke did a great job with the backing vocals, they give a little HANOÏ ROCKS vibe in “Cat Caller” You”ll also get a bit of post-punk with “Filmriss” and “Stereo” and you’ll probably want to listen to “Adolescent Depression” again just after you’ve listened to it for the first time. I wasn’t expecting some blues to end this record but it actually was a good idea since “Blue” sounds like a jam with the ghost of Jeffrey Lee Pierce. This cool album is a Co-release by Family Spree Recordings (Spain) & Dirt Cult Records (USA). /Laurent C.

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Ravagers “Badlands”

The single “Down That Road” was a great appetizer and it’s not surprising to find it opening “Badlands”. “White Widow” offers us some cool RUNAWAYS riffs while “Trespasser” is a pure in your face punk rock’n’roll song full of youthful energy. You’ll hear a bit of STOOGES and MOTÖRHEAD in “Sick House”, some early AC/DC in “Shake The Reaper” with a chorus in the vein of The HELLACOPTERS and TURBONEGRO although the lead vocals often sound powerpop (“Nasty Night”…) These rock’n’rollers from Baltimore seem to have found the right ingredients to make their recipe sweet and spicy enough, just listen to the catchy and anthemic “Blackout”! Headbangers and punks probably found a new song to party on together with “High On Stess” and you sometimes get a punk/hardcore vibe in these songs, especially in “Losing My Grip” that reminds me a bit of early AFI. The last song of the album “So Long” will just make you want to listen to more so it can’t be bad…
This record is out on Spaghtetty Town Records and Wanda Records so let’s hope these guys come and ravage Europe sooner or later! / Laurent C.

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Listen to The Underestimator mixtape “Electric Sweat”

If you’re looking for some good rock’n’roll (punk, powerpop, garage…) for the holidays, than check out the new mixtape of The Underestimator.

Available for online streaming on Mixcloud: 

or download as separate mp3 tracks in a zip file, here:

01. Electric Sweat – The Mooney Suzuki (2002)
02. Loose (#2) – The Stooges (1970)
03. Soul Trader (Peel Session) -Thee Hypnotics (1989)
04. Get The Girl Straight – The Powder Monkeys (1997)
05. Touch Me I’m Sick – Mudhoney (1988)
06. Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled) – Amyl and the Sniffers (2018)
07. Blonde Sabbath (Blondie-Black Sabbath cover) – Sir Hedgehog (2002)
08. Boys Next Door – La Femme (1978)
09. 17 Years Of Hell – The Partisans (1982)
10. Computerstaat – Abwärts (1980)
11. Day Tripper (Beatles cover) – Sham 69 (1979)
12. I Love You, You Big Dummy (Captain Beefheart cover, Peel Session) – Magazine 1978)
13. Safety In Numbers – The Adverts (1977)
14. Indo China – The Carpettes (1979)
15. Ballroom Blitz (The Sweet cover) – The Damned (1979)
16. Soda Pressing – The Boys (1977)
17. Time Wall – Fire Exit (1979)
18. Virginia Plain (Roxy Music cover) – Spizzenergi (1979)
19. Nostalgia (Buzzcocks cover) – Penetration (1978)
20. Gut Feeling – Devo (1978)
21. Now She’s Gone – The Mighty Lemon Drops (1985)
22. A Tragedy – Green on Red (1985)
23. Wheatfields – The Weeds (1985)
24.  The Waitresses – The Comb
25. Hey Seuss – The 3Ds (1994)
26. Primeval – Girl Trouble (1988)
27. I Hear Noises – The Vibes (1985)
28. For She – The Milkshakes (1981)
29. Long Gone – The Customs (1980)
30. What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down – The  Mystery Lights (2016)
31. Love Power (The Producers cover) – T. Tex Edwards and Lithium X-mas (1991)
32. This Sinister Urge (Fuzztones cover) – Sparkling Bombs (2005)
33. The 400 Blows – The Demics (1981)
34. 18 Wheels – The Murder City Devils (1998)
35. The Psychedelic Gas Station – Deadbeat Poets (2014)

Download some more playlists posted on The Underestimator Mixtapes series, here.

(Original photo: punks feeling ecstatic at an Adam & The Ants gig at The Roxy in 1978 by Peter Marlow)