Joe Normal “Public Works”

Hyperactive musician JOE NORMAL has finally put most of his singles together on one album. “Small Town Factory”, “Bayway Refinery” and “Living In The Borough” pay homage to his hometown Elizabeth, New Jersey mixing nostalgia and blue collar stories. “Setback” offers us an interesting mix of blues and electronic percussions while “New England Girl” offers us some well-arranged romantic pop. On the other hand, you’ll hear a touch of sadness in “I Ain’t No” and in “Warinanco Pond” as well as a bit of psychedelism in “Is It My Imagination”. The BEATLES influence is quite obvious when listening to these songs especially in “Ya Gotta Open Your Heart” or in “The Usung Heroes That Time Never Knew”. Joe describes is music as Glamericana and that’s quite a good word for it when you listen to “Summer Jobs” or “We Are The Normal”. Former ZEROS member is now turning into a working class hero, make sure you listen to this album. /Laurent C.

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“A summary of Joe Biden’s presidency in two figures: $886 billion for the military industrial complex. $0 for the poisoned people of East Palestine.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Whatever you think of the SVB bailout, I want you to really sit with the fact that rich VC’s just got an Insta bailout while the people of East Palestine can’t even get a straight answer as to whether their kids have been poisoned.” (-Krystal Ball)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This is how you build. You concentrate on the forces who will be there and willing to do the work between the mobilizations. But if you are not an organizer you would not understand this.” / Twitter

Green Party of Santa Clara County🌻 on Twitter: ““the U.S. based transnational ruling class is fully invested in the doctrine of U.S. “Full Spectrum Dominance,” and as a consequence the U.S. state has become an existential threat to collective humanity on our planet.” – Ajamu Baraka Black Agenda Report” / Twitter


I understand if people protesting the construction of an enormous IDF style urban military training facility funded by like 25 private corporations in the Atlanta forest is not everybody’s cause, but when a citizen is shot to death while sitting cross legged with his hands up, witnesses say he had no gun, that cops were returning friendly fire, and presented zero bodycam evidence that they had any legit reason to “fear for their lives” and all those people demonstrating against assassination of a treesitter kid are imprisoned without bail and charged with domestic terrorism, we are not free, which is why I stood with the Capital Hill Maga people’s right to protest, even though defending Donald J. Trump is certainly not my personal preferred cause. I’ve seen footage of Qshaman being ushered around by cops in the capital. Big media coverup of the cop city killing and dozens of protestors being charged with “terrorism” by the extrajudicial state executioners, sheesh,  just like in east Palestine purposeful chemical burn making people sick and killing pets and wildlife and  destroying all those farms on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border where they wanna get rid of the Amish and strip mine for cobalt. Cops there are branding Erin Brockovich a terrorist for organizing sick people against Blackrock. 

MintPress News on Twitter: “Environmental lawyer Erin Brockovich is organizing the people of East Palestine, Ohio, to demand that Norfolk Southern pays for poisoning their community after a recent train derailment. The Ohio police claim that she’s a terrorist threat.” / Twitter

@stevenvoiceover on Twitter: “BREAKING : Previously Unseen January 6th Footage” / Twitter always felt like psy ops to me.

Family: Activist’s hands raised when shot by troopers near training center site (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The Boutique Left is so embarrassing and deeply unserious they are now “Yes Queening” Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the person who stole the election from Bernie Sanders, because the Twitter Files hurt their feelings” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Part of my speech at Workers Strike back, full speech will be uploaded on RBN today” / Twitter

Murder of Anti-Vietnam War Monk Thomas Merton in 1968 Was a CIA Hit Linked with Assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, New Book Argues | CovertAction Magazine

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW video – In this video, I delve deep into the WEF’s Partnership Against Cybercrime and how its efforts are aimed at eliminating financial and online privacy to pave the way for CBDCs and complete online surveillance. Free now” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “Join @SusanSarandon, @CornelWest, @DrGaborMate, Chomsky, @johnpilger, @sjabulhawa, @ImmortalTech, @Lowkey0nline, Brian Eno @dark_shark, @itspetergabriel & more in calling on Germany to uncancel @rogerwaters concert for supporting Palestinian Human Rights” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Help me decide whether to run for President. Visit to volunteer or contribute. If it looks like I can raise the money and mobilize enough people to win, I’ll jump in the race. If I run, my top priority will be to end the corrupt…” / Twitter


I might go to see some new wave bands but I do not even understand how all the sports and events people can stand to shell out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars to be herded into stadiums like livestock and just see pre recorded bullshit and greedy old men going through the motions of pretending to play forty year old songs in wigs with big screens and pyro. Guns N Roses and Poison and the Crue are just like so not rocknroll to me at this point, they are mainstream moneymaking machines, might as well be fucking Foo Fighters and none of them can really write good songs anymore. That “Hard Skool” song did not even get one vote at Sleaze Roxx year end poll. Which makes sense cause they just aint got it anymore, no music people wanna hear those shite covers they play with their twenty piece employee orchestras. Shoulda consented to equal sharing the loot with Izzy. 

I was preachin to all the people I used to know all the way back in the Sub-Pop years that some mediocre bands were being applauded and praised not because their songs rang with any lasting truth or conveyed any real emotions or featured any artistic innovations. Starting around that time, post college radio, post grunge, lots of these trustafarians were being applauded because their parents were wealthy and gave them shit. There was very little in the way of real art or music happening, it was all tribute band fourth hand retro imitation coverband rehash, but people were very excited by some tailored high end clothing, or vintage looking musical appartus-all it takes, I blame all that “The Hills” and “Kardashians” and Jake Paul influencer unreality show get rich Spin magazine lifetstyle programming. People were not even listening for good songs, it’s like they were giving a standing ovation to the price of all the shit the hipster bands owned. I’ve never been much of a pricetag praiser, personally. I even liked summa the hairspray metal bands a bit better than much of the hoax alternative and inheritance-indie shit that followed Cobain’s death.

I’ve said before how I thought that cool lookin’ Jetboy suffered from a certain lyrical dumbness in spite of all their snazzy apparel, although I do think “Don’t Touch My Hair” is a great song title for a glam band, but I felt like American Heartbreak really had a promising awareness of like, what makes a song at least above average, if not always exceptional, rather than just some halfass metalhead genre exercise like you know, “Feel The Shake/Feel The Earth Shake”, I mean that’s some sub Quiet Riot writing there in my opinion, but people loved it, I dunno know how, but metalheads don’t ask alot from their bands, do they? You know I totally can say that about that “Feel The Shake” chorus just always being dumb to me, but alsoeasily still agree Jetboy were infinitely better than some of the other also ran, lesser band, stupid spandex monkeys of the Sunset Strip. After reaching a higher peak of being able to write better, more power pop influenced songs with American Heartbreak, you’d think the Jetboy/American Heartbreak guy, Billy Rowe would encourage Buck Cherry’s still energetic livewire frontman Josh Todd to wanna work harder on his lyric writing, cause as a collective nowadays, they seem to have such renewed promise with Rowe onboard but it seems to kinda imply a band are more career oriented than art oriented when they are kinda lazily goin’ through the party time halfhearted heavy metal parking lot songwriting motions, ya know what I’m sayin’? With all the revolving door lineup brands especially like Guns N Roses and L.A. Guns, it seems many of the aging headbands are coasting on their old fame rather than feeling any urge to create anything new, or vital, or lasting, or meaningful for their fans.Most all the remaining hairbands seem primarily money oriented, hawking overpriced t shirts, overpriced Cameos, overpriced meet n greets, and playing big venues for the bread. Buck Cherry and Kix both seem harder working than most of their contemporaries though and both of those bands at least always endeavor to at least give the fans a real worthwhile, energetic live show. Vince has turned into Sam Kinison. Who even knows who is in L.A. Guns this week? Both guys are such complainer divas. I think Frankie Delmane from the Crazy Squeeze is more talented and authentic than any of the big money tattooed millionaire ex glam guys on the festival circuit.

When they have some halfway decent songs, like they did on their first record, Buck Cherry aren’t bad at all, probably even better than their original role models Guns N Roses, post-Appetite, I loved that first album and still consider it to be the last real good hard rock album to crack the mainstream. Songs like, “Lawless & Lulu”, “Borderline”, “For The Movies” and “Lit Up” are still echoing loudly through my traumatized old numbskull in spite of the fact that I went on a date with a hot girl named Ginger once to a meathead bar in the midwest and had to excuse myself early cause she could not stop talking about Josh Todd, but after that masterpiece sleaze metal landmark debut record, they seem to generate a relentless surplus of only so-so, ho-hum formulaic stuff after their Steve Jones produced first record, ya know? I mean I understand it gets ’em on the radio, the sniveling, syrupy autopilot ballads, but like, that “Sorry” song was awful in my opinion, “Ridin” sounded like nu metal, Korn or Limp Bizkit, almost. I don’t mind even the second string Buck Cherry tunes in small does, but I always want them to be better than they are, they’re just kindof like generic Waxl knockoffs and if they applied themselves, they might have turned into a timelessly good rock band, but they seem lazy in the songwriting department, like they don’t really make much of an effort to say anything that really means much or has any real heart invested in it, cause it’s seemingly enough to jump up an down and sound like poorman’s “Appetite” imitations, I mean I get that there is an audience for that, probably the same demigraphic who Brett Michaels appeals to, but just really not satisfying my desire to have a really good rocknroll band to listen to, they are like 1/4 of what a rocknroll band should be in my book, cause you know, I am a lyrics guy, I felt that way about a popular English band, too. And oh man, Steel Panther are THE WORST. I can not stand joke rock with dumb goofy fucking idiotic horndog fratboy lyrics, although I think Ralph is a formidable frontman like when he sings Roth’s lyrics. Just way too stupid for me to even try to sit through. Like I WANNA like these groups, but I should not have to make such an effort. Like that “Crazy Bitch” song, I know exactly what’s he’s sayin’, I been there, but the unimaginative power ballads and jump up and down scuzzmetal anthems just fall short, like Skid Row without Sebastian is even better  than summa Buck Cherry’s lesser material, you know the “Gang’s All Here” version with that new guy who sings real high, but aint Sebastian who the fans all prefer. Or those terrible songs Nikki Sixx knocks out nowadays, like that shit with Machine Gun Whatsisname on the Dirt soundtrack that Tommy seems to think was good. Last thing I kinda even begrudgingly liked by Motley Crue was “Saints Of Los Angeles” and I don’t even know if Nikki wrote it, really, I think his friend might have. I guess in the hair metal world, nobody cares about writing really good songs, but like, to me, if you had all that access, and big studios and all that, why wouldn’t you want your songs to be great? Cause like Nikki Sixx is capable of writing really good songs, but he’s just become too content cashing checks for playing big stadium shows and just trading on his first four albums, I guess that’s what happens when you make all that big money. You end up not having anything real to say. I liked “Angel Down” by Sebastian Bach. That Brett Michaels retro road anthem, you know, it was okay on a commercial country kinda way, but yeah, man where are all the good rocknroll bands at? Been 25 years of like at best, rich kids throwing their money around, showing off their expensive clothes and playing covers, basically-I’m not really into it, at all. Like, yes, I see you wearing nice clothes but so what, most of these modern bands that kids all like and even old farts who should no better, and be more discerning, by now, it’s pitiful the way they all line up to applaud the clothes and money posers-“Money and Threads” was the title of a song I wrote about the Strokes like 25 years ago, I was sayin’ that’s all they got goin’, no real effort ever goes into being real at all, it’s just primping around with fancy hats and people seem to love all that-all that’s required is fucking having money ya know what I’m sayin’? People just throwin cash in the air like late nineties douchebag rappers. Showing off their $500 hats and bragging non stop about how they have sugar daddies, obviously, pumping money into them non stop for like only average to boring genre hag rehash. Sugar daddy rawk, gentrification bands with showbiz uncles, don’t do much for me besides getting on my nerves, really. Zero danger, zero heart, minimal commitment, and no originality or intimate expression, ya know? Capitalism Brats. Fuckin A man, just not my thing at all, but I was watching some John Varvatos produced show about women in rock and it was really good actually-Mavis Staples, Wanda Jackson, Patti Smith, Ricky Lee Jones, Romeo Void, Pat Benatar and Heart, X Ray Spex, Macey Gray, not enough Sinead or Chrissie Hynde in my opinion, but it was pretty rad at first but then they jump the shark by trying to impose these corporate narratives about how Beyonce is so great because she sells a lotta records. Her best song I ever heard was “Put A Ring On It” which is supposed to pass for some kinda feminist empowerment statement, and she did not even write it, some dude did. “Ring on it”, ya know? Cause diamonds. I dunno why people go along with the story about how Diddy, Kany, Beyonce and Jay Z are supposedly artistic geniuses rather than just admitting the corporations have chosen to thrust all those people on us, they are rich, that is true, but I don’t see the art part. Biggie writing about the black music magazines in his room was endearing, Kanye sampling Ray Charles was a good choice I guess, but overall, I’m not into any of the Capitalist Rappers anymore than the gentrification brunch Nephew Rockers. Faster Pussycat and the Hangmen and Junkyard and Circus Of Power still kickass, but Buck Cherry are like Guns N Roses understudies. One record and that was really it. I still begrudgingly liked a smattering of tunes from their dozen studio lps since that smash hit debut. At least they know how to rock. “Lit Up” never gets old. L.A. Guns are still okay but man it’s sad they can’t keep a lineup together-I know how that is. It’s even harder if you can’t command some Headbanger’s Ball fame headliner nightclub guarantees. I will say Carrie Underwood who I’m basically unfamilar with really seems to be killin’ it here with her Axl appearance. Carmine Appice sez his friend Mick Mars is happier now going back to playing guitar rather than being part of the pre programmed stadium ticket selling machine. I always kinda root for Mick Mars.

See Axl Rose duet with Carrie Underwood on ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ – Metal Edge Magazine

Buckcherry – The Feeling Never Dies ft. Gretchen Wilson – YouTube

Buckcherry – Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams cover) – Live Starland – YouTube

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buck cherry anything – YouTube

Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) 🌻 on Twitter: “.@JoeBiden approved the Willow project in the Arctic, which has been estimated to produce 287 million tons of carbon dioxide and cause nearly $20 billion in climate change-related damages. 🤬 🤨 This was @JoeBiden when he wanted our votes:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE From East Palestine: Sick, Frustrated Residents SPEAK OUT at City Council Meeting” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE 6:45 PM ET in #EastPalestine: Sick, Frustrated Residents SPEAK OUT at City Council Meeting TONIGHT. @louisd217 (Louis DeAngelis) is back ON-THE-GROUND THIS WEEK with more info on the Norfolk Southern, EPA response, and MORE resident interviews.” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “No. They have no decency. If you had any doubt, the Democrats laid that question to rest at their House Un American Activities hearing last week. No surprise Congressional approval is in the toilet.” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Good question: what has NATO ever done for peace???” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Biden has been president for more than 2 years. His appointees control all regulatory agencies. Until 2 months ago, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. So whose fault is this week’s collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank? Obviously: Trump’s (probably Putin’s, too). 🌊” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The way she continues to use scare quotes around “journalists” is repulsive. Having government officials (or, in in the case of this non-voting Delegate: quasi-officials) try to exclude journalists from that protection can have serious legal consequences, which is what she wants.” / Twitter


Thrill seekers, fun lovers, and rebellious spirited appreciators of Bowie, Clash, and Beatlesque power pop are all ginned up about the new CD “Public Works” by underground power pop and glam icon, Joe Hutchinson, who you might know as the pop songbird behind the Anytown’rs and Hutch, or style maverick guitar hero of such stalwart punkroll bands as Cold Blue Rebels, Slow Motorcade, and the legendary purple haired Zeroes who once had the Coconut Teaszer painted in their honor while lining all the glam brats up around the block to see their memorable shows, back in the last gasps of the glam daze. He is one of the more talented musicians in the American scene and it is a mystery to most everybody who knows anything about real rocknroll, how he has managed to successfully avoid becoming assimilated into the big mainstream star making machinery. He’s so talented at everything, a stellar guiatrist, solid lyricist, sings great, knows about how to be a team player and how to put high quality lineups together and promote himself. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and continue to be impressed by his prolific songwriting abilities. His band the Anytown’rs played Cheap Trick level rocknroll, just listen to their fabulous tune, “Into The City Tonight”!

Into The City Tonight – Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs (lyrics) – YouTube

Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs – “Leaving Hollywood” Live 5/26/18 – YouTube

Joe Normal – Living In The Borough (Official Video) – YouTube

JOE NORMAL – WE ARE THE NORMAL (Official Video) – YouTube

Anytown – Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs (Lyrics Video) – YouTube

STUCK IN A JOB (LIVE) – Joe Normal &The Anytown’rs – YouTube


Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs – “The Beast Within” (Live 11/18/18) – YouTube

Story Behind – TAKE ME WITH U Prince Cover – Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs – YouTube

RETURN TO ZERO … The Zeros’ mega comeback, those Zany Purple Haired Rockers 30 years later at ‘Whisky’ – Metal Sludge

ZOMBIE L.A.M.F – Cold Blue Rebels (Official Video) Psychobilly – YouTube

COLD BLUE REBELS “Love Of The Undead” Official Video – YouTube

Juggernaut (At What Cost?) – YouTube


Missing In Action – YouTube



…was the name of my first Elvis Costello lp when I was 13 or 14 and also a big new wave and goth festival in California that will feature Siouxsie, Iggy, Billy, Adam, Echo, League, Numan, Modern English, Vapors, ABC, Motels, Animotion, and many more I am just too old to know about along with a Love & Rockets reunion, they will be playing four more shows together after Cruel World, and although Daniel Ash has said he’s bored by performing the Love & Rockets back catalog, his legions of fans remain very excited and devoted. Did I tell you how much I love that insanely genius David J solo Record?

Love and Rockets – Ball Of Confusion. HD – YouTube

Love and Rockets – Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven – YouTube

Love and Rockets – Motorcycle – YouTube

An American Dream – YouTube

Love and Rockets – Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man). HD – YouTube

Love and Rockets – Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven – YouTube

Love and Rockets – So Alive HD – YouTube

It Could Be Sunshine – YouTube

The Bern Identity on Twitter: “Sounds like a robot. When CEOs say, “I’m committed to doing what’s right,” what that historically means is they are committed to doing what’s right for their profit$ and the gain$ of their shareholders before what’s right for people, animals, and planet.” / Twitter

Children’s Health Defense on Twitter: “A heated debate between @RepDanGoldman + @Jim_Jordan over whether or not a @robertkennedyjr tweet, “flagged” by the White House to be “removed ASAP,” was “lawful speech” 👀 #TwitterFiles” / Twitter

Bean🔥 on Twitter: “Targeted by Surveillance: Julian Assange, WikiLeaks & Networked Repression | Saturday March 25 | Berlin and streaming online w/ @Stella_Assange @kgosztola @SMaurizi #FreeAssangeNOW @disruptberlin” / Twitter

no sooprize Sunrise Movement 🌅 on Twitter: “President Biden officially approved the Willow Project. Instead of sticking to his own climate goals and listening to the millions of young people who carried the party for the last three election cycles, @POTUS is letting the fossil fuel industry have their way.” / Twitter

Richard Medhurst on Twitter: “You are witnessing a historic moment. China brokering the deal between Saudi Arabia & Iran is both the icing and cherry on top. They did more than decades of the US “bringing peace to the region”, and have cemented themselves as true mediators on the world stage. Huge win.″ / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: ““After talks in Beijing.” U.S. Fs around blowing up pipelines. China does real diplomacy. This is part of the reason that Xi Jinping was in Saudi Arabia recently. Meanwhile we have Biden and his gang of fanatical maniacs bringing us just seconds to midnight on the doomsday clock.” / Twitter

World Wide Web: Whom Was It Designed to Catch? – Activist Post

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin—Former Member of Raytheon Board of Directors—Has Awarded Over $30 Billion in Contracts to Raytheon Since His Confirmation in January, 2021 | CovertAction Magazine

CovertAction Bulletin: Who are the Real Terrorists? Stop Cop City and Jim Crow Legislation in Mississippi | CovertAction Magazine death squads

Secret COINTELPRO Plot to Infiltrate and Destroy the American Indian Movement: “We Wanted Them to Kill Each Other”—FBI Agent Admits After 5 Decades of Silence | CovertAction Magazine

“”The international bourgeoisie, under the leadership of U.S.-based capital has declared war on collective humanity — and it does not hide its intent.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“They’re gonna bail out banks while you starve to make ends meet. What a country.” (-Thia Ballerina)

“Over 10 million children live in poverty in the US, so send $100 billion to Ukraine. Biden keeps telling us how great the economy is doing, but everytime I go to the Supermarket all I do is here people complaining about how hard it is to afford their groceries now. The Establishment has got to find a way to stop Trump from running again, because he might win by too big a margin to stop him. Many countries in the Global South see a better future for themselves partnering with China and no longer want to bullied, threatened, robbed and told how they have to live by the United States. Zelensky could have honored the Minsk Agreement instead of letting the US use his country in a Proxy war they’d been trying to start for decades

What has he got for his decision? Is Ukraine in NATO, a part of the EU?

No, they are being destroyed like every country the US uses.

If we stop letting our Gov’t lie us into wearing blindfolds, and take them off we won’t see the rosy picture they’re painting, we will see reality.

The reality is that the once powerful Empire called America is crumbling and desperately trying to maintain their grip on power.” (-Black In The Empire)

JOHN DISSED I’ve been reading that Michael Goldberg book about how the sixties Beat Poets really influenced Bob Dylan and that got me thinking about how Steve Earle was kinda our last real significant musical social commentator in this country…until the arrival of Kennedy investigating podcasting songwriting hero and all around, righton power to the people activist, Mister John Dissed, who was sortof discovered, or brought to my attention, by the leftist power pop champion Anthony Castillo, the songwriting guiding force behind that nineties Los Angeles supergroup, SLOW MOTORCADE. John Dissed is sortof like a modernday equivalent to Billy Bragg or TV Smith or even Roger Waters, he is really just so smart and talented and a true freedom fighter. I follow John Dissed on Twitter and listen to all his podcasts and you should, too. He is a very well informed, serious researcher, sortof like Jimmy Dore or Whitney Webb….WITH GUITARS! I can’t say enough good things about the guy, he is absolutely dynomite! Check out his Only Rebels Left Alive music podcast!

Dirty Business – YouTube

Flight to Nowhere – YouTube

Societal Suicide – YouTube

Serenity – YouTube

The World Is Not the Real World – YouTube

John Dissed


Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “The cops executed our comrade and now they are indiscriminately arresting people and charging them with domestic terrorism. Just so it’s clear.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “My god. The autopsy shows bullet exit wounds through both of Tort’s hands, indicating that their hands were raised when they were murdered. “The autopsy further reveals that Manuel was most probably in a seated position, cross-legged when killed.”” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “Atlanta police are detaining a reporter trying to cover a small Stop Cop City action.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “Word from the forest the day of Tort’s killing was that it was friendly fire from another cop. Cops were caught on body cam footage that day saying “you fucked up one of your own officers.” Tort’s killers were never named. It was a sloppy cover up from the very beginning.” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “Do you want to build opposition to the US/EU/NATO Axis of Domination? Of course you do! We’ll see you in Washington on Saturday, 3/18 with @Blacks4Peace @UNAC1 @codepink @vetsforpeace @VFPNational @answercoalition and many more!” / Twitter

BAP-DC on Twitter: “BAP-DC members turned out during today’s afternoon rush hour at North Capitol Street and New York Avenue to drop a #StopCopCity banner. Defeat the war on African and colonized poor and working-class people in the U.S. and around the world! #NoCompromiseNoRetreat” / Twitter

Defend the Atlanta Forest on Twitter: “Happening now: ~250 children, parents, and friends marching through East Atlanta. Huge support from passing cars, people coming out from businesses and houses, some with kids, to cheer and wave, some joining the march. “Save Weelaunee for us little ones” reads the banner.” / Twitter

n th n – #FreeThemAll on Twitter: “#StopCopCity backlash is showing how every level of gov’t mobilizes to quash a movement that threatens the state’s unchecked ability to expand its violence work. Judges (warrants/bail), local electeds (daily misinfo+cop collusion), fed electeds (general cop messaging support) etc” / Twitter

They Aren’t The Best Among Us, They Are ACTIVE AGENTS of The Imperialist Democratic Party – YouTube

Richard D. Wolff on Twitter: “Capitalism = regulatory capture! US railway firms lobby or buy politicians to gut safety regs aimed to prevent Ohio’s derailing. Cable and media firms block FCC action. Capitalists neuter commissions set up to regulate them: system broken.” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “on the last day of the Week of Action to stop Cop City, police raid the property that folks in the movement have been using as a welcome center/home base. everyone who was there has been detained. the violent repression of a righteous movement continues apace. #stopcopcity” / Twitter

Family: Activist’s hands raised when shot by troopers near training center site (

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “given that these people are indiscriminately arresting even LEGAL OBSERVERS, this escalation is deeply unsettling but also unsurprising.” / Twitter

NPR on Twitter: “A second autopsy of an anti-‘Cop City’ activist who was shot and killed by the Georgia State Patrol on Jan. 18 shows their hands were raised when they were killed, lawyers for their family say. The full autopsy report will be released on Monday.” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “”I’m suffering,” Belkis Terán (Tortugita’s mother) said. “But this suffering is giving to me power — power to fight, power to stand.”” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “One immediate objective of the movement in Atlanta is accountability for the killing by the authorities in Atlanta & state of Georgia.” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi Schools Dem Congressman On Purpose Of “Twitter Files” Hearing – YouTube

Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’ – The Grayzone

LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Whitney Webb Interview – CIA/Mossad-Linked Surveillance Systems Quietly Installed Throughout The US” / Twitter

Ukraine’s Death by Proxy – The Chris Hedges Report (

Imperial Narrative Managers Always Try To Make Peace Seem Unnatural – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden’s WHO pandemic treaty would kill Americans in for ‘equity’ (

The Lever on Twitter: “Here are all the Republican and Democratic U.S. Senators who voted to deregulate Silicon Valley Bank 👇” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Cop City = empire doubling down at home – militarizing police – attacking our right to peaceful protest – destroying our forests / climate Empire hurts us all, abroad & at home. Together can stop it. Must stop it.” / Twitter

Pat, just Pat on Twitter: “Cop City and our fascist police state must be stopped.” / Twitter

Corruption Control on Twitter: “@PatTheBerner Looks like the monsters wearing Darth Vader capes should be stopped too. $5K bond for a legal observer?” / Twitter

HopefulMiddleClass on Twitter: “@PatTheBerner Agreed. If you speak out, you’re smeared. If you organize, you’re infiltrated. If you peacefully protest, you’re ignored. If you become a nuisance, you’re arrested. If you resist, you’re a domestic terrorist.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”President Biden has said virtually nothing, he has not visited #EastPalestineOH, which is shocking to me; by not going after Alan Shaw, the CEO…he has let Norfolk Southern off the hook,” -@sdonziger on the East Palestine disaster” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Rail Workers on East Palestine Cleanup Have Nausea & Migraines, Not Provided Proper Protective Gear Railworker Matt Weaver joins @JordanChariton on the Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine.” / Twitter

Protest March 18-19: Peace in Ukraine – Say NO to Endless U.S. Wars – ANSWER Coalition

“What about the importance of giving everyone Healthcare in this country? Our government has no problem rescuing banks…but they won’t rescue the people.” (-Sabby Sabs)

“”In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none.” (-Kwame Ture)

The Drums Of War With China Are Beating Much Louder Now – Caitlin Johnstone

“Liberals hate leftists because they are a constant reminder that liberals are not the thing they appear to be.” (-Caitlin Johnstone who has way more patience for fauxwoke empty virtue signaling than I do.)

Craig Pasta Jardula on Twitter: “So #EyePatchMcCain who is beholden to #BigPharma wants to blame #Mexico and the #Cartels for the #Fentanyl problem & not the US medical industry which got our citizens hooked on opioids in the 1st place! #WEFpuppet oh! And the Cartels are run by the CIA. So there’s that also.” / Twitter

LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Impending Financial Collapse, #TwoPartyIllusion Operatives, Ohio Revelations & Manufacturing Consent” / Twitter

“Reminder The people that have you cheering on trying to get us into nuclear war with China and Russia will survive in their bunkers.

Where are you gonna go? Do people realize how ridiculous they sound when they argue that their Party is the honest one and the news networks they watch are the ones telling the truth?

Wake up both Parties are corrupt and all that corporate owned news you’re all watching is propaganda. We need to come together as a society and put an end to Nuland’s war. How many people do you think are struggling like hell still believing Biden telling them how great the economy is, simply because he’s a Democrat? No matter where the virus started, keep in mind that the US is now willing to say it started in Wuhan because they want to add it to the list for us to hate China, and they won’t mention that our Gov’t funded that research. You notice how the people that were calling everybody even skeptical of Big Pharma and our Gov’t that refused to take the vaccine, “anti-science and antivaxxers”, have conveniently ignored the science ever since it told a different story. I understand the job of Corporate “News” is to get views, push their Party narratives, spread State propaganda and to keep us divided. When both the Dems and GOP, and Fox and MSNBC are all telling us the same thing it isn’t a good thing, it means that there is something of extreme importance to the Owners that requires all their workers to brainwash the public.

The reason why I despise stations like MSNBC and CNN more is the way their TV personalities present themselves as morally superior.

So many questions now that the Saudis and Iranians have reestablished ties Will it bring an end to the war in Yemen? Will they both join BRICS? What does this mean for Syria? What happens to the dollar? While the US has been fueling their proxy war, the world is moving on.” (-Black In The Empire)

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Please join @SusanSarandon, @CornelWest, Noam Chomsky, journalists @krystalball and @kthalps and many others (including me) in calling on Germany to stop undermining human rights. Let the @rogerwaters concert go forward. Sign on⬇️” / Twitter


johndissed on Twitter: “”A source” or “the source”? This is like a worse version of The View. The corruption just drips out of their mouths.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “‘So-Called’ Congressmember Attacks ‘Twitter Files’ Journalists & Completely Clowns Herself!” / Twitter

Dem Rep’s Rambling & Confused Questions For Matt Taibbi – YouTube

Jim Jordan HUMILIATES Trust Fund Dem In Twitter Files Hearing – YouTube


BAP-DC on Twitter: “BAP-DC members turned out during today’s afternoon rush hour at North Capitol Street and New York Avenue to drop a #StopCopCity banner. Defeat the war on African and colonized poor and working-class people in the U.S. and around the world! #NoCompromiseNoRetreat” / Twitter

“553K+ are homeless. 37M+ live in poverty. Millions are unable to afford health care and will go untreated. 42M+ are food insecure, 12M+ being children. 

Things are getting worse and they aren’t even arguing anymore over how little to give you anymore.” (-Thia Ballerina)

Eugene V. Debs on Twitter: “You are a worker. The first thing necessary for you to understand is that you are bound irrevocably to every other worker in the country.” / Twitter

nuno marques on Twitter: “Daniel Hale. Rotting in prison. Exposed Obama’s drones had a civilian casualty rate of 97%. Barrack Obama. Bombed civilians. Started 6 wars. Destabilized millions. Chills in $14 million homes.” / Twitter

Gritty is the Way on Twitter: “A L L C O P S” / Twitter

Joe on Twitter: “@SocialistMMA Had to do it.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “They’ve made us afraid to state the truth by attacking anybody challenging them by accusing them of using antisemitic tropes” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “REPORT: LA Sheriff’s Department is run by gang members!” / Twitter

Halli on Twitter: “Depositors are getting retroactive government insurance on assets over $250k. This is the same country that turns away poor people that can’t pay for their healthcare. The rules of capitalism don’t apply to the rich.” / Twitter

Paulo L. dos Santos on Twitter: “Remember kids, when a Dollar tightening cycle destabilises developing economies, the conversation must focus on mismanagement and the need for “sacrifice.” When it destabilises US banks, focus on tightening itself, and on saving uninsured, well-connected liability holders.” / Twitter

Pepe Escobar on Twitter: “Silicon Valley Bank paid out hefty bonuses to their top people MINUTES before an engineered “collapse”. The board of SVB includes Mary J. Miller, a former Under Secretary of the Treasury. Sweet, innit?” / Twitter

Pepe Escobar on Twitter: “Psychos do Divide and Rule. Ancient civilizations do Diplomacy. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia will soon join BRICS+.” / Twitter

Katie Halper on Twitter: “Tom Morello @tmorello just signed the petition demanding that Germany uncancel Roger Waters’ @rogerwaters concert in Frankfurt. Join Tom and thousands of others who have signed.” / Twitter


I understand if people protesting the construction of an enormous IDF style urban military training facility funded by like 25 private corporations in the Atlanta forest is not everybody’s cause, but when a citizen is shot to death while sitting cross legged with his hands up, witnesses say he had no gun, that cops were returning friendly fire, and presented zero bodycam evidence that they had any legit reason to “fear for their lives” and all those people demonstrating against assassination of a treesitter kid are imprisoned without bail and charged with domestic terrorism, we are not free, which is why I stood with the Capital Hill Maga people’s right to protest, even though defending Donald J. Trump is certainly not my personal preferred cause. I’ve seen footage of Qshaman being ushered around by cops in the capital. Big media coverup of the cop city killing and dozens of protestors being charged with “terrorism” by the extrajudicial state executioners, sheesh,  just like in east Palestine purposeful chemical burn making people sick and killing pets and wildlife and  destroying all those farms on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border where they wanna get rid of the Amish and strip mine for cobalt. Cops there are branding Erin Brockovich a terrorist for organizing sick people against Blackrock. 

MintPress News on Twitter: “Environmental lawyer Erin Brockovich is organizing the people of East Palestine, Ohio, to demand that Norfolk Southern pays for poisoning their community after a recent train derailment. The Ohio police claim that she’s a terrorist threat.” / Twitter

@stevenvoiceover on Twitter: “BREAKING : Previously Unseen January 6th Footage” / Twitter always felt like psy ops to me.

Family: Activist’s hands raised when shot by troopers near training center site (

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The Boutique Left is so embarrassing and deeply unserious they are now “Yes Queening” Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the person who stole the election from Bernie Sanders, because the Twitter Files hurt their feelings” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Part of my speech at Workers Strike back, full speech will be uploaded on RBN today” / Twitter

Murder of Anti-Vietnam War Monk Thomas Merton in 1968 Was a CIA Hit Linked with Assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK, New Book Argues | CovertAction Magazine

Israel’s Liberal Supporters Take Denial to New Level ( NO SHIT

AS`AD AbuKHALIL: Netanyahu’s Chutzpah (

Useful Idiots on Twitter: “The Silicon Valley Bank president held a fundraiser for Democratic Sen. @MarkWarner before Warner voted to deregulate SVB. See Warner drown in hypocrisy here: @aaronjmate @kthalps” / Twitter

Seismic Iran-Saudi Rapprochement Isolates US (

Even Kissinger Wants Compromise: How Ukraine Became a Winner-Take-All Proposition (

With Us or Against Us’ Fails in Munich and Bengaluru as U.S. Tries ‘Offer They Can’t Refuse’ | CovertAction Magazine

Vijay Prashad on Twitter: “Standing side-by-side with my friend and comrade @rogerwaters (too much to say fellow guitarist!!!). @kthalps and I write for Globetrotter on why Frankfurt’s cancellation of his concert is merely crazy:” / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “I am going LIVE at 845pm eastern/5:45pm Pacific TONIGHT (3/11) to discuss in-depth China’s major role in restoring relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and what it means for the conflict in Ukraine and beyond. Watch by clicking this link:” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “In US capitalist “democracy”, around 90% of candidates running for the House of Representatives and 80% running for Senate who have more funding win the elections And bribery is basically legal, due to lobbying and Citizens United It’s the best so-called “democracy” you can buy” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “A Harvard study found that 95% of people in China are satisfied with their government. The US Congress has 18% approval. “Democracy” is not when you hold an election every few years in which big corporations and capitalist oligarchs buy off the politicians they prefer.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “In addition to rehabilitating fascist war criminals and creating a right-wing one-party state in Japan, the US also infiltrated leftist opposition groups to destroy them The CIA infiltrated the Japan Socialist Party and put agents in youth groups, student groups and labor groups” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “The US still has 54,000 troops in Japan – nearly 80 years after World War II ended Japan has been essentially militarily occupied and semi-colonized by the US The US supported the most reactionary right-wing elements to prevent Japan from going socialist” / Twitter

Atlanta event April 1: Peace in Ukraine – No to Endless U.S. Wars! – ANSWER Coalition

Useful Idiots | Callin

“If those on the left continue to put their faith and energy into the Democratic Party, they are not simply willfully naive but complicit in their own enslavement.”

(– Chris Hedges, “Class: the Little Word the Elites Want you to Forget”)

jeremy scahill on Twitter: “We are in the midst of a perilous moment in world history, one that demands a robust debate about the motives and actions of powerful nation states. There should be more debate, not less.” / Twitter

“Did a single banker go to prison after the 2008 crash?

After legions of bankers committed fraud and stoked an entire industry (real estate) to lie, cheat and steal? Of course they didn’t. We paid to bail them out and here we are again.” (-Will Carless)


These cool cats are among my favorite underground bands since the Moonchasers and Dr. Boogie!

Shiteland Ponies- Be sad and smoke – YouTube


I Can’t Please You by SHITELAND PONIES – YouTube



‎Shiteland Ponies on Apple Music



Unholy on Twitter: “States in the US are scrapping child labor laws, bringing back Jim Crow laws, and building a cop city. Seems like something is up..” / Twitter

MEANWHILE…David Sirota on Twitter: “🚨BREAKING: Silicon Valley Bank’s president successfully pressured lawmakers to weaken bank risk regs before his bank’s collapse, according to records reviewed by @LeverNews. He touted the “low risk profile of our activities & business model.”” / Twitter

they are interchangeable The Lever on Twitter: “Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation has yet to walk back a controversial Trump rule allowing trains to transport explosive liquefied natural gas.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: ““Fight for someone you don’t know” turned into “I refuse to organize with someone I don’t like!”” / Twitter

Fight Haven on Twitter: “Welcome to America… Crooked Cop uses his badge as an excuse to beat the daylights out of a helpless man while his partner stands around and watches….” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Recall how the US assassinated Soleimani while he was on his way to peace talks with Saudi Arabia, with Netanyahu and Pompeo as the main lobbyists for the lethal strike. Israel seems to have just lost its main coalition partner in the regional war it planned against Iran.” / Twitter

Seismic Iran-Saudi Rapprochement Isolates US (

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “China’s FM Spokesperson Mao Ning says the US should immediately end its illegal military presence in Syria and stop plundering Syria’s natural resources.” / Twitter

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “Tucker Carlson on How the NSA Hacked His Signal Account to Stop Him From Interviewing Putin “Everyone’s in on it. Republicans and Democrats are all in on it.” @TuckerCarlson @fullsendpodcast” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “On March 18, we can show those who lied us into Iraq 20 years ago that their crimes will not be forgotten. Say NO to endless U.S. wars! March with us⤵️ 📝Saturday March 18, 1pm 📍Washington, D.C., the White House” / Twitter

Unholy on Twitter: “States in the US are scrapping child labor laws, bringing back Jim Crow laws, and building a cop city. Seems like something is up..” / Twitter

MEANWHILE…David Sirota on Twitter: “🚨BREAKING: Silicon Valley Bank’s president successfully pressured lawmakers to weaken bank risk regs before his bank’s collapse, according to records reviewed by @LeverNews. He touted the “low risk profile of our activities & business model.”” / Twitter

they are interchangeable The Lever on Twitter: “Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation has yet to walk back a controversial Trump rule allowing trains to transport explosive liquefied natural gas.” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: ““Fight for someone you don’t know” turned into “I refuse to organize with someone I don’t like!”” / Twitter

Fight Haven on Twitter: “Welcome to America… Crooked Cop uses his badge as an excuse to beat the daylights out of a helpless man while his partner stands around and watches….” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Recall how the US assassinated Soleimani while he was on his way to peace talks with Saudi Arabia, with Netanyahu and Pompeo as the main lobbyists for the lethal strike. Israel seems to have just lost its main coalition partner in the regional war it planned against Iran.” / Twitter

Seismic Iran-Saudi Rapprochement Isolates US (

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “China’s FM Spokesperson Mao Ning says the US should immediately end its illegal military presence in Syria and stop plundering Syria’s natural resources.” / Twitter

Chief Nerd on Twitter: “Tucker Carlson on How the NSA Hacked His Signal Account to Stop Him From Interviewing Putin “Everyone’s in on it. Republicans and Democrats are all in on it.” @TuckerCarlson @fullsendpodcast” / Twitter

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “On March 18, we can show those who lied us into Iraq 20 years ago that their crimes will not be forgotten. Say NO to endless U.S. wars! March with us⤵️ 📝Saturday March 18, 1pm 📍Washington, D.C., the White House” / Twitter


I feel really bad for that tree sitter kid the cops killed for protesting their urban warfare training center being funded by twenty big corporations in the Atlanta forrest. Shitlb media manufactured consent for superfunding the alphabet gangs and racist police with all their non stop hammer hoopla over the Maga people doubting the election results when both Bernie Sanders and Trump had big overflowing crowds of supporters and Biden barely even campaigned. So yeah, when the tv says the rightwing traumatized AOC, most suggestible Murkkkaans just go along with the idea that protestors should be hauled off to prison for daring question the word of known liars, or for assembling at the capital. The Real Left has been telling the centrist shitlibs since Obama that censorship is a bad idea, but they are too safespace triggered and hypnotized by the topdown fauxwoke gender narrative to notice when all the leftist media is being hidden online or disappeared from tech platforms because it challenges the weapon makers and big pharma mandate and pro war narratives. I know Democrats who are mad at Matt Taibbi from “Rolling Stone” for uncovering how the government and big tech colluded to hide the Hunter Biden corruption in the Ukraine story before the election. Now this new guy the deep state wants to install as an alternative to Trump, if not Lyn Cheney, Desatis is a known Gitmo torturer. All the people in Atlanta protesting the tree sitter forest defender being shot 13 times by cops while sitting crosslegged with his hands up according the the autopsy are being held without bail for demonstrating, and being charged with terrorism. We told you this was gonna keep happening during the Water Protectors being attacked with violence by mercenaries during Standing Rock when your fave corporation-prez said he was gonna “let it play out”, rather than intervene or protect original peoples over big oil company profits. It is a sad state of affairs when government thugs can assassinate wildlife nature preservers, AND charge their defenders with “terrorism” charges, and so many people who even think of themselves as progressive will standby and tollerate that shit, because of how it gets copaganda framed or hidden by big 5 corporate media monopolies. If you’re like me, you wake up terrorized and horrified by all the lies and hypocrisy and warpiggery and corporate funded Judge Dredd/Rambo military policing in this country. Everybody looks the other way when Gropey Joe and imperial Blinken send more billions to Ukraine for endless war and Nato expansionism everyday, while totally ignoring all the sick people poisoned by the Blackrock chemical burn in Palestine, Ohio-they even deploy those horribly partisan, no heart Karens of “The View” to say they have no pity for the sick people with dying animals because that county mostly voted for Trump. Everything on tv is still jsut single issue forever focused on Trump. What kindof person says shit like that? No sympathy? No pity for the sick and dying if they belong to a different political party sports team? It’s exactly the same as those righwing whackadoo hate preachers who say shit like fires and floods are caused because somebody is gay somewhere, and that’s the vengeful wrath of their rightwing assault weapons gawd. Madness all around us. In her series, “Pretend It’s A City”, Fran Lebowitz talks about existing in a near perpetual state of rage about the plastic plants and lawnchairs in the Disneyfied Times Square and how when the government declared the air safe after 9/11, she knew it wasn’t safe and it wasn’t dust and her documentarian Martin Scorsese mentioned all the people who got cancer after officials marked the air safe to breathe in NYC. She also recalls confronting billionaire Bloomberg about all of his nanny state gentrification policies and asked him what you call artists drinking and smoking and hanging out, and when he had no idea, she said, it is the history of art. I find it encouraging that Fran and Martin can see these problems with such clarity in spite of their fame. Even Spike Lee and Oliver Stone, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Jill Stein get big-tech and state censored in the Divided States Of Amnesia. Most people can’t even see the mushroom clouds past the preposterous footage of “Chinese Balloons”, Oscar propaganda, and constant din of culture wars and “Russiagate” new cold war McCarthyist hysteria.

Fund People’s Needs, Not the War Machine! Protest March 18 @ The White House! – YouTube

Episode 46: Banks Fail – by John Dissed – Discontented (

ANSWER Coalition Home

On War With China, Australia Is Caught Between A Rock And A Pentagon – Caitlin Johnstone

Bill Passed by House and Senate to Declassify COVID Origins Documents May Be Attempt to ‘Frame’ China, Experts Warn • Children’s Health Defense ( on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been in charge of developing bioweapons for the Pentagon since 2002, and in 2014, three viruses escaped from US labs, so he moved his bioweapons research to the Wuhan lab: “They took the money that Cheney gave them…” / Twitter on Twitter: “.@RobertKennedyJr and @jimmy_dore talk about how Bill Gates made a profit from spreading lies about the effectiveness of the COVID mRNA vaccines and later confessed that the vaccines were not effective after he sold his stocks: “Every one of those three things he said would get…” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “As @RealAlexRubi writes, a consensus is emerging from former US natsec officials able to speak candidly, and from the US Army War College, that the of Taiwan must be destroyed rather than to let it fall into the hands of Beijing” / Twitter

‘Rigorous’ Maidan massacre exposé suppressed by top academic journal – The Grayzone

Bellingcaught: Who is the mysterious author of Bellingcat’s attacks on OPCW whistleblower? – The Grayzone

“It’s quite an awakening when you have time to really look at the world and see that this GOP vs Dem game is a scam and stations like MSNBC and Fox are all propaganda and State TV, and all our wars are based on lies. I did everything the Establishment wanted

I joined the military, thought this was a democracy, voted Dem like a good Black person, thought my vote mattered, thought voting Obama would change things, even briefly thought Russiagate was real and thought GOP voters were all enemies. Over 2 years into Biden’s Presidency, Dems have still been able to find a way to blame everything going wrong on Trump. According to the West, what is happening to Ukraine is called “Winning”. (-Black In The Empire)

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “Much of the language of ‘Declaration on #EU-#NATO Cooperation’ is at odds with reality. NATO is not committed to promoting Peace+Security – NATO’s expansion, meddling + provocation in Ukraine laid the ground for this War – But EU is in denial. What has NATO ever done for Peace..?” / Twitter

Clare Daly on Twitter: “Another deeply troubling report on the #NordStream bombing. Again, anonymous sourcing, but again, extremely serious. But still silence in Brussels. An attack on infrastructure in Western Europe! How is this not the top of the European Parliament’s agenda?” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “Apartheid is defined as “inhuman acts committed for purpose of establishing + maintaining domination by one racial Group of persons over any other racial Group of persons + systematically oppressing them” – #Israel does this every day to #Palestinians …” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Even when I was one of the most frequent guests on Democracy Now (2008-2019), I was always amazed when Amy Goodman — who grew up in great wealth to a Harvard-educated doctor and who herself went to Harvard with all her siblings — would rant about the privilege of *others.*” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “Just read the amazing story of @MansoorAdayfi, an innocent man from #Yemen who was sold to #US when 18, before spending 14 years at #Guantánamo where he was brutally tortured for years. A story of how badly Human Beings can behave – A story of how powerful is the Human Spirit….” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “Watching capitalists try to explain why we have to keep bailing out capitalists who are engaging in capitalism without them condemning capitalism is extremely fascinating to watch Twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid diagnosing the problem” / Twitter

“Trump cut corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%

Dems screamed about corruption Dems got control for 2 years, corporate tax rate still 21% Biden’s budget now that they lost the House only raises it to 28% knowing it won’t pass I don’t think they were that upset Trump’s tax cut.” (-Black In The Empire)

Victor vicktop55 on Twitter: “Yesterday, thousands of Czechs came out in Prague for a rally “Czech Republic Against Poverty”. One of the demands is to stop the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army, writes the German publication Bild.” / Twitter

Ukraine Puts NBC Reporter On “Kill List” – YouTube

#WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka Banned From Hair Salon Where He Always Gets His Hair Cut, in Omaha, Nebraska. He Is Sending Us All A Warning That Social Credit Scoring Is HERE in the US, NOW (


cop city will never be built on Twitter: “the civil rights leaders of TODAY say #stopcopcity #goodtrouble2024” / Twitter

Independent Autopsy Reveals Tortuguita Killed While Seated with Hands Raised – Atlanta Community Press Collective (

Haymarket Books on Twitter: “The Abolitionist Struggle to Stop Cop City Join @micahinATL, @KwameOlufemi, @stschrader1, and @sahaley for a discussion of the ongoing struggle in Atlanta and its lessons. Tuesday, March 14th at 5:00 pm ET RSVP to attend:” / Twitter

Hannah Riley #StopCopCity on Twitter: “for @TeenVogue, @micahinATL and I wrote a primer on the fight to stop Cop City – a sprawling facility in which police would be trained in more effective ways to kill and surveil citizens – from being built in an old growth forest in Atlanta.” / Twitter

Occupy Wall Street with a General Strike on Twitter: “Our friends in Atlanta need our help! Also try these numbers: Office of professional standards: 404-298-8135, Community relations: 404-298-8282” / Twitter

Presente.Org on Twitter: “Private investors are funding nearly $60 million of Cop City’s initial phase of construction. Why not invest that money in programs that will actually help communities? Their #BloodyInvestments are funding a militarized police academy! #StopCopCity” / Twitter

NPR on Twitter: “A second autopsy of an anti-‘Cop City’ activist who was shot and killed by the Georgia State Patrol on Jan. 18 shows their hands were raised when they were killed, lawyers for their family say. The full autopsy report will be released on Monday.” / Twitter

Atlanta Community Press Collective on Twitter: “In 2017 the State Senator Fort warned the Georgia Assembly that the State’s domestic terrorism law could be used to target protest movements.” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “”I’m suffering,” Belkis Terán (Tortugita’s mother) said. “But this suffering is giving to me power — power to fight, power to stand.”” / Twitter

#StopCopCity on Twitter: “I wrote about some of the parallels between the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and the current struggle to #StopCopCity. The biggest continuity: Atlanta’s ruling class continues its mission to shape the city for its own interests. 1/” / Twitter

Dré Jones on Twitter: “Keep those Atlanta hospitals open. It’s really wild. Major hospital closings but new jails and police center are the largest institutional projects being prioritized in the city.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The neoliberal totalitarians label media from Russia & China pretending that information from their privately owned capitalist corporations are suppose to be objective. What a joke. As a consequence you will never see an opinion piece like this:” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Poor democrats, they now will feel compelled to even more aggressively push a pro-war agenda even as public opinion is turning against the war & never-ending U.S. wars. Oil drilling, warmongering, austerity – tell us again why it is important to vote democrat or republican?” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The Community Movement Builders along with an array of Black and Indigenous organizations in Atlanta like the Black Alliance for Peace, made sure there was no question on where Black people stood on issue of Cop City in Atlanta.” / Twitter

“Progressives” also refused to support Workers Strike Back, a labor group ran by socialists. It’s seems to me like the boutique left just wants to organize with liberals. Ro Khanna wants to bail out the Silicon Valley Bank because he’s on the payroll.

With “progressives” like these who needs neoliberals?” (-Revolutionary Blackout Network)

“Hey, Democrats Stop using our healthcare money to bail out banks.” (-Gritty Is The Way)

“I keep trying to tell everybody

The way to Peace is taking billions from American taxpayers and giving it to companies like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics. Germany is helping the US wage their war against Germany. All the things the Dems want to blame on Trump, they had 2 years of control of the Gov’t to overturn and didn’t.” (-Black In The Empire)

Ukraine’s Death by Proxy – The Chris Hedges Report (

“US Foreign Policy is based solely around the US not letting any country come close to challenging their hegemony and their idea of diplomacy is to issue threats or sanction, coup or invade if you don’t do what they say. You can blame Trump for these bank crashes, but will you blame Biden for his role in the mass incarceration of Black people, a million people being killed in Iraq, the genocide in Yemen, the student debt crisis, the 2008 crash and more.” (-Black In The Empire) Why are people wondering why countries are turning to China?

“Progressives” are very used to acting as gatekeepers to who Leftists can work with. They get very upset when their determinations aren’t obeyed. There’s ego involved. Ultimately, the actual purpose of a “progressive” is to co-opt Leftists back under control of the Dem Party.” (-Jon Cutt)

Liberalism is just right-wing capitalism with a smile. Always has been. “Progressives” are just liberals with a toe dipped into socialist waters. But they never venture in. They always just run back to their bourgeois pool chairs, sipping cocktails made from the people’s blood.” (-Nathan Shirley)


Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW on Twitter: “Oscars Hypocrisy: Elites Cheer “Navalny” While Julian Assange Rots in Prison | SYSTEM UPDATE @ggreenwald #FreeAssange #freeNavalny #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This story — from Norman Finkelstein’s book “I’ll Burn that Bridge When I Get to it!” — on how and why he was banished by Amy Goodman from appearing on @DemocracyNow is both hilarious and revealing.” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “While you scream about Russia invading Ukraine, remember United States illegally invaded Syria & is CURRENTLY occupying 1/3 of country. What part of Syria? The part with the Oil. America is the world’s biggest terror organization. #WarPigs” / Twitter

Conflicting Reports Thicken Nord Stream Bombing Plot (

The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Recipients of Bill Gates’ Favorite Vaccine Were Found to Die at 10x the Rate as Unvaccinated Children A Danish study looked at thirty years of records. And they found that girls who had received the DTP vaccine were ten times more likely to die than unvaccinated children. “And…” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Biden has been president for more than 2 years. His appointees control all regulatory agencies. Until 2 months ago, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. So whose fault is this week’s collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank? Obviously: Trump’s (probably Putin’s, too). 🌊” / Twitter

Jay Bhattacharya on Twitter: “Instead of investigative reporting and objective news on the covid origins debate, #scicomm journalists played the part of narrative enforcers for Tony Fauci and others. Top journals like Science, Nature, and Lancet did the same. Their editors failed.” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “New and unlocked: In Nord Stream attack, US officials use proxy media to blame proxy Ukraine by @aaronjmate” / Twitter

“I wish they held the dem party to the same standard they have for an antiwar rally.

Can’t go to an antiwar rally because they don’t like 1 persons views on a social issue but no problem voting for someone who is going to continue starving & bombing poor people around the world.” (-General Strike on Twitter about the asskiss shitlibs)

Protest March 18-19: Peace in Ukraine – Say NO to Endless U.S. Wars – ANSWER Coalition

“What about the importance of giving everyone Healthcare in this country? Our government has no problem rescuing banks…but they won’t rescue the people.” (-Sabby Sabs)

“”In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none.” (-Kwame Ture)

The Drums Of War With China Are Beating Much Louder Now – Caitlin Johnstone

“Liberals hate leftists because they are a constant reminder that liberals are not the thing they appear to be.” (-Caitlin Johnstone who has way more patience for fauxwoke empty virtue signaling than I do.)

Craig Pasta Jardula on Twitter: “So #EyePatchMcCain who is beholden to #BigPharma wants to blame #Mexico and the #Cartels for the #Fentanyl problem & not the US medical industry which got our citizens hooked on opioids in the 1st place! #WEFpuppet oh! And the Cartels are run by the CIA. So there’s that also.” / Twitter

LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Impending Financial Collapse, #TwoPartyIllusion Operatives, Ohio Revelations & Manufacturing Consent” / Twitter


The people that have you cheering on trying to get us into nuclear war with China and Russia will survive in their bunkers.

Where are you gonna go? Do people realize how ridiculous they sound when they argue that their Party is the honest one and the news networks they watch are the ones telling the truth?

Wake up both Parties are corrupt and all that corporate owned news you’re all watching is propaganda. We need to come together as a society and put an end to Nuland’s war. How many people do you think are struggling like hell still believing Biden telling them how great the economy is, simply because he’s a Democrat?” (-Black In The Empire)


Down on the Street – YouTube

The Boys Are Gonna Be Here Soon by THE CRAZY SQUEEZE. – YouTube


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John Pilger: The Betrayers of Julian Assange (

16 FOREVER “So Long, See You, Goodbye” 1994 – YouTube

Memory Palaces – The Devils (Nick Rhodes & Stephen Duffy) – YouTube

Only Three Lads – Classic Alternative Podcast on Twitter: “It’s a podcast blitz w/ Jeff Drake from sleazy ’80s punks The Joneses! His memoir, Guilty! My Life As A Member of The Joneses, A Heroin Addict, A Bank Robber and A Federal Inmate, is out now from @HoZacRecords. #punkrock #glamrock #garagerock #rockabilly #80smusic #glitterrock” / Twitter

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joannebest | The greatest site in all the land!


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Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “One immediate objective of the movement in Atlanta is accountability for the killing by the authorities in Atlanta & state of Georgia.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “You want to understand how China is making diplomatic inroads with U.S. vassal states here is an example, of course supplied by an outlet that the U.S. rulers don’t want the public to have access to. The West wants a consumer cartel to control prices.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “How is it that Europeans can openly and proudly talk about how they are working to change a govt in another country & that is accepted?” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Black folks remember Desantis was being pushed by liberals in the democrat party & media as an attractive alternative to Trump! These are the same folks who whitewashed the existence of white supremacists & Nazis in Ukraine.” / Twitter

It aint the left versus the right anymore friends cause both parties represent the billionaires. The billionaires don’t care how you self identify really, they are waging a worldwide war on the poor. STAY WILD STAY FREE!

Sean Blackmon on Twitter: “Speaker list announced for this weekend’s rally! #NegotiationsYes #EscalationNo” / Twitter



Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “One immediate objective of the movement in Atlanta is accountability for the killing by the authorities in Atlanta & state of Georgia.” / Twitter

matt on Twitter: “@ajamubaraka I would think a very easy bar to clear for building your intensely contested cop city would be not to murder an unarmed protester and attempt to cover it up. It’s insane to me this hasn’t even been brought up in official channels as a justification for scrapping the whole thing.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Brother Kamau from CMB” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Premiering at 5PM ET: @SDonziger (Steven Donziger) Says NATIONALIZE Norfolk Southern Over #EastPalestine, Blasts Biden for Not Going with @JordanChariton” / Twitter


CovertAction Bulletin: Who are the Real Terrorists? Stop Cop City and Jim Crow Legislation in Mississippi | CovertAction Magazine

“Politics in the U.S. is so irrational & dangerous that I was meeting with a group of radical leaders from various parts of the global South where it was concluded that peoples in the global South would see a Trump administration as a welcome shift from warmongering democrats.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “That ship sailed long ago, sorry. Dems are the party of CIA, FBI, DHS, NSA and endless war. Polls I’ve repeatedly posted here show this, and Dems’ hatred toward Taibbi and co. is due solely to the fact that their reporting exposed the US Security State’s censorship regime.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The US Security State feared and hated Trump and his movement for many reasons: Trump’s opposition to CIA regime change ops in Syria, his mockery of them for WMD, his doubts about NATO’s value, etc. Dems saw that and realized CIA/DHS/FBI are their allies.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “The answer was most clearly provided by Chuck Schumer, when he went on Maddow’s show days before Trump’s inauguration to warn Trump he was being stupid for opposing the CIA, because everyone in DC since JFK knows not to do that since CIA destroys critics:” / Twitter

The Censorship Industrial Complex – CJ Hopkins (

johndissed on Twitter: “”It was a bizarre collective display of a whole group of politicians not understanding some pretty basic things about how not to act around journalists…”” / Twitter

WATCH: ‘Snowden,’ ‘Assange’ & ‘Manning’ Arrive in Sydney (

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Simply put, Biden proposes 2/3rds of discretionary funds for wars abroad & wars at home. Another sign of end stage empire.” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Biden’s Willow is the nail in the climate coffin, adding to disastrous impact of UKR war on climate accords, which wiped out big emissions decline. US could’ve averted war AND protected climate simply by supporting Minsk or not blocking Turkish peace deal.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “@JonFarinaPhoto Full video LIVE NOW with @JonFarinaPhoto at #StopCopCity solidarity protest in NYC. Watch the full video here:” / Twitter

Protesters Charged with Terrorism in Atlanta ( your so called reps protect big biz and superfund warmachine and homeland militarized jackboots-never do the will of the people. that aint representation.

Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts – Activist Post

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”We are here to stop cop city. We are here to stop environmental racism. We are here to stop police brutality.” — Stop Cop City NYC protester LIVE #StopCopCity Solidarity protest NYC w @jonfarinaphoto” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE Stop Cop City March in NYC w/ @JonFarinaPhoto LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

More Perfect Union on Twitter: “NEW: We went down to East Palestine for a week to get residents’ side of the story after the Ohio rail disaster. People told us they’re getting sick and their pets are dying, while Norfolk Southern is trying to cover it up. @heyjohnrussell reports.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Norfolk Southern CEO BULLSH*TS Through East Palestine Senate Hearing, ANOTHER Cop City Looming? w/ @RonPlacone and @TinaDesireeBerg LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”We need help right now, local businesses so far have been the only one I have seen passing around water and supplies,” Cullen tells @louisd217” / Twitter

John Pilger: The Betrayers of Julian Assange (

MintPress News on Twitter: “Environmental lawyer Erin Brockovich is organizing the people of East Palestine, Ohio, to demand that Norfolk Southern pays for poisoning their community after a recent train derailment. The Ohio police claim that she’s a terrorist threat.” / Twitter


All was well when I lived in Lexington, Kentucky, I was sorta the star of recess and the school plays, got good grades, loved to read “Cracked” and “Foom” and “Mad” and Narnia and the Hobbit, gnomes and “Heavy Metal” magazine, you know all the seventies fantasy illustrations by the Brothers Hildebrandt and Frazetta like you’d see on the covers of old Molly Hatchet records and 70’s vans. I had a local comicbook store where I was friend with the older stoners. lotsa little pals who were all into Star Wars and Grease. Beatles and Monkees, Elvis had just died. Shaun Cassidy and Andy Gibb were big as hell. Then, my mom met some creepy dude and married him and moved us to Ohio where all the white suburban rich kids were into golf shirts, designer jeans, football and did I mention golf? They straightup loved “The Preppie Handbook” and did not see it as satire, it was the white people bible. I thought all that shit was awful conformist excrement. They found out I needed glasses and bought me the ugliest pair you can imagine and a girl’s bicycle. I had a southern accent and could not catch a football, so I got harrassed non stop by older kids, bruised in the locker room and beat up at the roller rink. The history teacher in the seventh grade used to put me in the classroom closet as a warning to the others. I was talking about the class war and slavery and the genocide of the indigenous peoples and telling my friends about Fred Hampton and Abbie Hoffman, from a young age. The rich white suburban sports school loved Ronald Reagan and were all totally devoted to worshipping the rich, I was the opposite, and therefore became a very polarizing lightning rod among my peers. Man they made an example of me for years, everyday, some bigger fat Republikkan kid would push me into a locker or otherwise humiliate me. The kung fu sadist rich kid with the Trans Am and the big Bon Jovi perm really hated me. My mom had changed my last name to her creepy husband’s and it was all just a horribly traumatizing, punishing hell. I rebelled. Started wearing my own weird styles, kinda thrift store pink makeup B-52’s budget punk, pre Ducky from “Pretty In Pink”. I sat beside a beautiful coltish brunette horse riding rich chick who was way outta my league named Paulette B. and she loved Kajagoogoo, and told me to get contacts and change my hair to look more like Limahl. I was too much of a gawky yellow teethed scrany, awkard Ramone to ever be a pinup heart throb Limahl, but started spiking my hair up like Billy Idol or Robert Smith. I’d bleach it orange with not enough toner then dyed it blue/black and the school admin went berserk over it. In about three years, I’d gone from “Sit Down Waldo!” to full on Pete Burns. Looked like an uglier younger sister of Gene Loves Jezebel. Girls started liking me, I formed a band with some other outcast weirdos, but could not find a drummer-back then they all wanted to play Rush covers with that kung fu kid who had the Big Marshall. We started hiding out in my basement practicing bad metal covers, writing greasy kid protest songs like, “Victims Of The System”. My life changed. I was still getting mobbed by the Catholic school wrestlers and paddled by principals and put on curfew by the juvenile authorities for drawing new wave logos in my schoolbooks and “disrupting the learning process” by asking to many questions in history class and determinedly challenging their racist whitewash bullshit narratives. I started making comicbooks and xeroxing them at the library that got passed around in study hall, that were like underground social commentary. A kid named Steve Blythe started copying my work and stole my character “Killer Teddy Bear”. Funny what you remember. Some guys named Craig and Brett and Mark and Aaron and John L a big football player antagnized me constantly so I quit dressing for gym. My friend Dan L. from the Catholic school, a talented guitar player from a strict military family got sick of seeing me and his brother Dustin getting tthe business from the football team so he beat up the big fat footballer John L, but that did not stop the harrassment for long. I made friends with an older illusionist/escape artsit in a nearby town named, Theo Mandrake. He was teaching me about showbiz and performance, met another magician named Al Houdin. My homemade comicbooks became more about music gradually and my first fanzine was about what little Devo ad Police and Go Gos punk and new wave was available to smalltown kids who did not yet have cable. The stepdad tried to do some real ugly abusive shit so I went out the window and took refuge at my rich friend Sean’s, but he was becoming an ongoing issue. I ranway to NYC for a little over a year, year and a a half maybe, had big adventures, met people, got a foxy girlfriend., moved in with her. Dump apartment in the dangerous Bowery. Started going to nightclubs and fter hours with her saw shows that really changed me, gave me a lot of new energy and inspiration. Antoinettes, Fleshtones, Wendy Wild, Jickets, Butthole Surfers. Went back to the midwest to foolishly pursue another girl who was outta my league, emboldened by my having lived with a beautiful woman almost ten years older than myself. That was a big mistake, of course, cause the abusive local authorities really wanted to use me as an example of what happens when you skip school, talk back, refuse to kiss up to popular jock bullying assholes, and wear alot of badly applied makeup. When I finally got out of detention hall, which was a grueling, unspeakable, damaging three months of torture, I met some older punk from a nearby town who helped me get a job at a stained glass studio. I started dreaming I had a chance with that girl again, the beatiful new wave chick, but she had moved on to some more conventional blue eyed soccer hero in Merry Go Round clothes from the big city, who had a mom who taught at my rich school, and he even had a car. I was totally in love with her for years, but also more importantly, with the music the older punk was teaching me about-I was particularly obsessed with that Public Image Ltd. song, “Rise”: “they put a hotwire to my head cause of the  things I did and said, they make these feelings go away a model citizen in everyway”.

 Sometimes, the hicks and preps would catch me walking somewhere and break my glasses, or two hicks would hold my arms behind my back while some jealous boyfriend would bloody my nose. Growing up in the midwest sucked. It got even worse during Grunge/Alternative, when all these same kinda fratboy private school fuckers decided they were ALSO Grunge/Alternative. Summa my bands played out at these boy’s clubs and richkid keggers and backyard barbq’s and we started having a real cool time tonight. Almost every night. One of my girlfriend’s got pregnant we moved into a big bandhouse on the edge of town where it was said other hippie undesirables had previously thrown concerts in the yard all the way back in the sxties. Some other girlfriend’s parents got whipped into a frenzy by the daytime talk show Tipper Gore antirock hysteria, they brought in these fanatical behavior modification grifters from out of state, and the local 700 Club Christian Broadcast Network started airing these anti punk talk shows where righwing evangelicals would warn the already uptight sports parents who worked for the General Dynamics tankplant about the pinko commie threat of “120 Minutes” and teenagers who were getting into the Smiths and the Replacements. Some of my various bandmates just wanted to be in Regular Joe bands that could be accpeted by the normies and the squares, they stayed in their hometown high school zipcodes and got like, generic say nothing, non threatening Kendoll singers from the usual predator class honky suburbs and assimilated into straight society sports bar popularity. I was too far gone Tex & The Horseheads and Lords Of The New Church for anything like that. Most of my former sidemen got into music to be popular or fit in, or get girls, I wanted to lead a youth revolt. Big difference. So yeah when I escaped to Boston when I turned twenty, the metalheads and heavily tattooed rockers I started meeting all thought my synthpop heroes and goth influences like Gene Loves Jezebel and Duran Duran were absolutely ridiculous, but all those bands have always stayed in my heart. I met some people who kinda begrudingly liked Generation X and Hanoi Rocks and Dogs D’Amour and Mother Love Bone. I continued writing songs and developing as a frontman, but could never afford highpriced studio costs, or highpriced rehearsal spaces, so the drummers would always split for people with moms or girlfriends willing to pay for them to record. It was so, so fucking heartbreaking but we kept on trying until one by one they all died or fuckedoff and Here I Am. Lone Wolf still howling at the moon. The world has changed as the techbillionaires consolidated more and more power, until they became capable of censoring every little corner of the public airwaves and the evil forces of gentrification purged all us guttersnipes and rabble rousers from their hipster dominions. I still don’t fit in with any of the mainstream narrative bullshittery. Kajagoogoo were okay but I always thought Duran Duran should have helped produce me, I rock like fuck. I’m the original neurotic boy outsider. It’s the never ending story.

Kajagoogoo too shy official video – YouTube

The Chris Hedges Report Video with Kshama Sawant on why the only hope we have left is the building of a militant labor movement that will use strikes to destroy the corporate state with bonus content. (

Twitter Files: U.S. Taxpayers ‘Unwittingly Financing the Growth and Power of a Censorship-Industrial Complex’ • Children’s Health Defense (


People my age, and there seems like there’s less and less of us around now, esp. since everybody started dropping dead just suddenly and nobody in the highbrow academic world or corporate big 5 monopoly media can figure out why, they say it might have something to do with plane turbulence, or exercising too much, or stress caused by conspiracy theorists, but most of us have fond memories of Billy Squire and songs like “My Kinda Lover” were what were playin’ while we were makin’ eyes at Crystal or or Missy or Geena or Sheri or Raina or Heather, right? So I dunno what evil industry titan he pissed off, what temperance league scold committee spinster frowned on “The Stroke”, or what kinda jiveass garbage that was where popular media insisted for years on end that supposedly, Billy Squire sucked now cause some Beavis & Buttheads, or overpaid “Rolling Stone” boyband apologist like Rob Sheffield, somewhere, decided his Miami Vice influenced video for “Rock Me Tonight” was not butch macho enough for cornfed Midwestern audiences of patriotic heavy metal and professional wrestling fans. I don’t know about all those cavemen, or what they like besides Hooters, Home Depot, oversized vehicles and Pamela Anderson in the eighties, but I always personally thought Billy Squire was awesome, a heavy metal meets power pop hard rocker in the Cheap Trick/Van Halen/Pop Rocks sorta genre. I’m happy to see he’s makin’ a comeback. The popular vote is always the dummy vote-who cares what those people think? I like rocknroll, Billy’s made of it. Motherfuckers just jealous he rocks so hard.

Revisiting Billy Squier’s Breakthrough Album, ‘Don’t Say No’ (

The video that killed the rock ‘n’ roll star | Dangerous Minds

Billy Squier’s notorious ‘Rock Me Tonite’ video is even more insane without the music | Dangerous Minds

Billy Squier – My Kinda Lover – YouTube

Harder On A Woman – YouTube

Billy Squier Everybody Wants You LIVE Detroit Concert 1983 HQ – YouTube

Billy Squier – She’s A Runner (Live) – YouTube

Billy Squier – Rock Me Tonite (HQ) – YouTube

Whadda You Want From Me – YouTube

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Emotions In Motion – YouTube

Shake Down – YouTube

Audio Interview – EddieTrunk, Segment 6: Signs Of Life – YouTube

She Goes Down / Promotional Clip – YouTube

Billy Squier – The Big Beat – YouTube

Billy Squier – Lonely Is The Night – 11/20/1981 – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (Official) – YouTube

Billy Squier (

CIA and Mossad-linked Surveillance System Quietly Being Installed Throughout the US – Activist Post

‘Shocking’: FBI Director Admits Agency Purchased Geolocation Data of Americans (

DSA International Committee on Twitter: “The antiwar movement is mobilizing on Saturday, March 18 at 1PM in DC to mark 20 years since the US invasion of Iraq and demand an end to endless wars! Join us and 200+ orgs for the National March on Washington: Fund People’s Needs, Not the War Machine!” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “BREAKING: Norfolk Southern’s CEO confesses his billion-dollar company won’t pay the health costs of those poisoned by his “nuclear” detonation of a chemical cloud over Ohio. Alan Shaw must be investigated for criminal negligence. Thousands are at risk of death due to his greed.” / Twitter

Ukraine’s Death by Proxy – The Chris Hedges Report (


“Somebody’s gotta teach the kids about Bo Diddley” (-Dr. Johnn Fever)

I always tried to carry on the tradition of my dear old pal Dave. A., my first record store guru who got me into stuff like the Doors, Stooges and MC5 when I was a young Beatles/Monkees/Elvis enthusiast. He’s gone now, but I got little buttons of him on all my leather jackets and leather vests, and he is never that far from my thoughts, he’s like my own Jimminy Cricket. He had a band called Billy Ray Bogart & The Hot Rod Gang who used to open up for my own sorta amateur hour glammish grebo goth gang, the Neons, way back in the dark ages. Let’s do a little “Black Gladiator ” together this morning, whaddya say?

Bo Diddley – Let’s Rock & Roll (Live in Sydney 1975).mov – YouTube

Bo Diddley – Great Final [Live Concert] – YouTube


Clément Lanot on Twitter: “🔴 Tensions entre le SO CGT et un blackbloc : les syndicats font usage de gaz lacrymogène. #greve7mars #manif7mars #ReformedesRetraite” / Twitter

Residents “don’t want to be the guinea pigs” for Carbon Pipeline – Activist Post

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “The Nord Stream attack was a MASK OFF moment for the United States.” / Twitter

Craig Murray: Fascistic Judges (

US Military Group Wants Weaponized Deepfakes, Better Biometric Tools – Activist Post

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Scheidler blows huge holes in the flimsy counter narrative to Sy Hersh’s report. Underscores the urgent need for an independent international investigation to determine responsibility for this act of international terrorism & assault on German sovereignty.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “I’m really shocked that all of these “disinformation experts” and “disinformation groups” funded by Western intel agencies (Atlantic Council, @ISDglobal, Bellingcat) constantly declare “disinformation” to be anything that contradicts or undermines US/EU foreign policy propaganda:” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “Dollar stores now have more locations across the country than Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, & Target combined. They are parasitic corporations, destroying communities. I cover that & more on today’s livestream –” / Twitter

Jay Bhattacharya on Twitter: “Instead of investigative reporting and objective news on the covid origins debate, #scicomm journalists played the part of narrative enforcers for Tony Fauci and others. Top journals like Science, Nature, and Lancet did the same. Their editors failed.” / Twitter

The Grayzone on Twitter: “Join @aaronjmate and @MaxBlumenthal live at 2 PM EST today as we cover Washington’s attempts to control the damage of Sy Hersh’s Nordstream report, congressional efforts to end the US occupation of Syria, and yesterday’s dramatic Twitter files testimony” / Twitter

“Hope For Assange?” With Guest Julian’s Brother Gabriel Shipton – Activist Post

Ralph Nader on Twitter: ““I read the Ukraine Times, formerly known as the New York Times,” That was a friends response to my asking him whether this major news story has been over-covered and has crowded out many critically important other stories in this country and around the world. -R” / Twitter

What’s happened to the rhythm section? (1): Remembering the bassists who’ve “died suddenly” worldwide since April, 2022 (

Victory is Defeat: Palestinian Children’s Art Exposes Israel’s Cultural Genocide (


Me and my Gary Numan obsessed best friend Jaysin B wanted to create a band like this 100 years ago when he was still alive and my self esteem had not been so battered but of course we were just minimum wage earners and there was just no way for either of us or both of us to buy a proper synthesizer back then and all those cheap thrift store Casios with the pre programmed drum machines can only take you so far. The ridiculous part is how I’m still at it, fuckin’ around with the pre programmed drum machine program on my kid’s old Casios in the garage, I wish sometimes I was a better piano player, my old lady is very good at all of it, but we never really have private time together to work on anything, if our teenager aint into it, it aint happenin’ so everything is all about firearms, fireworks, Guuci hype beat clothing and extotic wildlife ownership like on “The Tiger King”, that’s how it is. Jaysin and I kept fucking around with tape recorders and crap keyboards until he drifted over into this downtown trendy haircut crowd and I stayed with our stoner skateboard pal who I shoplifted Van Halen tablature for and we finally had some garage bands goin’ . When Jaysin B and my record store co worker Dave A and my rapper friend Cory L and the great songwriter Paul K all shuffled off the planet it put me in a deep and ongoing kinda gloom, ya know? Then my other ace best pal Bobby who used to drive me to Duran Duran concerts in faraway cities and get us backstage with his National Record Mart credentials having portrayed Andy taylor in a fucking lipsynch Duran Duran tribute act, he died suddenly, too. Just found out another guy I was close to years ago RKH has died. My first guitar player’s mom, also. Good Grief, have mercy. Ya know?

So ya know I wanted that Andy Taylor book for Christmas but accidentally received two copies of some other rock bio instead-now, since he’s fallen ill, Ebay prices for it shot through the roof and now hover somewhere around the eighty dollar zone. Who’s got eighty bucks for a fooking book? Not me, man, and the satin 80’s Duran Jackets are all marked at ripoff Etsy prices everywhere too. Most of my limited access to anything rocknroll nowadays is beamed out to me via youtube. Remember that catchy pop song from the “Some Kinda Wonderful” soundtrack, “She Loves Me”? That was by Steven Duffy, Duran Duran’s first singer, pre Simon LeBon. So yeah a couple years ago, or longer, times flies now for us decrepit “Smash Hits” Durannies, Nick got back together with his old collaborator from Birmingham and co created a atmospheric new band called The Devils based on old song ideas that they’d commenced as kids but never quite finished. Of course where I live, so far out in the deepest desrt outback, nobody cares about Duran Duran or Aracadia or even David Bowie, let alone some little known spinoff side project band, but of course, I’m totally into it. I think it’s so beautiful-just the kinda old new romantic new wave music I love. They even do “Big Store”.

The Devils – Nick Rhodes & Stephen Duffy – Dark Circles live 2003 Köln, arte – YouTube

Nick Rhodes talks about Barbarellas with Stephen Duffy – YouTube

Memory Palaces – The Devils (Nick Rhodes & Stephen Duffy) – YouTube

The Devils – Big Store (2002) – YouTube

Signals In Smoke The Devils – YouTube

DURAN DURAN ”the devils” – world exclusive.wmv – YouTube

The Devils – Newhaven Dieppe – YouTube

The Devils – Dark Circles [full album] – YouTube

The Devils – Hawks Do Not Share – YouTube


Corpfascist1913 on Twitter: “@RalphNader Professor Jeffery Sachs sat as the Chairman of the Lancet Commission on the origins of the Covid virus for 2 years. His conclusion is it came from a US lab. Jeffrey Sachs: US biotech cartel behind Covid origins and cover-up:” / Twitter

Ralph Nader on Twitter: “Read Nicholas Wade’s deliberative pamphlet “Where Covid Came From” -R” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Information warfare against the American people is not new. “The entire Vietnam war was sold to us by Agency disinformation operations.” – CIA officer Ralph McGehee.” / Twitter

The Researcher on Twitter: “The Club of 300 rabbit hole. This book was found in Bin Laden’s compound when the US raided it & killed him. The Club of 300 is the group that apparently runs the world so let’s take a look. I may tweet findings separately but this will eventually be the home for all threads.” / Twitter

The Researcher on Twitter: “The folks helping the J6 political prisoners need to learn from the left. Action is what it will take to get anything done.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”There is more democracy today in Mexico than there is in the United States. It is because, here, the people govern; there, the oligarchy govern.” Mexico’s President AMLO responds to US State Department criticisms this week.” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “I had fun talking to @SabbySabs2. We discussed the need to deemphasize electoral politics, why congressional “progressives” are a waste, how to organize against war, and more. Enjoy!” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Israeli police assault protesters against the far-right policies of Benjamin Netanyahu’s settler cabinet.” / Twitter

the next Libya MintPress News on Twitter: “Iran suggests a joint bank with African nations that would promote trade in local currencies and enhance cooperation. Iranian VP for Economic Affairs Mohsen Rezaei announced the idea on Monday at a conference on scientific and economic cooperation between Iran and West Africa.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “When we win & are able to build a new world, the history of this horror in Ukraine with the slaughter that occurred as a result of U.S. & Western policies, will be seen for the obscenity that it is.” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW – A surveillance system backed by top Mossad, CIA and FBI officials is being installed in schools, houses of worship and other civilian locations throughout the country, much of it thanks to the recent donation of an “anonymous philanthropist.”” / Twitter

the woman who fixed that primary for Hillary slanders report MintPress News on Twitter: “DNC Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz attempts to discredit Matt Taibbi and the #TwitterFiles under the accusation that he made money from the project. Tabbi’s response: “I think it’s probably a wash, honestly.”” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “@SamSacks In claiming that DWS “bodied” Taibbi, you failed to add his response, where he explains the context for that quote (Sy Hersh talking about the CIA) and explaining that the Twitter Files are clearly in the public interest. Do you think they’re not?” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “A joy to behold. Jeffrey Sachs shreds BBC propaganda.” / Twitter

The Bio-Security Cabal: A 20-Year Entrenchment – Activist Post

the controlled burn story makes no sense Senate Dems Elevate Farmers’ Calls for Relief From Toxic Train Derailment (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”Will you make that commitment right now, to guarantee sick days to all of your workers?” “You talked about covering the needs of the people of #EastPalestine. Does that include paying for their healthcare needs?” @BernieSanders grills Norfolk Southern.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Eyepatch McCain calls for an armed US intervention in Mexico” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Matt Taibbi also slammed PayPal and its US intel puppeteers for banning media organizations and journalists and seizing their funds without due process or any explanation. @Consortiumnews, @MintPressNews and antiwar journalist @wyattreed13 are among many banned by PayPal.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “The Grayzone’s livestream exposing pro-war journalist Paul Mason as a UK security state collaborator was removed by Youtube – which is owned by the military-intelligence contractor Google – on the grounds of “targeted harassment.” The Censorship Industrial Complex at work.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “”This region is full of resources and I worry about the malign activity of our adversaries.” SOUTHCOM General Laura Richardson and members of the House Armed Services Committee discuss the US campaign to control Latin American lithium on Wednesday.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “German Retired Major General Harald Kujat says the US sabotaged peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine has no path to “victory” as defined by Zelensky, and the Western public is being lied to by fake experts and the media″ / Twitter

LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Join TLAV March 20th 12pm-5pm EST for a special fundraising event. The entire team will be there throughout the day for questions, discussions & a little bit of fun & some special guests (DM to be a guest) See you there! #TheLastAmericanVagabond” / Twitter

Kit Klarenberg on Twitter: “I’m sure it’s just a giant, spooky coincidence that all the groups at the forefront of the unrest in Georgia receive National Endowment for Democracy funding. This upsurge of righteous anger about organisations having to disclose their foreign funding is totally organic.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““Did all of these doctors really think it could all be covered up? When I said ‘fraud’ on the Senate record (National Archives) in 2020 I had no idea the extent would be this deep and nefarious. ” – Dr. Peter McCullough” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “I’m sure #BigPharma has meds for that.” / Twitter

they say it’s classy and woke Slowly But Steadily, the Executive Branch is Bringing Back Widespread Drone Warfare – Activist Post

URGENT: HPV Mandate for Students Coming to California! • Children’s Health Defense (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Journalist @mtaibbi spoke up repeatedly in Congress against US intel working through NGO cutouts to censor the LatAm socialist channel @telesurenglish, Bob Parry’s @Consortiumnews, and @truthout As he emphasized, this issue pertains to both left & right” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The Disappearing of Julian Assange: Death To A Story Part two of my ongoing art series on the way that Assange’s image is being deliberately erased from the public’s consciousness.” / Twitter

Countless Americans Plunge Into Despair As Hunger Spreads Like Wildfire All Across America – Activist Post

Fuckin’ Alone – YouTube

The Regency – YouTube

Only the Lonely – YouTube


Iggy says “Fuck The Regency”. 

‘Same way Ellen, Fallon, Kimmel, Maher and Colbert were all deployed to help Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone rehabilitate the public images of Obama, Condoleeza Rice, W Bush and the Cheneys, now a grizzly bearded Letterman is being trotted out post retirement to be a Dr. Phil pitchman to the aging Late Night watchers fro his 80’s heydays, throwing softball bootlicking simp questions to empire narrative managers, Bono, Obama, and Zelensky. Kindof gross and sickening once you recognize how they do it. Sean Penn sold out to the bankers and weapon manufacturers, too, it’s sad as hell, really. I loved U2 as a kid so much, used to sing their songs so loud in my purple apartment, the grumpty guitarist from down the hall would come bangin’ at my door, but fell off hard once they drifted into whitewashing Nato warpig agendas, unscrupulous Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan overthrowing central bankers, and CFR/WEF/NWO agendas. I think the last songs I really remember liking by them were from the “Summer Rain” and “Stuck In A Moment” era. I’d never say they weren’t good performers or songwriters, only that it’s an obscenity to help sell globalist mass murder agendas under cover of being Martin Luther King Jr. poetry Christians. They know Obama aint nothing like King, he was never MLK’s dream come true-only Cheney and Kissinger’s-they U2 millionaires know Bush/Cheney and the Clintons are criminals, gangsters of capitalism, but still they got in bed with ’em and Gates and Kissinger and Bezos and Klaus. No thanks. As Bowie said, “this aint rocknroll, this is genocide”, so I won’t be part of the pig-media U2 revival, no matter how many smirking rich Howard Stern types insist it’s just wholesome and okeydokey to support the monsters of war, or that it’s cool to be a sellout fraud for money, money, money, money. I am heartened to see the Cure is coming back though, I still can’t believe Reeves Gabbrels from The Atom Said and Tin Machine is the band now. Good choice, actually, as he is a very good guitar player. I met him many times with his tiny Boston indie band in my early 20’s. A more experienced gardener has said I planted my seeds in the ground too early, but you know it’s my first time really trying to grow flowers in the desert, as the song goes. I’m a dreamer. KISS, Motley Crue, Guns N Roses and all the fake bullshit that Rolling Stone and Spin pimp for the monopolies hold little interest to me, I’m still wishing somebody new would come along who can write real songs with real heart and not just more assemblyline muppet with producers and song doctors pulling ther strings from behind the scenes. I still care about real rocknroll although as damaged as I’ve become from being browbeaten these past 25 years by the same bullshit n lies for power media juggernauts you have, I find it harder to write my own songs from a fresh perspective and not that many people I know are even into muisc at all anymore, not like they are into Amazon products or pro war media propaganda brainwashing, it’s kinda been wiped out by the unboxers and influencers and youtubers and gotime selfie takers and virtue signaling, safespace conditioned, identity politricks, shitlib Kopmala worshippers. My sincere endeavor is to jump off the internet column social commentary habit and dive deeper into the collaborating on music with people eye to eye sooner than later, but it is hard in the antisocial age they’ve manufactured to really get the timing right so I can convene with collaborators in real time without triggering any homeschooled family members. Bono is probably the worst sellout ever, you can’t call Obama a sellout cause he was never a real community orgnizer or constitutional scholar to begin with, he was always a marketing tool, a frontman with no real love for freedom or human rights, a Cheney rebrand Nike Swoosh Kissinger product.

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “.@GeorgeMonbiot — left-puncher against Corbyn/Assange; apologist for the NATO proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine — declares that Russell Brand, Glenn Greenwald, and also the legendary Pilger, Fisk (RIP), and Hersh have all changed for the worse, not him.” / Twitter

“How much of a clearer admission could he provide that he is part of the security establishment?” (Gordon Cook on George Monbiot but it could just as easily describe Bono, Maddow, Letterman, Ellen, etc.)

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Only certain nations have the right to territorial integrity and Syria ain’t one of them. And who determines that? International law? Of course not – the United States of America operating outside of the law. And what do you call someone who acts outside the law? An outlaw!” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Its not working U.S. The misinformation campaign pretending some group of Ukrainians had the technical ability & capacity to blow up Nord Stream is being seen as a desperate & clumsy attempt to deflect attention away from the U.S. No one is buying it.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The U.S. Congress reminded all of the colonial relationship of the residents of D.C. to the settler colonial state. From D.C. to Cali, the role of the police as the frontline for protecting the state will be highlighted tomorrow with the day of action against police terror.” / Twitter

Jeffery Denton on Twitter: “@ajamubaraka 🙄” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Finally. It has been an obscene spectacle watching how this actor has been used to normalize war & criminalize calls for negotiations & peace.” / Twitter

End Perpetual War-fascism is bad, m’kay? on Twitter: “@ajamubaraka @SouthernGal918 The dude is visibly more coked out than Don Jr and everyone just pretends the emperor has clothes on” / Twitter


Motorcycle Boy with Cherie Gillette VTS 01 1 – YouTube

The Fishfaces – Wide Awake (1992-93) – YouTube

The Fishfaces – Live at Cafe Nouveau, Helsinki 1992. – YouTube

Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes and his cavity-inducing, bubblegum-colored totally 80s wedding | Dangerous Minds

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Session guitar legend Eddie Martinez shares the studio secrets behind classic records from Run-D.M.C., Mick Jagger, Robert Palmer and David Lee Roth (

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WIGSTOCK 1987 Tom Rubnitz COMPLETE FILM (NOT the 1995 film) – YouTube

Mother Love Bone: the story of Apple, one of rock’s great debut albums | Louder (

Forty years of New Order’s Blue Monday: who inspired it and who it inspired | New Order | The Guardian

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 or on discogs at

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Status Coup News on Twitter: “LIVE Stop Cop City March in NYC” / Twitter




We Got A Right | The Golden Rat | Vicious Kitten (


“This is your daily reminder that the US foreign policy establishment would gladly burn the world to the ground to maintain hegemony and pad the profits of Wall Street at your expense.

They’re doing it now.” (-Danny Haiphong)

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Big thanks to @TheGrayzoneNews for sending @loffredojeremy to East Palestine.” / Twitter & on Twitter: “CIA Secretly ‘Hunting’ #Assange #Activists, Bombshell Report Suggests, by @wyattreed13 Um.” / Twitter

‘You’ll Be Hearing From Me as Long as I’m Here,’ Daniel Ellsberg Vows After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis (

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Check it out. @kgosztola has been covering the Assange case from the beginning. You’re gonna wanna read this. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Conflicts of Interest on Twitter: “New Show!! The White House Fuels the Ukrainian ‘Meat Grinder’: COI #391 CoHost: Connor Freeman @FreemansMind96 @KyleAnzalone_ @TheWillPorter @scotthortonshow @patmacfarlane_ @DecampDave @KelleyBVlahos @Kelleyswords @SarcasmStardust @KyleMatovcik” / Twitter

Find transportation near you: March 18 national anti-war protest in D.C. – ANSWER Coalition

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Christian Parenti: “If leftists…have an interest in democratic political agitation unmolested by secret police, they should not dismiss the undeniable fact of the FBI using counterintelligence tactics against far-right groups and MAGA supporters”” / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “I am LIVE TODAY (3.3) at 1PM eastern/10AM Pacific with Ray McGovern! We will discuss his testimony at the UNSC on the Nord Stream attack and his reactions to the latest rumors that China is preparing to send weapons to Russia. Watch the stream here:” / Twitter

Chris Hedges and Maximillian Alvarez: Workers are Essential, Capitalists are Not – Dandelion Salad (

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Whitney Webb Exposes Scary Truths About WHO’s New Chief Scientist – YouTube

Sinister Agency Created To Do CIA’s Dirty Work in Public Has Just Named New Leaders | CovertAction Magazine

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Kim Iversen: Inside The SECRET Bilderberg Meetings Between Spies, War Hawks And World Leaders – YouTube

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“The Attack on Food Symposium” this Saturday, March 4 (

Activist Erin Brockovich speaks on train derailment in East Palestine | Full Interview – YouTube

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Neocon People of Color: House Reps Ro Khanna and Tony Gonzales Instigate War With China – YouTube

Black Cops Are Worse Than White Cops – YouTube

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “As predicted independent Black media continues to be targeted by the state & corporate interests.” / Twitter


Crisis in Peru: Everything You Need To Know, with Eliana Carlin (

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “This is what makes Zelensky such a criminal. The historic record of the U.S. sacrificing whole peoples and nations for its own narrow interests was clear. Yet he turned his people over to the U.S. as cannon fodder” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “In this video, I was joined by @RadDesai to discuss imperialism, the failure of neoliberalism, and the economic motives driving Washington’s new cold war against China and Russia:” / Twitter


Man you know me and my new wave pal Jaysin just loved Suicide so much, we thought for sure between my lyrics and his good looks, there had to be away for us to make it big in show business playing electrotrash, for years he eschewed ANYTHING with guitars, but then he could not resist Depeche Mode and New Order’s guitar based stuff. He’s dead, I love him, always have, always will, one of the many dearly beloveds who’ve gone on to the afterhours new wave bar in the sky, ya know when New Model Army sings about the dark bars and how we’d gather in the corners like a coven of witches, it makes me smile cause in my damaged old head, that’s me and the lost boys over there on a Sunday night in Indiana, smoking cigarettes and scowling at our rivals and wearing all the things that nobody wears. I met some older goths my senior year and they already had a little 4 track drum machine death rock three piece band, already had a singer, too-so I had to wait like a year for the keyboardist in the long coat to go away to state college to learn about etiquette from imperialist narrative managers, and their gloomy singer briefly agreed to play drums for me and the guitarist and one of his other friends in a new group, but he soon realized he would not be the only koal eyed leather jacketed super starlet in his age group anymore if I was elevated to any visibility, so he got real glum and whenever he would leave the nightly malt liquor party where we toyed with their archaic drum machine on the cement floor of the guitarists absolute shithole basement apartment, he’d say good night with some kinda morbid sendoff like, “See ya tomorrow….if I’m alive!” So we kinda knew we better continue the search for another drummer and that just seemingly goes on forever if you are an underground punknroll motherfucker like me, there’s never enough drummers, so ya know they only wanna play for like big name established headliners, get the dough. So now I am in a lonesome freezing graveyard town and there aint no real drummers to be found, I spend my warmer days out in the glam cave toying with the tape recorder and the prerecorded drum machine patterns of the thrift store keyboard we got a few years ago. Suicide were so cool, so inventive, fearless, and heartfelt and aggressively theatrical influencing everybody from Basquiat and Billy Idol to Sparks and Pet Shop Boys and Sputnik and me and you.They are one of those real special bands that never got enough recognition or money in their time, but not everybody is just motivated by the dangly carrot of fame and fortune, thankfully. You know that Morrissey lyric about, “the days when you were hoplessly poor, I just liked you more…” ? That’s how I feel about the people I used to know, they were cooler before the rich people found out they were cool, and told them they were cool, so now they are kinda hung up on always hearing that same shit crackling outta the loudspeaker at the gentrification camp about how cool they are and how wonderfully prestiegious it is to be elitists of cool. A taste o tinsel has killed or ruined many good people. All the Frankies time forgot. I’m definitely as corruptible as the rest-there were five or six years in my late teens and early twenties when I went struttin’ around the Lower East Side, feeling just imminent, in my patchwork leather jacket, thinking I was Rob Tyner, 5000! I have to go meet with a bureaucrat today and you know the clipboards with the office jobs have always, always, always hated my guts cause they just have that sneaking suspicion that somehow I’m the ringleader of some kinda forbidden shenanigans that should somehow be thwarted or severely frowned upon, it’s like that old quote about puritanism, that fanatical fear that somebody somewhere got away with some fun once, even though in my case, all that was a long long time ago. Fuckers I aint seen for thirty years still mad cause they imagine I’m somewhere in a hot tub drinking with girls. I got a song about it-it’s called “Drinking With Girls”!

Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne – YouTube

SUICIDE – Dream Baby Dream – YouTube

Suicide – Rocket USA (Official Audio) – YouTube

Suicide – Keep Your Dreams – YouTube

Suicide – Che (1977) – YouTube

Suicide – Cheree (Official Audio) – YouTube


Okay so I found a couple of eccentric hermit desert rats and now I gotta find a time when it won’t bum anybody out for me to convene with them to commence our special bonfire jam, edge of town torch and twang cowpunk get-down. I got new songs simmering so I’m happy I found a local who seems to possess some know how when it comes to heavy reggae dub echo and recording shit on these newfangled handheld gadget surveillance grid devices. One encouraging bit is that the wildhaired guitar player has already heard of Peter Laughner and the MC5 and Townes Van Zandt and the Deviants so I don’t really gotta make him tapes or send him home with any rare old vinyl to study, he already knows where it’s at. Mick Farren was a sixties action shaker and novelist and vovalist who wrote songs for Motorhead and wayne Kramer and shit. All my old hippie record collector acidhead pals were really ginned up about Pink Fairies, Deviants, Rationals, MC5 and of course, Hawkwind back in the day when I finally got my first record store job, my old garagre punk guru Dave A, he got us new wave kids wise to Captain Beefheart and the Standells, shit like that. Seeds. Blue Cheer. He loved to drop acid, I’d have to put a blanket on him sometimes when he’d go streaking around in the bank parking lot behind the Roxy, where we lived upstairs in my first purple apartment. They burned that place to the ground, my guitarist’s old apartment, too, my bandhouse in between the Christian bookstore and car dealership, and the goth chick from California who used to sneak me into her parent’s basement when it snowed, they tore that one down too. Just like Chrissie Hynde laments, all my favorite places are gone now. That record store became a guitar shop like twenty years ago and all my friends from back there have died. Mick Farren was a member of the UK chapter of the White Panthers and never stopped rockin’ or fighting against The Man, he died onstage of a heart attack at a Deviants performance at the age of 69. He collaborated with everybody-member’s of John’s Children, Dr. Feelgood, the Pretenders, on and on. Mick Farren’s one of the underground trailblazers I try to teach my kids about, but you know how it is, they are more interested in their own generation’s swing. A couple guys I had my bands with like old revolution rock, but others got married and became tv watchers and shit. What can ya do? Light a bonfire, write a poem, grow a garden, boycott the masters of the universe warpig propaganda. Look up. Oh yeah, Mick Farren wrote a book called “Scerets Of The CIA”, you should look for it if you are part of the truth and freedom community.

I Want a Drink – YouTube

Trouble Coming Every Day – YouTube

MICK FARREN’S TIJUANA BIBLE Memphis Psychosis – YouTube

Mick Farren – Mona, The Carnivorous Circus (1970) Full Album – YouTube

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Keep It Together! Mick Farren and The Deviants, LIVE, Hyde Park, 1969 | Dangerous Minds

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MICK FARREN and some of the Pink Fairies + guests – YouTube

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The Social Deviants Live part 1 Hyde Park 1969 Converted – YouTube

Mick Farren – People Call You Crazy – YouTube

Mick Farren – I Don’t Want To Go This Way – YouTube

Mick Farren – Broken Statue – YouTube

WAYNE KRAMER’S DEATH TONGUE – Spike Heels / Take Your Clothes Off – YouTube


We’re Losing Our Anti-War Heroes Right When We Need Them Most – Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “You’re a beautiful and courageous soul who has lived a beautiful and courageous life. May your remaining days be your best and brightest.” / Twitter

John Pilger on Twitter: “My film, ‘The Coming War on China’, becomes more urgent every day as an unhinged United States seems determined to test our nuclear fears. There are two links below. The second allows you to view ‘The Coming War …’ Then beware.” / Twitter

The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Maximillian Alvarez (

Protest March 18-19: Peace in Ukraine – Say NO to Endless U.S. Wars – ANSWER Coalition

Jon Rappoport on Twitter: “”‘Under the… carrier obligation, the fed gov requires railroads to transport hazmat [for example, Toxic Inhalation Hazard (TIH) chemicals], whether they want to or not. Trucks and barges do not have this same obligation and may…” / Twitter

Cory Morningstar on Twitter: “”The Participants intend to share experiences, methods & learnings on various topics[] including… #Weaving in diverse cultures, including #Indigenous Peoples.” COP27: “It allows us to quantify & monetize cultural habitat…”” / Twitter

alex gutentag on Twitter: “Suicide is now the 2nd leading cause of death for adolescents and is at the highest level ever for 10-14 year olds. Covid policies have had profound long-term ramifications for kids. We need to be honest about who is responsible. My latest for @tabletmag” / Twitter

Erin Brockovich in East Palestine: ‘Something is not right here’ – YouTube

Michael Malice Brings Anarchy To The Jimmy Dore Show – YouTube

Dr. Strangelove is No Longer Satire | CovertAction Magazine

UN Supervillains Threaten to Dim the Sun – “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato – Activist Post

The Belmarsh Tribunal For Julian Assange: March 4 – Activist Post

“I know everyone’s different and maybe I’m a bit myopic — but especially with the claimed entrance of China into the war, it’s hard to imagine focusing on anything else right now. The people in power are essentially signaling that World War III is imminent. It’s sheer insanity.” (-Michael Tracey)


Eva Karene Bartlett on Twitter: “A must-listen clip from @VanessaBeeley on the many Western-manufactured hardships Syrians face after a decade+ of the West’s illegal war on Syria, theft of Syrian resources & now the consequences of today’s tragic earthquakes.” / Twitter

Comrade Heather 🇮🇪☭🇵🇸☭🇮🇪 on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Cory Morningstar on Twitter: “The realization that such an image is now collectively processed/understood as an impressive example of “#sustainability”, amongst many who consider themselves ecologically aware, or even “left”, is both terrifying & revealing at once. #Conditioning The erasure of nature.” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone: Media Muzzling Anti-War Protests (

On False Hopes and Broken Promises: Behind the Scenes of the UN Statement on Palestine (

FDA Denied Neuralink Brain Implant Trials in Humans due to Concerns about Batteries, Wires, Removal of Device, etc. – Activist Post

Join the Veterans’ and GIs contingent on March 18! – ANSWER Coalition

PEOPLE JUST KEEP DROPPIN’. Mysteriously, Suddenly, No One Can Imagine Why. Just How it is now. Birds fall from the sky, dead fish, but it’s all okeydokey and wokey wokey.

Jon Rappoport on Twitter: “New Free Podcast: THE OHIO TRAIN DISASTER, Part 1 I’ve dug up many vital facts and I’ll lay them out for you” / Twitter

30% More Young People Now DYING Of Heart Attacks – New Study – YouTube

Jimmy Dore: A Tiny Cabal Of People Have Control Of Our Government, And They Are Using It To Do War For Profit | Video | RealClearPolitics

High Court Declines Arkansas Case on Boycotting Israel (

Pulp Bassist Steve Mackey Dead at 56 – Rolling Stone

Three Years Late, the Lancet Recognizes Natural Immunity – WSJ

Jon Rappoport on Twitter: “Ohio train disaster: the blame game takes a VERY strange twist” / Twitter

Jon Rappoport on Twitter: “.@YourLibertyNews: “ANOTHER Disaster in Northeast Ohio: Several Explosions Hit Cleveland Warehouse — 50 Firefighters Respond” The region was hit Wednesday with its third major industrial disaster since the train derailment in East Palestine on Feb 3” / Twitter

Winter Oak on Twitter: ““What is never discussed in regard to the so-called ‘clean energy revolution’ is that its existence is wholly dependent on ‘green’ imperialism – the latter term being synonymous with blood” – Cory Morningstar” / Twitter

Cory Morningstar on Twitter: “Nature4Climate: a coalition of 20 orgs including #WWF (bears responsibility for murder, rape & torture of Indigenous peoples) & We Mean Business, co-founded by The Climate Group. Key person Callum Grieve, marketing expert, behind Greta machine from day 1.” / Twitter this Klaus puppet never talks about jetset billionaires or foolish wara for empire causing most of the destruction, what about all the chemical burns and spills in Ohio, etc.? Not a peep, cause she’s a marketing tool, a hoax like AOC.

Cory Morningstar on Twitter: “This is called digging your own grave. #COP15 is the corporate coup of the commons. Along w/ commodifying nature, cultural & human capital (new asset classes) the deal promises further genocide & displacement. Those that destroyed the natural world – now the stewards of nature.” / Twitter

Cory Morningstar on Twitter: “”A plan for the planet” “The Global Commons Alliance is an unprecedented partnership of more than 60 of the worlds [] organisations… Our goal is to create the most powerful network to scale science-based action…” #Nature4Sale #TheyMeanBusiness 👇” / Twitteranother faux woke hoax gonna end up killin’ folks, folk off fakes. 

Cory Morningstar on Twitter: “#COP15 “historic deal” – for bankers, corporations & ruling classes. @nodealfornature: “Any reference to respecting rights is absolutely meaningless. Just look to Tanzania where the rights of the Maasai are violated on a daily basis.” #EmergingMarkets / #SDGs #Capitalism 👇” / Twitter unplug from the matrix, they gonna market you into an early grave with their puppet celebs and lies for the rich. 


Stanford University Bans Long List Of “Harmful” Words – YouTube


If you like Gun House Hill/Rev. Paul S. Cunningham, Rock City Angels, Lazy Cowgirls, Cranford Nix Jr., Supersuckers, or my torchier cowpunk stuff with the Original Suffering Bastards, you’re probably gonna love Tyler Keith. Phil Overeem and the Sleazegrinder have both been singing his praises for years. Just watch him get down.

Tyler Keith and the Apostles – “Shadow of a Cross” at Music in the Hall – YouTube

Tyler Keith: Mississippi Creates – YouTube

Tyler Keith “The Last Drag” from the album THE LAST DRAG available on Black and Wyatt Records – YouTube

Tyler Keith “You Can’t Go Home Again” – YouTube

Tyler Keith & the Apostles: “Crack Whore Blues” – YouTube

Tyler Keith & the Apostles: “Ghost Writer” – YouTube

March 16, 2014: Tyler Keith and the Apostles – “Desperate Measures” – YouTube


Abraham Márquez on Twitter: “Here is a list of political prisoners in the US from journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal from Black Panther Party, Leonard Peltier from the American Indian Movement, Chicano activist Alvaro L. Hernandez, Venezuela diplomat Alex Saab and many more. @GeopoliticaEcon” / Twitter

2/23/23 Andrew Cockburn: How the Media Failed Julian Assange – The Scott Horton Show

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “” / Twitter

SAD AF! THE HITS KEEP COMIN’…Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Dan Ellsberg, an absolute legend of a man, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has, at best 6 months to live. While this is, no doubt, incredibly sad news, what a life. All my love to him and his family in this time.” / Twitter

“We’re Dying Slowly”: East Palestine Residents Report Bizarre Health Issues After Toxic Train Derailment – Activist Post

Caitlin Johnstone: The Historic Urgency for an Anti-War Movement (

Daniel Ellsberg’s Not Yet Goodbye (

“Dear Fellow Americans

Our Gov’t lied us into the Iraq War and killed a million people, they just lied to us for 20 years about what was really happening in Afghanistan.

If you let them make you believe Putin went into Ukraine for no reason and Ukraine is winning you’re just dumb. Zelensky talks to Americans like we borrowed money from him. I’m tired of this. Zelensky made a choice to listen to the West, ignore the Minsk agreement and to stall so Ukraine could prepare their military. Well you got the war you wanted, stop begging Americans for money, and to our politicians stop stealing our money for your proxy war. The non stop weapons commercial called the Ukraine War helped Lockheed Martin break records for HIMARS sales. If you pay attention it is our Gov’t constantly telling us that we support giving weapons to Ukraine, not the other way around…I’ve been telling everybody for years now The owners of the United States would rather destroy the World than lose their control of it. You see what I mean now? The U.S. is watching their control of the World slip away and the 2 countries they see as their main competitors are Russia and China Our rulers hatred of those 2 Powers has nothing to do with democracy, freedom, or human rights It’s about America remaining ruler of the Planet. Western White hegemony is coming to an end and the U.S. which is the leader is in a panic This won’t be the last proxy war they start so get ready for more unnecessary death and destruction. The Squad and Bernie had a choice and in spite of the millions we gave and faith we put in them, they chose the Dems. Get over it, face reality and move on. The reason why American citizens will always lose is that MSNBC and Fox viewers, and loyal Dem and GOP voters totally despise each other, while Pelosi and McConnell are really friends…Please stop with the Dem vs GOP world they’ve created for us Again They don’t hate each other, they’re job is to make us hate each other. The Biden Administration blew up their allies pipeline. The Black community needs to figure out that neither one of the Parties is trying to help us GOP can just come out and say they’re not doing it, Dems have the added step of having to find an excuse for why they can’t, because we vote for them. We have to learn to work together. Step 1 to unplug from the Matrix

Realize that the United States is not a democracy. The rulers ability to purchase our Gov’t and media have given them the ability to make us hate whoever is a threat to their wealth, power and control

To make sure it’s clear.

Not a threat to us, but a threat to them.” (-Black In The Empire)

“John Bolton, who’s apparently convinced himself that people want him to run for president, says the Ukraine war is a “global war” and China/Russia are the new “Axis” powers. Very reassuring, thanks. If you were one of the core figures in government agitating for the “unprovoked” US war in Libya, and then it turned out the way it did, you’d think the *bare minimum* you might do afterwards is not agitate for additional wars. But you’d need to have at least a bit of shame. The same people we were assured would responsibly calibrate their giant arms-funneling operation to avoid undue risk and/or expanding the conflict now turn around and warn it’s about to become an epochal confrontation between the US and China” (-Michael Tracey on the usual suspect ghouls of death the pig media trots out on behalf of the weapons maker shareholders, horrible shameless warpigs put us all at risk of annhilation, but yeah I know you got that backstage pass and Tibetan prayer flag)

Syrian Red Crescent on Twitter: “Eng. Khaled Hboubati, President of the @SYRedCrescent, appeal for the lifting of the economic embargo on #Syria to avert its catastrophic consequences More 👇🏽 #syriaearthquake #earthquake #Lattakia #Aleppo #Tartous #Hama” / Twitter

Nathan J Robinson on Twitter: “Mike Pompeo’s new memoir acknowledges openly that the U.S. attempted to force regime change in Venezuela because it “violated the Monroe Doctrine” (i.e. we own Latin America), and even considered “the military option.”” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “US Ambassador To China: “We’re The Leader” Of The Indo-Pacific The way US empire managers talk about “leading” ostensibly sovereign states with ostensibly independent governments shows you they really do think they own the world.″ / Twitter

The Military-Industrial Complex and American Fascism – Original

Comrade Heather 🇮🇪☭🇵🇸☭🇮🇪 on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Erin Brockovich on Twitter: “I’ll be hosting a town hall meeting in #EastPalestine this Fri., Feb. 24 at 6 pm to work with victims of this toxic train derailment so they can get justice, know their legal rights & so we can hold the railroad accountable. Please join me & sign up here:” / Twitter

Jon Rappoport on Twitter: “FLASHBACK: Selling Fear—the “Epidemic Experts” weigh in. “But…but…this time it’s different. This one — #Coronavirus — is different…” “Yes, well…West Nile, SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, Zika, MERS… were not.”” / Twitter

SILENT SPRING: Eric Coppolino and Carol van Strum Emerge as Dioxin Historians: Now we understand how bad the derailment and explosion in East Palestine Was (


Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “How ironic. After CODEPINK protested at congressional hearing on China, the witness bragged that unlike in China, people in US have the right to free speech. Here’s what happened when @oliviadinucci exercised her right to free speech and called for peace with China.” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “CODEPINK activist @oliviadinucci at Congressional Committee on the Chinese Communist Party explains why she interrupted the committee with a call for peace.” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “BREAKING: At hate-filling Congressional hearing on China, CODEPINK activist @oliviadinucci gets arrested for calling for peace with China, saying #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy” / Twitter

One Year of Ukraine War: The World Demands Peace + Vijay Prashad: How Far Will it Go? – Dandelion Salad (

Jon Rappoport on Twitter: “THE OHIO TRAIN DISASTER, Podcast Part 2 Eerie Similarities to the film “White Noise”” / Twitter

“You Already Own Nothing, You Just Don’t Know It Yet.” (-John Dissed)

Gaslighting: “Conspiracy Theories” Already Proven True in 2023 – Activist Post

Bernie Sanders Vows to Tackle Drug Prices — RFK, Jr. Says Sanders ‘Shouldn’t Stop There’ • Children’s Health Defense (


In some other overcaffeinated column here I confess to ultimately chickening out way back when I wanted to get to know Aimee Mann and she seemed totally receptive, I think it was on Thursday nights when I used to see her at the crowded bar in the banking disctrict back in Boston, but I became shy around her, I think I was partly distrustful of the much older local music biz hustler who was repeatedly goading me to approach her, something in me just intuited he was having fun at my expense, insisting she was flirting with me, I’m ultimately glad and grateful I listened to my own little instincts and did not hassle her at her table like so many, many foolish fratboys, but always loved her songwriting so much. My fifteen year old kid’s been playing this song everyday lately and I slowly realized whose voice I’m being dreamily hypnotized by. It is so beautiful. Gorgeous. Love her!

Jim White – Static on the Radio (feat. Aimee Mann) | El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie OST – YouTube


Imagine if publishers had tried to piss test purity-check the Beats, make sure none of ’em ever drank or drugged or slept around, or did anything “problematic” or “offensive” or “objectionable” in the eyes of p.c. rich kids who insisted that everyone be microchipped and obediant and willing to vote for warpigs and torturers based on gender or tokenist hue before they were allowed any kind of popular platform or media access? Where would their gentrification saints all be? All those richkids in the Johnny Thunders coverbands do drugs. Reds, blues, rich or poor. Most of Murkkka is strungout on one substance or another, of course their preferences vary. Lot of ’em pray to Pig Pharma, or legal for white people in rich zipcodes corporate-reefer.  Are you a winebox mom, or a double secret undercover pill gobbler? Most Murkkkans are more comfortable with lyin’ass liars than they are with objectonable truth tellers who maybe drink some, or otherwise self medicate, but don’t try to hide and lie about it like all the compliant, culty script reciters. They just stick with the winners, right? Congregate daily in the exclusive safespace VIP rooms. It’s all about staying with other haves in their eco-nomic chambers repeating reassuring optimism slogans about how Biden’s improving the echonomy, shit he said in the bullshit state of the union. Makes me wanna drink.






Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Nick Brana – #PeoplesParty on Twitter: “HUGE #Dore24 update: right before the #RageAgainstWar rally @jimmy_dore told me that he’s going to run for President of the United States! “People are ready and desperate for an honest un-bought candidate that unites the working class and people that span the entire left right…” / Twitter

Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Headlines like this really underline who corporate media is written for.” / Twitter

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh joined BT’S @RaniaKhalek on Dispatches to discuss his latest bombshell report that the Biden administration destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline. PREMIERING at 11am ET! WATCH here:” / Twitter


Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “And when I say “have died” I mean “were killed by Western forces.” Source for 2.4 million is this 2018 study:” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Thank you @davidsirota for joining me on my podcast to discuss the “flagrant, in-your-face corruption” that led to the East Palestine train disaster.” / Twitter


Alan MacLeod on Twitter: “Lmao, I thought this was from The Onion.” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “More than a decade after BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster—largest marine oil spill in history—cleanup workers are still reporting cases of respiratory illnesses, skin disorders, dizziness + other medical issues caused by the spill.” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “The Original Sin of the “Anti-Disinformation” Movement, by @mtaibbi” / Twitter

In memory of those who “died suddenly” in the United States, February 20- February 27, 2023 (

Scott Horton on Twitter: “30th Anniversary of the FBI’s Biggest ‘Bomb’ by @JimBovard March 1, 2023” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “For years corporate media outlets absurdly accused Cuba, China, and Russia of attacking US spies/diplomats with sci-fi “pulsed microwave weapons” A leading medical expert explains that so-called “Havana Syndrome” was caused by mass hysteria, not ray guns:” / Twitter

John Perry on Twitter: “Blinken shakes hands with mass murderer Medardo Mairena (left photo), who organised attacks on police stations in 2018, including one where five people died. He’s now in the US, one of 222 prisoners released by Nicaragua with Washington’s agreement. @SecBlinken” / Twitter

Matt Taibbi on Twitter: “1.THREAD: Twitter Files #15 MOVE OVER, JAYSON BLAIR: TWITTER FILES EXPOSE NEXT GREAT MEDIA FRAUD” / Twitter media propaganda and censorship makes us all less safe

Manolo De Los Santos on Twitter: “The “Havana Syndrome” was always a terrible excuse for worsening relations with Cuba. “After a years-long assessment, five U.S. intelligence agencies conclude it is ‘very unlikely’ an enemy wielding a secret weapon was behind the mysterious ailment”” / Twitter

Quds News Network on Twitter: “Watch: Israeli settlers carry out vandalism attacks in the occupied West Bank town of Huwwara, this evening. They set at least 20 Palestinian-owned houses, shops and vehicles on fire.” / Twitter on Twitter: “Washington’s blockade against Venezuela has wreaked inestimable damage to the economy, destroying thousands of lives. These deadly measures, imposed as “punishment” for defying the colonialist Monroe Doctrine, were designed to trigger regime change. A summary 👇🧵” / Twitter

When Will Bill GatesOfHell (

Something Strange is Happening in AMERICA – Activist Post

Jodie Evans on Twitter: “Tonight in a Senate hearing on China @oliviadinucci of @Codepink was behind General McMasters who is driving war on China; she called for peace and cooperation not war. For that she was arrested. #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy ✌️❤️” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Hey. You should contact some of these peeps and ask them to cover Assange. Will only take a second. #FreeAssange” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “It seems the only lives that matter in the West are white. Aren’t Palestinians human? Don’t they have rights?” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “This. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Dan Kovalik on Twitter: “RT @ricwe123: So apparently NBC journalist Keir Simmons has been placed on the Ukrainian government-linked Mirotvorets “kill list” for visi…” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “What’s New and News with Comrade Misty — Wednesday, March 1 on The Misty Winston Show: Jose Vega @JosBtrigga @TNTradio” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Six months ago CIA + FBI were censoring lab leak hypothesis via a special portal created for FBI by Twitter. And now …” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: ““The Lancet study’s vindication of natural immunity fits a pandemic pattern: The public-health clerisy rejects an argument that ostensibly threatens its authority; eventually it’s forced to soften its position in the face of incontrovertible evidence; and…” / Twitter

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Great questions! “The American people deserve answers to fundamental questions about the pandemic. On what empirical basis were schools closed? Did public health decision-makers consider the harms of their policies as thoroughly as their putative benefits?…” / Twitter


CIA Spy Explains How the United States Betrayed Him | John Kiriakou – YouTube WATCH THIS!!!

Biden Continues US Torture Program – CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou – YouTube “HUMAN RIGHTS”, MY ASS!!!!

‘Not A Free Country’: Woody Harrelson Blasts Hollywood For Pushing ‘Forced Vaccination’ ( HID DAD WAS IN ON SOME GRUESOME SHIT-LOOK IT UP.

Ann Wright on Twitter: “DISRUPTION TO STOP MORE US WAR MONGERING! JUST LOOK AT UKRAINE! Chaos breaks out after anti-war protestors booted from House China Committee hearing #FoxNews” / Twitter

Lianys Torres Rivera on Twitter: “Cuba does not sponsor terrorism Cuba does not protect terrorists Cuba does not finance terrorism or terrorists Cuba did not promote terrorism in 2021, 2022, or any other year whatsoever! #CUBA IS A VICTIM OF STATE TERRORISM! PERIOD! #UnBlockCuba #LetCubaLive #HandfsOffCuba” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “They were never “political prisoners”; they’re rightwing coup plotters who got millions in US funding to try to violently overthrow Nicaragua’s Sandinista government They failed, so now they live in the US These photos just show US officials meeting with their foreign employees” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “No one is collecting more data on you than your own government. Period.” / Twitter

US Berates Georgia for Not Being Sufficiently Anti-Russian (

Palestinian killed as Israeli settlers rampage through West Bank in ‘revenge’ attacks | Middle East Eye

Rania Khalek on Twitter: “12-year-old roofers in Florida and Tennessee. Underage slaughterhouse workers in Delaware, Mississippi & North Carolina. Children sawing planks of wood on overnight shifts in South Dakota.” / Twitter

🎨☭ Artsy Marxist ☭🎨 on Twitter: ““Comrade Paul Robeson” 16x20x2” acrylics on handmade gallery canvas, 675$” / Twitter

Comrade Heather 🇮🇪☭🇵🇸☭🇮🇪 on Twitter: “” / Twitter


So it’s hard for a blind old bat like me to read in this dark place, esp. with the loud kid’s non stop youtube teenager media blare, so I wanna go outside and lounge in the sunny yard with my highly prized Bebe Buell book, but it’s still so windy that pieces of fence and debris come blowing at me everytime I step outside. Looks beautiful but the wind is like always so intense lately. Honestly I think it has something to do with the geoengineering. I might get to go to the only affordable second hand store in town later today but since we bought an electric blanket there yesterday, we might just have to hunker down in our rabbit hole while the beautiful wife does her weekly grocery trip that always leaves us both shookup in a state on high anxiety and mourning. Those fuckedup Walton billionaires and all their bipartisan governmental cronies are just upping the ante non stop in their tireless crusade the punish the poor. It’s rough out here with the crazy weather and superinflation, relentless war propaganda and rightwing ranchers always tellin’ us how “no one wants to work”, and how Biden is a socialist radical leftist double secret working for China, which is almost exactly what the mean ex liberals of the pinkhat Thank Obama left have spent the past ten years repeating about how Trump was double secret working for those tricky Russians! Of course, everybody on the Real Left easily recognizes both of these corrupt political parties are in the pockets of evil despot billionaires who were giving brazen Ted talks ten minutes ago about how they want to actively depopulate the planet, usher in a cashless society and chip people’s brains, but that sounds like nutty X Files shit to people who aint paying attention and just wanna Let You Know they are current with the Latest Thang.

I did manage to make it outdoors for about a half an hour and managed to read Beb’s chapter about Johnny Thunders and let me tell ya. it was absolutely a total heartbreaker! The Ric Ocasek chapter is even sadder! All my heroes are dead or incarcerated in Belmarsh. My kid got some hot sauces in the mail, so I hope he’ll let me sample some with my meal tonight! Sunset in the desert is supernatural. I take pictures of it most everynight. We call it the pink light. The Bebe book really BLASTS OFF, for me, at least, with the Stiv Bators and David Bowie chapters, she shares my appreciation for Prince and Tom Petty, I’m not gonna devulge anymore juicy details here, cause I love what Hozac Books and the descrptive Miss Buell have accomplished here with her new book. I urge you to get a copy if you love all the same kinda music and fashion and subversive underground rebels subcultures we antisocial glamarchists celebrate here among the Out Crowd.

“Rebel Soul”: An ‘80s Conversation with Bebe Buell | Totally 80s

Bebe Buell on Twitter: “Yes, I was in a cult film with my band The Gargoyles… a funny appearance for sure- I’d advise watching the whole thing but if you want to see me go to around 50:15 and the big bit starts at 55:45… Lobsteroids! 🦞 We save the day!” / Twitter

Bebe Buell on Twitter: “I’ll be signing books 📚 📖📕 at the Nashville @rocknpodexpo the weekend of March 18&19th! Come grab REBEL SOUL and I’ll personalize it for you! ✍🏻 @HoZacRecords” / Twitter

russ on Twitter: “Poison Ivy and Lux Interior with Sham 69, Rodney Bingenheimer, Bebe Buell, and Michelle Myers, 1979. Photo by Jenny Lens.” / Twitter

Bebe Buell recalls John Travolta’s secret audition to play Jim Morrison in ‘The Doors’: ‘He channeled him like nothing I’d ever seen’ (

Bebe Buell on Twitter: “We miss you @lesnewyorkdolls ❤️🌹” / Twitter

Bebe Buell on Twitter: “I love you Jimmy Walls! My husband and Valentine for the last 24 years!! ❤️💋🌹💘💝💕🙏” / Twitter


Rail Industry Has Spent $654 Million on Federal Lobbying Over Past 20 Years: Analysis (


“If you can’t admit you were wrong to trust the govt in a time of crisis, when they routinely milk crises for THEIR benefit not the public’s, then you deserve to lose credibility. We should be more distrustful of the powers that be during a crisis, not less.3 years after the covid crisis started, I’m still baffled at how many “anti-establishment” alt media ppl still act like the govt wasn’t lying about everything. This whole idea that the govt lies about everything BUT covid + the covid response was silly then and it’s pathetic now.” (-Whitney Webb)

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Jamie recounted Sen. Brown saying residents’ distrustful of EPA should get independent testing & later reimbursement. TESTING including for dioxins is around $4,500. Jamie noted most residents can’t pay those $ upfront, Brown said “I’m not sure I’ve never dealt with this before.”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Politicians Push East Palestine GET BACK TO NORMAL in Closed Meeting, TOXIC Dam Overflows, Dead Deer w/ @JordanChariton @ZeynabDay and @louisd217 LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “In a closed-door #EastPalestineOH meeting w/ OH Senator Sherrod Brown, EP Mayor, & business owners, EP resident Jamie Cozza says the focus was on need for great “comeback story” and getting “people back in here for our businesses”…not widespread residents’ health symptoms” / Twitter

The Propaganda Report: Meet The Press is In-depth Corporate Propaganda For DC Elites – YouTube

Jimmy Dore Sees The Enormous Value in Going on The Tucker Carlson Show To Spread a Left Message – YouTube

What Demographic is Cable News Trying to Reach By Bringing on Hillary Clinton – YouTube

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Please look at this NBC News clip. They weren’t just spreading a moronic fairy tale. They were trying to convince Americans that – in their words – “Russia is to blame” for injuring the brains of US diplomats. **These** are the disinformation agents:” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Rep. Mike Gallagher closed Congressional hearing on China saying that it’s a case of good guys vs bad guys, and the world knows that “we, in the US, are the good guys.” Perhaps Rep. Gallagher should check in with “the world” about that. #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Medardo Mairena helped arm the criminal gangs that blockaded entire Nicaraguan neighborhoods for months in 2018, leading to the torture, kidnapping, rape and killing of hundreds because they were Sandinistas. Mairena was previously deported by Costa Rica for human trafficking.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “By the time the US recognized Israel’s “independence” in 1948, it had wiped out 200+ Palestinian towns and would ethnically cleanse over 200 more Last year, it destroyed the Bedouin village of Al Araqib for the 211th time and the US did nothing What does Smotrich have to fear?” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Self-proclaimed global thought leader Agathe Demarais argues for financial terrorism and collective punishment of innocent populations to generate regime change while Matt Duss nods along” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina and politician Oleg Kalashnikov were murdered by Ukrainian SBU-sponsored death squads after their profiles appeared on Myrotvorets. Now an NBC journalist is on the hit list and US media remains silent.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “NBC told Americans the truth about Crimea for the first time and its reporter wound up on the Ukrainian government’s kill list alongside several other US citizens, journos, clergy and even children. Will NBC now report on this list? Will “press freedom” groups denounce it?” / Twitter


“Next Reminder is that the war really started in 2014 after the US aided coup of Ukraine’s democratically elected Gov’t. Zelensky fired his Commander of Joint Forces and our media didn’t portray it as the end of world for the Ukrainian military like they did when Putin changed commanders

I wonder why? Just kidding. I know why. I grew up in the Projects in Queens, NY and there were only 2 white families there I didn’t know much about the world or history or racism at the time, but even then I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that we were all Black and that something happened to make that a reality. While your wondering about the Uyghurs our Gov’t want us to focus on in China, give a thought to how so many Black people wind up in prison in America. I don’t want Russians or Ukrainians to die because the US doesn’t want to lose control of the world, and I despise Zelensky for betraying his country because he didn’t have the courage to stand up to the US or the Nazis who forced him to abandon what he ran on. It wasn’t that hard for the people with all the capital to convince the rest of us that capitalism is the best system that ever existed. Our media shows us all kind of atrocities that they say are occuring around the world so much that we seem to forget that almost all that stuff is happening here. I try to be straight forward

I’ve been around for close to 60 years, spent a few of them in our military, and all of them Black. I know what my country has done to the rest of the world and even us here in America. We should be ashamed of what we let the owners get away with. McCarthyism was a chapter embarrassing to America.

Obama telling Romney “80’s called and want their foreign policy back” should have been the final nail in the coffin. But Dems lost to Trump and teamed up with neocons to bring it back as an excuse for their failure.

Here we are. America

Do you want to know the truth or get played like the Iraq War again? Biden is the same person who admitted during the Primary that he knew Iraq didn’t have WMD’s, but he was still the Dem pressuring the Party to support that war.

Our country invaded another based on a lie and killed a million people.

Stop the act, the world knows who we really are. ” (-Black In The Empire)


Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Clau O’Brien Moscoso is an activist, corespondent for the Black Agenda Report & member of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) Haiti/Americas Team is sending reports in from the ground in Peru. Check out her latest report that you can only find at BAR.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Peruvian political scientist @ElianaCarlin joins @LeeCamp for an update on the situation in Peru today after the country’s Indigenous president was removed from power in a legislative coup last December. WATCH LIVE:” / Twitter

☀️👀 on Twitter: “Chomsky on why the US has become a mercenary state that incites direct and proxy wars which it then forces its client states to pay for. This is from the 90s yet predicts exactly what the US is doing today” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Because Obama was a right-wing servant of capital who was able to pull off the most aggressively imperialist presidency since 1945 without any significant opposition.” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “BREAKING NEWS: President Biden’s spokesperson has announced that he has finally decided to travel to East Palestine, Ohio……to ask sick and struggling residents to provide donations of money and clothes for wounded members of the Ukrainian Nazi Azov battalion.” / Twitter

Black in the Empire on Twitter: “Daily Reminder of what the Democratic Gov’t of Ukraine was doing to the people in the Donbass before the war” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “We salute CODEPINK. Militant actions to delegitimize the bipartisan efforts to normalize warmongering has to be a tool that must be used as long as we have the space to engage – space quickly being eliminated by the totalitarian state led by neoliberals.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “The defenders of human rights. USA USA!” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “What a joke. This is Western journalism pretending there is a mystery why violence as escalated in Palestine. How about a racist right-wing govt, international impunity – Israel can get away with horrors no other govt could- & a brutal occupation.” / Twitter

Lee Camp [Redacted] on Twitter: “The all-American hysteria over the Chinese balloon is not the first time the US has completely lost their collective mind over fake news repeated nonstop by the corporate media.” / Twitter

“The “Chinese whistleblower” in question is Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a person who’s work is promoted by the Rule of Law Society — a political org affiliated with Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui, an expatriate Chinese billionaire, who have actively arranged her media appearances in the U.S.” (-James Ray)

“The western left is absolute dogshit on war and empire. Pure fucking dogshit. Those who don’t outright cheer for imperial militarism ignore it altogether, or don’t place nearly enough emphasis on it. Those placing an appropriate amount of emphasis on it are a small minority. And of course that’s not their fault; they’re swimming in the same ocean of empire propaganda and psyops as everyone else. But as we’re accelerating toward a global conflict of unfathomable horror this dereliction of duty is getting less and less acceptable. This needs to change. Sure there are other problems we’ve got to worry about, but none of those other problems are going to matter when we’re all dying in a nuclear holocaust. There’s no excuse for anyone who thinks of themselves as anti-imperialist to fail to stand against the empire’s brinkmanship. The US empire is rapidly ramping up aggressions against Russia and China simultaneously and in many sectors of the American left this is getting less attention than the fucking presidential election that’s almost two years away. This isn’t healthy, and it isn’t acceptable.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “No they are not. That’s why I’m talking about the left and not liberals. Obviously liberals are dogshit on war; they’re devout imperialists.” / Twitter


“You can devote your life to defending worldwide torture regimes, CIA black sites, the invasion and bombing of countless countries, due-process-free prisons, and malign DOJ lawyers as Al Qaeda lovers, but as long you say denounce Donald Trump, the world is yours.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Left-liberal students typically protest the appointment of people with a long history of advocating authoritarian policies and wars, but I have a strong feeling they’ll make an exception for Mother Jones’ 2022 Hero of the Year:” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “She lost largely because Obama just continued Bush’s policies, and she helped. Any Dem probably would have lost, except for that white male Bernie, had he not been cheated. Saying this over and over and over does not make it true.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This is yet another hoax where any ethical and actual news organization would go on air and say: “for years we told you something that turned out to be false. Here’s why we did it. We apologize and retract our stories.” That they don’t tells you all you need to know about them.” / Twitter Russiagate, Covid origins, 9/11…”unprovoked”…”insurrection”…”safe”…

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “It’s a major journalistic scandal that the NYT’s main COVID reporter mocked the lab leak theory as racist. All that should have mattered to her was the truth. But the “lab leak” theory was always the least racist and xenophobic theory given Fauci’s support for the Wuhan lab.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “This was always the most bizarre part of the liberal-left obsession to deny the “lab leak” theory on the ground it was racist and xenophobic. Their theory for COVID’s origin – it came from filthy, primitive Chinese bat-eating wet markets – was far more racist and xenophobic:” / Twitter


Commission Reveals that Trudeau Government Lied About Nature of Truckers Protests in Ottawa Last February to Justify Invocation of Emergencies Act | CovertAction Magazine

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Thank you @DanielEllsberg for all that you’ve done for humanity.” / Twitter

Marty Makary MD, MPH on Twitter: “In Jan 2020, Top U.S. virologists Drs. Farzan and Geary told Drs. Fauci & Collins that they believed Covid came from a lab leak, documented in this EXCELLENT @BretBaier investigation: Embarrassing how Fauci & Collins worked around the Obama-instituted…” / Twitter

Melinda Richards 🇦🇺🇺🇸 on Twitter: “Here it is. The absolute truth. @RobertKennedyJr is a hero.” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “Prepared Testimony – Pandemic Response – For the The Senate of the Republic, Mexico, LXV Legislatura” / Twitter

“US corporate media spent 18 months insisting COVID’s zoonotic origins had been proven and the lab leak theory had been “debunked” – to the point it was banned online.

Turns out some some of USG’s top science teams concluded “lab leak” is not just viable but most likely. Anyway.” (-Glenn Greenwald)

Sam Husseini — subscribe: on Twitter: “[thread] My latest: Crucial Points on Pandemic Origins Debate, Part 2: The Weaponization of “Truth” Collisions & Collusions: People from across the political spectrum are making critical falsifications on the Department of Energy pandemic origin story.″ / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “Did the British state under Health Secretary Matt Hancock authorise a policy of involuntary mass-euthanasia of the elderly in care homes and hospitals using death row drug Midazolam and morphine, under the cover of ‘with Covid’ deaths?” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “Thank God you have the balls to say this two years too late. A regular “Profile In Courage” over here. Now back to repeating Pharma funded propaganda about Vaccines/Lockdowns/Masks/Boosters/Ivermectin like the “good boy” that you are. @cenkuygur” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “What is the syndrome that caused so many US media dupes to promote this lie?” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: ““ Apparently, it’s breaking news now, after almost three years, that natural immunity via prior infection is “at least as” effective as mRNA stabs, according to the journal of big pHARMa: The Lancet.”” / Twitter

Medicare & Insurance Data Agree: More People Are Dying Suddenly (

Edward Dowd on Twitter: “Wait until insurance companies have to change their long term mortality assumptions…that’s when the real losses get realized. Insider says the current strategy is to “hope” it returns to normal. Cognitive dissonance prevents the obvious question. “Hope” is not a strategy!” / Twitter

Los Angeles Times on Twitter: “Who’s benefiting from Russia’s war on Ukraine? Arms dealers and manufacturers” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Ret. Gen. Keith Kellogg, ex-advisor to Mike Pence, says it’s the “acme of professionalism” to use Ukraine to fight Russia because that “takes a strategic adversary off the table” without “using any US troops.” And then “we can focus” on “our primary adversary, which is China.”” / Twitter


New Model Army “End Of Days” Official Music Video – New album “From Here” out August 23rd – YouTube

Tex Perkins on surviving Beasts of Bourbon: ‘There’s a whole lot of regret and guilt’ | Pop and rock | The Guardian

The Beasts are back…hold the bourbon (

The Golden Arms with Mr. Ratboy – Chinese Rocks (2000) – YouTube

Billy Idol on Twitter: “A yellow vinyl variant of Generation X’s self-titled album will be made available as part of Record Store Day 2023. Shop for it exclusively at indie record stores this April 22nd!” / Twitter

Billy Idol on Twitter: “June 21, Oslo, Norway @tonsofrock 🇳🇴” / Twitter

Suicide – Rocket USA (Official Audio) – YouTube

The Roth Show – Season 2 – Episode 6 – YouTube

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“Democracy Now literally had MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan on to give a tongue bath to Joe Biden. So much for “alternative media.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Hassan Piker’s idea that whats needed to counter homelessness is more houses is the most bourgeois brainrot imagineable. Yeah, people really wind up on the street because they run out of house.” (-Revolutionary Defeatism)

Countless Americans Plunge Into Despair As Hunger Spreads Like Wildfire All Across America – Activist Post


Breaks my heart when my old lady is sick, she’s the best person I’ve ever known and it kills me when I can not comfort her or protect her. Up early with kid who is aiming Nerf guns at me and requiring my assistance making lists of future fireworks he hopes to buy from the big town. Can’t tell if it’s gonna rain or not, oftentimes the sky will turn dark gray but it’ll pass, we got more garden seeds in the mail but I’m waiting a bit to plant them. We need some potting soil, and really I need a wheel barrow at this point. Out here in the nowhere lands, I keep running into all these closet fucking racists, bootlick copsuckers, it’s a real drag, man. Everytime I fuck with people, I sorta regret it. I feel like I’m back in Kinticky, ya know what I mean? I got a song about it called “Southern Gentleman”. I got a lot of alone time nowadays which, ya know everybody needs some, I use it to write, but too many hours by yourself and you can start to wanna talk to somebody. I end up digging through my old storage containers looking for my former friend’s phone numbers, but mostly, they’re all dead, or too invested in tv, ratrace, holier than thou, got-mine, shitlib, pro war culture to wanna fraternize with outta style dirty poors. Made friends with the crows. Saw Sinead O’Connor in my dream. Almost noon, kid’s been up all night, still wide awake plotting excessive vacations.

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Video Released Showing Cop Shoot Two Unarmed Children While Trespassing in Vacant House – Activist Post

Susan Sarandon on Twitter: “RT @abierkhatib: “I never called it apartheid bc it’s worse than a apartheid” Noam Chomsky #Israel” / Twitter

Susan Sarandon on Twitter: “RT @ABridgen: Russell Brand and Joe Rogan point out the obvious truth. Time for people to think about this.” / Twitter

Ajamu Baraka on Twitter: “Support the national day of action on “Cop city” March 9th. The people have the right to be free of police terror & to determine how land will be used in their communities. Its called self-determination.” / Twitter

LAPD Says I’m Right About Cops! – YouTube

“Bernie Sanders said he supports NATO and Biden in Ukraine. Marianne Williamson said she opposed Biden getting out of Afghanistan because the US needs to *help women.* With “left” politicians like these, who needs the neocons?” (-Danny Haiphong)

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So my good friends know my first concert was Dr. Hook opening for Shaun Cassidy at the Rupp Arena in Lexington. Shaun was on a tv show called “The Hardy Boys” and I was really into his songs, “Hey Deanie” and “That’s Rocknroll”. I also liked Andy Gibb, Leif Garrett, Sha Na Na, the Grease soundtrack and everything Elvis related. My aunt’s stoner boyfriend Ben got me into the Pretenders.

My pot smoking 70’s feminist aunt gave me my first two or three records, ya know? Monkees, More of the Monkees and Lynyrd Skyyard (Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd). I used to stare at those Skynyrd dudes on the cover of their first album and think to myself, “someday I’ll have a gang of wild hippie rebels”. Sadly, it never quite came true, most of my hombres were “just visiting” cultural tourists and people who only had hippie values once a year at the bourgeoise cos-play drug festival in the woods. They only loved me in their dirty barefoot, unshaven, slumming phase.

I was probably more into Skynyrd’s look then their actual music, though later in life, I came to love summa the bands they influenced from Tom Petty to Lone Justice to 38 Special to Junkyard, and one of my life’s best friends was a very, very, very charismatic bar brawlin’, pot smokin’, whiskey sippin’, hoarse/horse laughin’ big beautiful hillbilly bon vivant named Tap who used to be the main solderer at the stained glass studio I worked at in my late teens. He was like all the Dukes Of Hazzard and Merry Pranksters rolled into one, “YEEEEHAW!” There was never  question of whether he was on the bus or off the bus, he came to party. He lived in a trailer with his girlfriend, Judy Jo, and they would have me over to booze it up at their trailer bar while we listened to corny, overplayed classic rock radio and I’d do mean spirited Rich Little impersonations of our employers and friend’s parents and they would laugh their asses off. The other think that was exceptionally cool about that dude who was always being dragged off in handcuffs for failure to pay chuld support or fighting at the bar again, is how in spite of his own very conventional mustache, parted in the middle hair, wife beater and blue jeans uniform, he never fucking batted at an eye no matter how many needless extra layers of costume jewelry and feathers and sequins and way too much clown makeup I wore to work back then, it did not phase him one bit. I think our gay yuppie bosses would be more inclined to voice objections to summa my over the top Pete Burns inspired costumes back then. He was a longtime big brother figure of mine and I’m sorry as hell he’s gone, so he’s who I am really mourning upon reading the Gary Rossington obits, cause Tap loved Lynyrd Skynyrd and outlaw country and “Let It Bleed” and Keith Richards “Main Offender” and really any music really that was about, “sorry, darlin’ but I gots to be movin’ on down the highway…” (RIP)

Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Smell – 7/13/1977 – Convention Hall (Official) – YouTube

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“To all the delusional USA bots out there, let me remind you (or inform you) that there is no reason to believe that any potentially viable candidates in the next election will govern in a democratic fashion–i.e., in a way that benefits the majority of the population.” (-Aaron Good)

“Bernie Sanders, promoting his book in the UK, is asked by the BBC about Ukraine policy: “It’s not an issue that I’ve been heavily involved in, but I support what the president is doing” A year in, still no significant thoughts on the issue, other than Support For The President.” (-Michael Tracey)

“The two key reasons we know Sirhan didn’t kill RFK:

1. No bullet from RFK could be matched to Sirhan’s gun. 2. Witnesses put Sirhan in front of RFK when he was shot from behind. Would have had a chest wound from the front if Sirhan had been firing bullets.” (-Lisa Pease)

The thing about to keep in mind about boomer nostalgia for the reporting of Sy Hersh and Woodward and Bernstein is that Watergate and its aftershocks were episodes in a US Establishment/deep state civil war whose outcome was the “Reagan Revolution”…With the Rummy/Cheney “Halloween Massacre” coup, Nelson Rockefeller was dropped from the 76 ticket and other more right-wing figures were appointed (e.g. Bush replacing Colby at DCI). The corporate liberal Rockefeller Republicans basically took over the Democrat Party. The next Dem president was Carter, handpicked by David Rockefeller and Zbig Brzezinski. Later, Rockefeller soured on Carter and helped with the October Surprise plot to sink his reelection. Reagan won the next presidential election–and basically every election thereafter.” (-Aaron Good)

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My old pal Jim Rinn of I-94 Recordings fame sez everybody needs some Detroit in their rocknroll and I can’t say he’s wrong. I wish they all could be Motor City Motherfuckers.

Bloody Mary by Dark Carnival Niagara Ron Asheton 9 – YouTube

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Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “@jimmy_dore Part of me is happy Bernie and his war mongering squad isn’t even trying to hide it anymore It’s makes it much easier to convince these SocDems that Bernie sold us out” / Twitter

Solidarity on Twitter: “”Our local governments are criminalizing homelessness and poverty instead of helping to alleviate it.” -Abby Martin” / Twitter

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Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “The greatest enemy to democracy and freedom in the world is the United States, not Russia or China” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “America invaded Syria & is currently occupying 1/3 of the country-the part with the Oil & Wheat. The U.S. is the worlds terrorists not Russia & not China. We are ruled by psychopaths who are terrorizing the world while starting TWO ECONOMIC WARS w/Nuclear powers Americans cheer” / Twitter

Prof Zenkus on Twitter: “Another Norfolf Southern train derailment in Ohio and Biden and Pete’s DOT has still yet to lut regulations in place thar would prevent more train derailments.” / Twitter

World Systems & Peace Studies #FreeAssange on Twitter: “There are good people to follow, who are deboosted because they actually have something to say. e.g. @Aaron_Good_ @aaronjmate @BenjaminNorton @caitoz @AlanRMacLeod @MaxBlumenthal @elleprovocateur @KitKlarenberg @GabrielRockhill @east_podcast @kthalps” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “I’d say Israel’s increasing criminal belligerence toward the Palestinians, Syria, and Iran is all related to the ongoing decline of the US Empire of which Israel is a key strategic outpost.” / Twitter



Radio Birdman – Monday Morning Gunk (live) – YouTube

RADIO BIRDMAN – New Race – YouTube


Man, I’m gonna give you an example of how slow life is in my dead end desert ghost town. I wake up about five with all the wildlife outside, you hear the coyotes, roosters, birds and cows start carrying on about that time. By nine, it’s Sunday, and my family have a cold and they did not go to bed til late, so I knew I had about ten hours of free time, so I emailed an hombre, like, what’s sup? He gets back and says hey ya wanna hang out for awhile, I can spin by and pick you up. I’m amenable to that idea cause I don’t get a lotta freetime or adult talk these days and where I live is like two and a half miles from the nearest gas station or grocery store and no one will properly fence or leash their animals out here, so it’s dangerous, there’s always internet chat about loose dogs or dog bites elderly woman. So I prefer to not attempt the long trek into town on foot. Even with a trail stick, it’s perilous and even the dogs that are behind fences are always frying your nerves with their ferocious snarling, one poor animal is tied by a rope to a tree, no collar, just twine, people are rough on animals out here, mostly they are seen as food or weapons which is the opposite of Oregon where they are seen as like objects or fowrship, nearly deified. Okay so I go outside and wait for dude. Half hour rolls by, I try to call him, but the phone is dead, I go back inside to email him, but the electricity is out. In the Gates- Reset Post Covid Normal, whatever they call it, the electricity’s just out all the time, cause The Man just gets to fuckw ith you, charges whatever they want but when it ain’t on, fuck you. So I sit outside and read  my “Addicted To Noise” book by Michael godberg, another forty minutes goes by and I start fucking around in the yard, getting my garden beds ready. I got about five rows of vegetables planted and seeds coming in the mail tomorrow, so ya know, I kinda just fuss over the seedlings now. By the third hour I figures dude’s just blown me off and that’s a drag cause I mighta made a different plan had he not offered to fetch me in his vehicle. So when the computer comes back on, he emails me back finally, saying his dog wanted to go on a walk, then he needed a nap, then he wanted to be petted, and now it was almost time for another dogwalk. So yeah that is the culture here. I’m three hours in with this guy and he’s petting his dog. That particular friend is in his thirties. Most of the population here seem to be in their seventies, so they tend to move much slower than my dude. My fam did not wake up until three so I just sat by myself all day and that’s alrite, I got a lot of birds that keep me company, but yeah tomorrow is another day where everything will be closed cause everything stays closed here on Sunday and Monday, family’s too sick for school, I won’t be planting anymore seeds cause the mail don’t come til four usually, I have been working on several batches on new lyrics, but my standards have changed, like why bother if it’s not excellent? Or at least, Inspired-Dumb? So now I’m sitting here typing, cat’s in the window, birds are still chirping, owls are hooting, wind chimes in the tree, all very nice but it is like time stands still, 5:35, been up for like 12 hours. Probably would have liked say a forty ounce had I known I was gonna be by myself all day. I like to drink a forty ounce, listen to old music. I only eat once a day, at six, so at least that is something reachable I can look forward to. Everybody that Goldberg writes about interests me. I particulatly like Ramblin Jack Elliot, who kinda reminds me of my dead train hopping anarchist street musician friend and former drinking buddy and wouldbe/part time bandmate, Mark B. Been exploring Ramblin’ Jack songs on the youtubes. Kinda miss record stores.

Woke up next day resumed typing at 3:34, had dreams about floods, headlines say Kentucky, the place of my birth, is without electricity, the people who control the grid don’t want us having generators, or effective for self sufficiencey, age old agriculture know how, or real seeds, cause they want to be able to control us all with a fear program and a flip of the switch. They really do seem like deranged sociopathic warpig movie villains. Their do nothing fraud squad tv puppets do not even stand up for Julian Assange and freedom of the press, all they have ever done is moan some more about Trump. Where would any rightwing superpac corporate owned shitlib celebrity be without Trump? Guys like Biden and Bloomberg are every bit as racist, sexist, gropey, and police state booyah as Trump, but pinkhat shitlibs shrug, cause they/them put a Big D behind their names. Think about it. Was hangin’ out with a local pal and was appalled when he started kinda tellin’ me how the answer to everything is Vote Republikkan and how George Soros funds Antifa and blah blah blah. I tried to explain to him that every people’s movement is infiltrated by Conitelpro forces and funneled back into the left versus right old paradigm, but he thinks we need more law and order and I just can’t vibe with him at this point. Law and order just means they don’t like poor people. They never talk about the real criminals who are fucking shit up-Bezos, Gates, Vanguard, Blackrock, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, Bayer/Monsanto, Raytheon. I know they’ll probably just kille Robert F. Kennedy Jr. if he runs for president, but he is the only one who can tell the truth and still get on tv, sometimes. I miss Mike Gravel. And Glen Ford. God bless Daniel Ellsberg, Ralph Nader, and Dennis Kucinich…that pro war, fake new age chick can fuck right off.

American Exception on Twitter: “The US has no beef with the far more despotic Saudi Arabia, but has waged hybrid war on multiple elected Venezuelan governments. For the US, imperial imperatives trump law and morality. This is what US imperialists mean by “rules-based international order.”” / Twitter

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Garland Nixon on Twitter: “THE WORLD IS EMBARRASSED FOR TWO NATIONS Germany: Your Chancellor is Joe Biden’s shoe shine boy Taiwan: (Ukraine of the Pacific) Your leader is turning your island into a suicide cult that volunteers to be the battleground between two nuclear super powers” / Twitter


Ramblin’ Jack Elliott; Johnny Cash – Take Me Home – YouTube

James Wilsey and the Secret History of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ – Rolling Stone

Pop Matters Reviews “Wicked Game: The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey —They Love It! – DAYS OF THE CRAZY-WILD

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KPFA’s “The Hear and Now” To Feature Michael Goldberg Talking About Jimmy Wilsey – DAYS OF THE CRAZY-WILD


Trudeau Is A Plant Of Globalists & Economic Elites. w/Viva Frei – YouTube

Pelosi’s Daughter Says George W. Bush Is A “Father Figure” – YouTube

Trudeau Caught Lying About Calling Vaxx Mandate Protesters Racist – In French! w/Viva Frei – YouTube

Celebrities DEMAND Hollywood End Vaxx & Mask Mandates! – YouTube

Trudeau Caught Lying About Calling Vaxx Mandate Protesters Racist – In French! w/Viva Frei – YouTube

“As part of the project to expand NATO, and partly as revenge for the beginning of Russia’s Syria counter-McJihad operations, the US launched the Maidan coup. But Russia recognized what was afoot and arranged for the secession of Crimea from the Maidan junta regime. The US provoked Russia and made sure that Ukraine would not stop threatening Russia’s security red lines, ultimately provoking a limited Russian invasion that seems to have been designed more to bring Kiev to the negotiating table than to topple the puppet government. The US seemed surprised that Russia did not go all out like the US in the Iraq War. And they seem to have believed that the sanctions would harm Russia. But it seems the most damage has been inflicted on US allies and on the stability of the US imperial capitalist system.”(-Aaron Good)

Managers | Black Agenda Report

Ben Norton on Twitter: “This “report” is a farce. It was written by 2 people: a German who worked at the coup-plotting OAS and a Colombian lawyer They never entered Nicaragua. They just interviewed US-funded coup-plotters and used articles in US-funded media outlets They ignored the 2018 coup attempt” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “@JoshuaOppenheim @JohnKiriakou @liz_franczak @TrueAnonPod @nkulw @housetrotter Here is Part 2! This one features @TheOliverStone and Peter himself! Ben Howard (@housetrotter) returns to co-host. I was very happy with Part 1, but this one with Peter is very special to me.” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “Because exploitation, expropriation, and a property rights metaphysic, are at the heart of both…” / Twitter

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Due Dissidence on Twitter: “Don’t look for hope in the Marianne Williamson campaign, which is just another futile attempt to reform the hopeless and vile Democratic Party. Find hope in @cmkshama and @wrkrsstrikeback, this is where it’s at.” / Twitter

FRSO | Freedom Road Socialist Organization on Twitter: “#OnThisDay March 5, 1770: Crispus Attucks was killed. Attucks was an escaped slave, then a merchant seaman and dockworker. He was first casualty of the American Revolution, and in the 19th century became an icon of the anti-slavery movement. #TodayInHistory” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “Protecting the vaccine and her reputation is much more important to Dianne Feinstein than letting people know the truth and saving lives.” / Twitter


Dr. Fill 📢🦺 🇾🇪 🇸🇴 🎮 🤘🏻 on Twitter: “And when you lose “bigly” you’ll tell us to vote for Biden. No one’s buying your brand of pseudo intellectual spiritualism. Stay on Oprah to appease god-fearing Karens where you belong.” / Twitter

Ukraine Wants the US to Provide Cluster Bombs to Use With Drones – Activist Post

NATO’s War in Ukraine Accelerates McCarthyism with Omali Yeshitela | Black Agenda Report

Private Emails Show NIH Officials Helped Persuade Virologists to Write Key Article Denouncing COVID Lab-Leak Theory • Children’s Health Defense (

No, Australia Does Not Actually Need To Prepare For War With China – Caitlin Johnstone


Aaron Maté on Twitter: “I’m talking about “Progressive sadists” on “AM Live”. Join us live now!″ / Twitter

June Jordan’s Legacy of Solidarity and Love Remains Relevant | Portside

Against late capitalism 🪶 on Twitter: “@TimothyDSnyder Yeh it’s not about putin but about American energy dominance if Europe” / Twitter

John Guaido 🏳️‍🌈👨‍🚀🌎 ( 🌌 Edition ) on Twitter: “I am a single issue voter in 2024 and that issue is avoiding a world war and global catastrophe The culture war does not matter anymore” / Twitter

Seth Harp on Twitter: “Two cops from APD spoke to my 11th grade history class and I had just gotten into RATM and I stood up and asked in a quavering voice if they knew about the unjust imprisonment of Leonard Peltier and they said no and I just quietly sat back down.” / Twitter

Fredward🤫 #FreeAssange! plus #TalkLiberation on Twitter: “@LeeCamp US, Via a Court, Says It’s Legal To Kidnap Diplomats 🤬 #FreeAlexSaab” / Twitter

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “For Syria dirty warriors, it’s open season for open sadism. Their inhumanity never ceases to amaze.” / Twitter

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “US General Mark Milley illegally visited Syria where US troops are illegally stationed and ensured them that stealing Syria’s oil and wheat on a regular basis is necessary to keep the US safe.” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Yeeeeeah. We’ve heard this song from trump before. And then he hired some of the worst deep state swamp monsters we’ve ever seen. It sucks that so many people are going to fall for his bullshit all over again.” / Twitter

Mark Ames on Twitter: “How many ways can NYT avoid describing openly neo-Nazi paramilitary group, Russian Volunteer Corps, as neo-Nazi, because they’re on our side? There’s “partisans”, “nationalist”, “anti-fascist militia”, “armed group fighting against the Kremlin”…” / Twitter

Mike Prysner on Twitter: “Nice surprise to see my conversation with @MansoorAdayfi about Ron DeSantis’s torture history in the new issue of @Harpers” / Twitter

Seth Harp on Twitter: “Wow Ron DeSantis is one sick puppy. Incredible interview by @MikePrysner. Glad to see it in print thanks to @Harpers” / Twitter

Harper’s Magazine on Twitter: “@sethharpesq @MikePrysner Read it online!” / Twitter


Beat Angels – She Shoots Starlight – YouTube

Beat Angels – Scaredy Cat – YouTube

Beat Angels at The Rock, Tucson, AZ, 06/27/1997 – YouTube

The Beat Angels – Hungover With Jenny – YouTube

Beat Angels at Coconut Teaszer – YouTube

Idiot Train – YouTube

Hey Little Peep Show – YouTube

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “Anyone who doesn’t understand US American politics needs to understand this: 1) We don’t have fair elections, 2) our presidents change but our foreign policy stays the same and 3) our country doesn’t have two parties it’s an empire, an oligarchy ruled by the National Security…” / Twitter

Patrick Smith on Twitter: “Putin just attacked a freaking Ukrainian church with tanks. They gassed the buildings and ended up burning the whole thing down, murdering 76 people, including 25 children and 2 pregnant women… All burned to death. wtf!!! Just kidding. The FBI and ATF did that in Texas. No…” / Twitter

Seth Harp on Twitter: “AMLO is the most popular president in modern Mexican history, and the only one who’s not personally corrupt.” / Twitter

Medea Benjamin on Twitter: “Join us in DC March 18 to call for peace talks in Ukraine. #PeaceinUkraine” / Twitter

Ariel Gold אריאל ✡️☮️🕊 on Twitter: ““Pogrom” is not a word anyone should use lightly. It can be especially sensitive in the context of Israel and Palestine.” As the world’s premier human rights organization states, it applies here.” / Twitter

Kynan Thistlethwaite on Twitter: “Excellent interview by CGTN of former CIA analyst Ray McGovern. He brings up a good question: Why was the media so interested in the Nord Stream bombings, when John Brennan incredulously accused Russia of blowing them up, but now don’t say a word about Sy Hersh’s expose?” / Twitter

Ray McGovern on Twitter: “‘Live on the Fly’ on WBAI (Pacifica): “UKRAINE A YEAR AFTER” Ray McGovern & Russian Diplomat Dmitry Polyansky interviewed by Randy Credico & Joe Lauria: focus on recent UN Security Council deliberations on the sabotage of Nord Stream and censuring Russia.” / Twitter

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “Was the Pentagon and CIA Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic? via @CovertActionMag” / Twitter

Dr. Eli David on Twitter: “From the leaked #LockdownFiles: UK Health Minister Matt Hancock in December 2020 asks “When do we deploy the new variant?”” / Twitter

CJ Hopkins on Twitter: “I’ll be speaking about the New Normal and GloboCap at this conference, “The Left Case Against the World Economic Forum,” hosted by @Real_Left_ (formerly “Left Lockdown Sceptics”) in London on March 25th. Come join us if you can.” / Twitter

Hassan Mafi ‏ on Twitter: “Another train derailed in Ohio. The US looks like a 4th world country right now tbh.” / Twitter


One of the bands me and Jeff Drake always agreed about is The Records!

The Records – Starry Eyes – YouTube

the records starry eyes – YouTube

The Records – All Messed Up And Ready To Go – YouTube

The Records – Up All Night – YouTube

the records – hearts in her eyes – YouTube

johndissed on Twitter: “Free the Jan 6 prisoners!” / Twitter

The Records – Girl (1979) – YouTube

The Records’ The Records at 40 – Rock and Roll Globe


CovertAction Magazine on Twitter: “Doctor Describes and Denounces C.I.A. Practice of ‘Rectal Feeding’ of Prisoners” / Twitter

PlanningMyGardenBoughtMySeeds on Twitter: “if you’re like me, you’ve been gobsmacked by the way #leftists have simply accepted government narratives during covid & disallowed any critical analysis of it. great discussion here by from @TheGrayzoneNews.” / Twitter

KLAUS CENSOR GUARD Jeff Wells on Twitter: “”We will continue to be your single source of truth.”” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “I’m not for this because I want RFK to live a long happy life doing what he does best, saving kids, but it would be fucking amazing seeing him trounce dementia Joe in a couple debates. I fear they wouldn’t let him get that far, though.” / Twitter

Tim Hayward on Twitter: “It’s becoming illegal to report honestly if what you report doesn’t suit the government. That’s how they ‘defend democracy’ today.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “The House voted 414-2 last week to maintain US sanctions on Syria despite the earthquakes that have killed thousands of Syrians in the last few weeks. AOC and the Squad voted for the measure. The only opposition came from two Republicans incl. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.” / Twitter

Sam Husseini — subscribe: on Twitter: “Senate Did NOT Just Unanimously Pass a Bill Requiring Declassification of “All of the Information” Regarding the Origins of Covid″ / Twitter

Jeff Wells on Twitter: “Classic Eastern Europe desert camouflage.” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Israel has killed at least 31 Palestinians including five children and three elderly men since the beginning of February 2023. MintPress will continue to record Palestinian deaths at the hands of the Israeli occupation each month.” / Twitter

Emily Kopp on Twitter: “USG entity that stifled speculation about the lab leak theory has ties to USAID and DARPA USAID funded EcoHealth’s virus hunting with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. An unfunded DARPA proposal included EcoHealth and the WIV inserting furin cleavage sites into bat coronaviruses” / Twitter


A Deep Dive into “Deep Politics” with Whitney Webb (WiM274) – YouTube

EXTREME Lies About Jan 6 Exposed After Tucker Carlson Tonight Reviews And Exposes Footage Media/Democrats Tried To Conceal (

Chris Hedges on Twitter: “The Chris Hedges Report: The Chris Hedges Report Podcast with Maximillian Alvarez on how essential front line workers are the first to be sacrificed and abandoned.” / Twitter

Chris Hedges on Twitter: “The Chris Hedges Report: Lynching the Deplorables” / Twitter

Left Against Lockdown on Twitter: “The king of 2020 congressional pharma cash, Bernie often seems to be pushing ‘PfizerCare For All’ under the cover of populism. #MedicareForAll #PfizerFiles” / Twitter

Seth Harp on Twitter: “Just realized that @MansoorAdayfi is on Twitter. @RonDeSantisFL personally assisted in the sadistic torture of this innocent man.” / Twitter

Jasper Craven on Twitter: “@sethharpesq @MikePrysner @Harpers I just did a deep dive on Ron’s military service, with additional reporting, for The Baffler:” / Twitter

Ann Wright on Twitter: “Check out ANSWER Coalition. I just joined.” / Twitter

The Original Jeffrey Epstein (


Ben Norton on Twitter: “There are still large protests going on in Peru against the unelected, US-backed, right-wing coup regime In the city of Puno, the coup regime is violently repressing protesters with live ammunition, tear gas, even a helicopter! The coup regime treats the country like a war zone” / Twitter

MintPress News on Twitter: “Peruvian political scientist @ElianaCarlin joins @LeeCamp for an update on the situation in Peru today after the country’s Indigenous president was removed from power in a legislative coup last December. WATCH LIVE:” / Twitter

BreakThrough News on Twitter: “The son of Patrice Lumumba and the daughter of Che Guevara stand together in Caracas, Venezuela to honor Hugo Chavez on the 10th anniversary of his passing. No matter how hard the Empire tried, they couldn’t assassinate anti-imperialism out of existence. It’s growing again.” / Twitter

Ben Norton on Twitter: “A company exploited 102 child laborers, aged 13 to 17, to clean slaughterhouses in 8 US states. The corporation faces no criminal charges. It was slapped on the wrist with a fine. Instead, the US gov’t is punishing their families, who are poor immigrants” / Twitter common in Kentucky

倪明达 (Ni Mingda) on Twitter: “If Trump had won a 2nd term, the war in Ukraine may have been delayed. But you’d likely have a U.S. – China war instead, especially with Mike Pompeo in his team. Trump didn’t start a new war not for the lack of trying, but because of the restraint of the nations he provoked…” / Twitter

gaijingirl2004 Bronx Leftist/Green. 🦺 🇵🇸✡️ on Twitter: “I’ve confronted Jeffries face to face, as have others. He’s a corporate sell-out, cares nothing for human rights, and is an enemy of everyone except his donors. @JosBtrigga” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “”…was to make people desperate to take AZT—a ‘cure’ far deadlier than that virus, and 1 that slowly killed some 300K gay men, including Rudolf Nureyev, Keith Haring, Freddie Mercury, …whose death-agonies were misreported mawkishly as caused by AIDS.”″ / Twitter

Nick Sortor on Twitter: “Wait, what?! Environmental scientists heading to Ohio just killed in a plane crash?!” / Twitter

Unsettling Events: Five People From CTEH Die In Plane Crash, En Route To Ohio To Investigate Bedford Explosion AND Man Found Murdered At Crash Site (

WTVG 13abc on Twitter: “All five people on board were CTEH employees headed to the site of the deadly Ohio factory explosion earlier this week and the same company had representatives in East Palestine recently.” / Twitter

Redacted on Twitter: “The Deep State is pushing the U.S. to war over this LIE! Is it a coincidence that Trump just announced that he blames China for the pandemic since the lab leak theory is now shown to be the most likely? We know it DID come from a lab…but that is the NIH…not China!” / Twitter

R A W S A L E R T S on Twitter: “🚨#BREAKING: Hazmats crews are heading massive train derailment site with residence told to shelter in place 📌#Springfield | #Ohio Currently A larger emergency response along with hazmat crews are underway to a massive train derailment in Springfield, Ohio where approximately…” / Twitter

UngaTheGreat on Twitter: ““All Covid roads lead to DoD,” says EcoHealth Alliance Scientist “The interesting thing here is that this Department of Energy Report is correlated with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI is report… it actually makes it more certain that this leaked out of the…” / Twitter

The Original BongHorn LegHorn on Twitter: “What did Timothy McVeigh, Sirhan Sirhan, Ted Kaczynski, and Charles Manson all have in common? Louis Jolyon West.” / Twitter


My Friends – YouTube it’s about me and Alpo from Real Kids

Used Illusions – YouTube

Cheater Slicks 10-11-1990 Middle East – YouTube

Lonely Planet Boy – YouTube

Feel Free – YouTube

Dark Night – YouTube

Truthstream Media on Twitter: “Funny how people will easily accept corruption as an excuse but can’t bring themselves to even consider coordination.” / Twitter

Number 99 on Twitter: “If you read one thing today, read @davidzweig explaining how Santa Clara County, under the edicts of Sara Cody, turned to selective surveillance: “Much of Santa Clara’s restrictions early on were tied to state requirements, which were harsher on churches than stores…” …” / Twitter

🥖🎪 on Twitter: “😂 you can’t make this shit up. The residents of East Palestine Ohio best not violate the “burn ban” that took effect statewide on Wednesday or I assume they will be arrested by Norfolk Southern PD bc they are poor errr criminals bc it’s now a crime to umm burn stuff in Ohio 🤡” / Twitter

Gonzalo Lira on Twitter: “Do you know why they are admitting that it was a lab leak now? Because they want you to hate China — so that the war in 2025 goes down smooth with you. Don’t let them fool you.” / Twitter

Bill’s Rantings of a Conspiracy Realist on Twitter: “What we see happening with the #USA #Taiwan and #China is NOT by accident nor is it by chance.. #This is a lecture that was filmed almost 20 years ago. #Watch It and please help me #share it. #ThomasBarnett #MilitaryIndustrialComplex #RantingsOfaConspiracyRealist” / Twitter


tim anderson on Twitter: “Lavrov: how US diplomacy works.” / Twitter

“Remember anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in the Iraq war? Dems supported her while it was convenient to oppose the war. Once it becme obvious that Dems only opposed *Bush*, not the war, Sheehan became inconvenient, and they dropped her like a hot rock.” (-Ladies Jacket Club)

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “When you can’t silence them, impoverish them. YouTube is demonetizing videos challenging the rumor that China plans to send weapons to Russia. You can support my work on Patreon in the link in my bio to help fight the demonetization!” / Twitter

Cheater Slicks – Destination Lonely [Full album] – YouTube

Jaraparilla 🇾🇪 🇵🇸 on Twitter: “Spontaneous outbreak of applause as soon as @rustyrockets mentions #Assange.” / Twitter

Danny Haiphong on Twitter: “The United States is the real threat. Just look at how it has placed its bases in every corner of the globe pointing guns at all of us.” / Twitter

Marcus Strom on Twitter: “Former Baghdad @Reuters bureau chief, Australian journo Dean Yates, directly addresses Australian PM @AlboMP to watch (again?) the Collateral Murder video and act immediately to have Julian #Assange released. #BelmarshTribunal” / Twitter

Progressive International on Twitter: “JOHN KIRIAKOU “If they can prosecute Assange they can prosecute anybody,” says @JohnKiriakou When they say they’ll treat Julian fairly, it’s a lie. The Eastern District of Virginia Court is made up of CIA, Dept. of Homeland Security, Govt. agencies. Julian won’t stand a chance.” / Twitter

Double Down News on Twitter: “The Labour Files dismantles the central narrative of media & BBC about Corbyn years, a narrative pushed on front pages of all papers and yet: Complete Silence from the Mainstream Media @OborneTweets” / Twitter

Consortium News on Twitter: “Assange lawyer Jennifer Robinson: The CIA, which plotted to assassinate Julian Assange, is the same CIA that will determine if he is imprisoned in conditions a British judge said could lead to his suicide. #BelmarshTribunal Sydney.” / Twitter

Daniel Deceder⏳ on Twitter: “”Our enemy is you the corporate media! Our enemy is the empire that’s robbed us of our rights, that’s looted our treasury for its insane imperial regime change wars, & that has hounded and jailed real journalists like Julian Assange.” -@MaxBlumenthal #RageAgainstWar #FreeAssange” / Twitter

Peter Cronau on Twitter: ““Dan Duggan paid tribute to Assange, telling the Belmarsh Tribunal that history was filled with instances ‘where those in power, from countries good & bad, have manipulated & weaponised legal systems to unjustly prosecute those who dare to challenge the politics of the day’.”” / Twitter

Naila 🎗 on Twitter: “Good chat here with @MaxBlumenthal, @toby00green and @battleforeurope on those topics some people seek to sweep under the carpet and pretend never happened:” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Following its successful campaign to create ISIS, the US has embarked on a “campaign to defeat ISIS” that consists of stealing Syrian oil, occupying wheat fields and plunging the population that was terrorized by ISIS into famine-level conditions” / Twitter


UK subs Documentary – YouTube

Roger Waters – Rage Against the War Machine Feb 19, 2023 speech – YouTube

Lions & Ghosts “Arson in Toyland” 1989 – YouTube

Rock n Roll Grad School #91- Lions & Ghosts – YouTube

Patti Smith (

No fringe required when Scientists hit town | Reviews (

I Got A Right, Rob Younger & The Hoodoo Gurus, Ron Asheton Foundation Benefit Gig. – YouTube

“MY GUN CALLED JUSTICE” THE L.A. GUNS Tour With Prophets Of Addiction (

Michael Monroe (

Jeffrey Kaye on Twitter: “No one is utilizing open source info to expose Western intelligence manipulation of the news better than ⁦@KitKlarenberg⁩! If you aren’t following him, you are missing out on some of most compelling & important journalism being done right now!” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Jim Jones Revue @ El Rey Theatre (

“Union Town” by Tom Morello the Night Watchman (

Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine (

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Not one question from Fareed Zakaria about Nord Stream as German Cuckmeister Olaf Scholz rambles on about his country’s supposed energy independence Fareed intervenes only to push Scholz to commit more money to Ukraine’s military – and therefore less to German social welfare” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “German MP Ralf Stegner of the governing SPD says the govt is stonewalling his party’s requests for info on the Nordstream investigation: “It’s very unusual that for an attack like this… that after months, you have no piece of information that is public.”” / Twitter

Billy Bragg ( 

UK-SUBS – riot (full album) 1997 – YouTube

Plasmatics – Sex Junkie (Dr Pepper Festival, Sept 22nd, 1981) – YouTube

Vicious Kitten Records

I-94 Recordings

Faster and Louder (

Why did this cop turn up dead? (

The War On Dissent – Bitcoin Magazine – Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert Insights

‘Those Who Die for Life’ (

Feel Free – YouTube

‘You’ll Be Hearing From Me as Long as I’m Here,’ Daniel Ellsberg Vows After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis – Original

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “Nick’s Speech at Workers Strike Back WATCH NOW” / Twitter

Baltimore’s Ravagers announce first European Tour

Ravagers are self described as street Rock’N’Rollers from the wastelands of Baltimore, and they have just announced their first European tour. Nearly 30 shows in countries including Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Spain.  Now Europe can witness what America has already known, Ravagers are the real deal.  No more watching videos on youtube, experience the rabid rock’n’roll first hand.

European Wasteland Tour 2023

31.03 Vienna – AT- Chelsea

01.04 Munich, DE – Glocke 

02.04 Hof, DE – Punkrockcity

03.04 Berlin, DE – Schokoladen

04.04 Erfurt, DE – Tiko  

05.04 Dresden, DE – Chemiefabrik

06.04 Hamburg, DE – Indra Club   

07.04 Groningen, NL – Gideon   

08.04 Münster, DE – Heile Welt  

09.04 Lichtenfels, DE – Paunchy Cats 

10.04 Arlon, BE – l’Entrepôt       

11.04 Saarbrücken, DE – Tante Anna

12.04 Essen, DE – Anyway 

13.04 Bochum, DE – Wageni  

14.04 Hanover, DE – Bei Chez Heinz     

15.04 Hameln, DE – K3   

16.04 Karlsruhe, DE – Alte Hackerei

18.04 Geneva, CH – Dig It Records

19.04 Bern, CH – Rössli

20.04 Orleans, FR – Dropkick Bar

21.04 Mont de Marsan, FR – Mad Jack

22.04 Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES – Helldorado (early show)

23.04 Barcelona, ES – Butyklan

25.04 Valencia, ES – La Esskombrera 

26.04 Madrid, ES – Funhouse

27.04 A Coruña, ES – Mardi Gras

28.04 Serria, ES – Buril Acde

29.04 Valladolid, ES – Cientocero

Ravagers Website

Rachel Stamp unveil new video “Brand New Toy”

Brit glam legends RACHEL STAMP have unveiled a ‘new’ video ahead of the reissue of their classic debut album.

‘Brand New Toy’ is taken from Hymns For Strange Children, originally released in the year 2000, and now set to see the light of day on vinyl for the first time ever through Easy Action Records.

“‘Brand New Toy’ is the archetypal Rachel Stamp rocker,” states singer/bassist David Ryder Prangley. “Part of the riff is a tri-tone, aka the ‘Devil’s interval’ which, back in medieval days, was said to drive whoever heard it crazy. I kind of stole the song title from the name of a friend’s band and the lyrics are pretty regular Stamp fare for the time – sex, insanity and Jesus Christ. The video is a new mash up of various live footage taken around 1998-2000. The gigs were always a riot, as you can see…”

Fully remastered, Hymns For Strange Children is set for release on 14 April and is available to pre-order on limited edition 12″ vinyl and expanded CD now.

The band have lined up a special album launch show on the release date at the O2 Islington Academy, London. Tickets are on sale here.


“Bernie Sanders defending NATO and claiming to not “pay attention” to Ukraine is an unforgiveable example of how there is no “left” in the U.S. two-party system.

It’s one War Party with two wings.” (-Danny Haiphong)

“Bernie Sanders position on Ukraine war is as immoral as the rest of the pathetic right-wing democrat party that he is a part of.” (-Ajamu Baraka)

“They don’t just control the opposition, they control the opposition to the opposition. Figured out that neither party serves you? Well guess what, friend? You’re in luck! There happens to be a totally organic populist revolution happening on whichever side of the aisle you’re on!” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

“There are two sets of principles. They are the principles of power and privilege and the principles of truth and justice. If you pursue truth and justice it will always mean a diminution of power and privilege. If you pursue power and privilege, it will always be at the expense of truth and justice.” (-Chris Hedges)

Community Movement Builders on Twitter: “For those inquiring if the March 11th Atlanta 2 Palestine panel with Community Movement Builders, The Palestinian Youth Movement, and the Black Alliance for Peace will be available online, the answer is yes!” / Twitter

Mike Gravel Torches War Criminals To Their Smug Faces (2007) – YouTube (RIP)

Esther on Twitter: “#FreeHim – The whole world knows his name. No matter how long they silence him and try to ‘disappear him – ‘ see Caitlin Johnstone’s ‘The Disappearing of Julian Assange’ I shall never forget him” / Twitter

I AM A REVOLUTIONARY (2020) – Fred Hampton – YouTube

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Georgia police are still hiding the names of the cops who pumped 13 bullets into climate activist Manuel Terán in a killing that has many telltale signs of an execution. What else is the @GBI_GA hiding? This happened in January. So where are the names? Where are the videos?” / Twitter

Activists and groups gear up for week of action against Georgia’s ‘Cop City’ | Georgia | The Guardian

Environmentalist Manuel Esteban Paez Terán’s death is part of a disturbing trend | Steven Donziger | The Guardian

Ohio Cover Up: Vinyl Chloride Poisoning, Dioxin Byproducts, Hydrochloric Acid Rain, myID & HHS Docs (

“We have to grasp, as Marx and Adam Smith did, that corporations are not concerned with the common good. They exploit, pollute, impoverish, repress, kill, and lie to make money. They throw poor people out of homes, let the uninsured die, wage useless wars for profit, poison and pollute the ecosystem, slash social assistance programs, gut public education, trash the global economy, plunder the U.S. Treasury and crush all popular movements that seek justice for working men and women. They worship money and power” (-Chris Hedges)

Forest Defenders Vow Resistance After Court Green-Lights Phase I of “Cop City” – Truthout

Aaron Maté on Twitter: “Former Congressmember Dennis Kucinich on the Biden admin’s bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline: US Congress has an obligation to investigate this, and so should the International Criminal Court.” / Twitter

Defend Assange Campaign on Twitter: “CIA torture whistleblower John Kiriakou on possible Julian Assange extradition: “I know from personal experience, Julian Assange cannot and will not get a fair trial in the Eastern District of Virginia” #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “The Hawks Have Had China In Their Crosshairs For Years “What we’re witnessing now is this doctrine of maintaining unipolar hegemony at all cost colliding with the emergence of a multipolar world order, carried largely by the rise of China”” / Twitter

Rokfin | The best way to monetize your content

Consortium News on Twitter: “Ex-Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr: The American (Chelsea Manning) who leaked the information is free, but the Aussie ( Assange) is still being pursued through extraterritorial reach of the US, which we’d find repugnant if done by China or Iran. #BelmarshTribunal” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “After poisoning the residents of East Palestine for profit, Norfolk Southern is adding insult to injury, turning people away for not having their Social Security cards with them.” / Twitter & on Twitter: “ Do NOT miss the Sat, Mar 4 Substack, feat. 6 independent videos & viewpoints corporate media doesn’t want you to hear @SabbySabs2 @RevBlackNetwork @TDHipHopMedia @SpiritofHo @scheer_post @BTnewsroom @jimmy_dore @CareyShenkman @raymcgovern @RaniaKhalek” / Twitter

Margaret Kimberley on Twitter: “#PeaceInUkraine march at the White House on Saturday, 3/18. Join @UNAC1 @Blacks4Peace @answercoalition @codepink and more” / Twitter 

Round up all your friends and horns and hoopla and hoola hoops, colorful banners and funny hats! You know back in college when you liked R.E.M., and Tracey Chapman, you used to tell yourself how if you were alive in the sixties, you’d be marching with King and Malcolm, or campaigning for the Kennedys, if not the radical Yippie, Abbie Hoffman, Woodstock Nation power to the people left, well? You might need to hit the mirror, Jack. Did something change? Remember when John and Yoko brought the Panthers and Ralph Nader on tv and you agreed with everything they said? In the words of one of the last good punk bands, Electric Frankenstein, the Time Is Now. Two seconds to decide. I fully get why our Australian bretheren scoff at the idea of Brother Kramer calling himself and his professional punk hotshots the MC5, but the message man is the thing, that song is timeless, bigger than any of them, Wayne sez we are all the MC5….so, right now it’s time to, KICK OUT THE JAMS, MOTHERFUCKERS!

MC5 – Kick Out The Jams – Live Tartar Field, 1970 – with M*thf*ker restored ( colorised) . – YouTube

MC5-American Ruse – YouTube

#MC5 Kick Out The Jams Promo Film Reimagined & Remastered at 1920 x 1080! – YouTube


MC5 – Looking At You (Live 1970) – YouTube

‘We Are All MC5’ Tour Announced by Wayne Kramer – Variety

Long Lost MC5 Footage! Democratic National Convention Riots – Chicago 1968 – YouTube

Wayne Kramer Reanimates MC5 with New Album ‘Heavy Lifting’ | GuitarPlayer

MC5’s Wayne Kramer talks punk, politics ahead of new album, tour (

MC5 – Motorcity is burning – YouTube

Long Lost #MC5 Remastered Footage! “Tonight” – Aylesbury Friars – YouTube

MC5 #HeavyLifting Album & Tour Sizzle – YouTube

Awake From Your Slumber: Ralph Nader & Patti Smith Opening – YouTube

Ralph Nader | CRIMES of the ELITE – YouTube

power to the people vs give peace a chance – YouTube

Don’t Extradite Assange – #FreeAssange on Twitter: “”Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are heroes. The thing they are being persecuted for is the truth. And what they’ve done is they’ve exposed that imperialist war machine for the war-crime-generating thing that it is.” — @tmorello #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges” / Twitter

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “International Federation of Journalists leaders call to free Julian Assange whose prosecution is “a threat to all journalists” @IFJGlobal #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Comrade Misty is Putin’s Buddy 🍀 on Twitter: “Ever since Dan’s announcement I can’t help but think of Julian. He remains stuck in Hellmarsh as yet another one of his friends is dying. And we all know they won’t allow him release to visit one last time or to attend the funeral. Breaks my heart. #FreeAssangeNOW” / Twitter

Annie Rice on Twitter: “Seeing this quote and some incredible news clips from former Senator Mike Gravel (back in 2011) today upon his passing, and I’m looking forward to learning more about him and his service to our country. Rest in peace, and thank you for your work against fear and war.” / Twitter

Ryan Knight ☭🕊 on Twitter: “Rest in power Mike Gravel. If you have not read his final book “The Failure of Representative Government and the Solution: A Legislature of the People” please pick it up. I interviewed Gravel about it last year and it is a blueprint to bringing direct democracy to America.” / Twitter

Oppression and Repression in the U.S. by Angela Davis [1972] (1/4) – YouTube

“No one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they’re free.” (-Goethe)

“Pat Tillman called the Iraq War “fucking illegal,” got shot to death by his own men, and then had his death covered up by the U.S. military.” (-Mike Gravel)

“The corporations that profit from permanent war need us to be afraid. Fear stops us from objecting to government spending on a bloated military. Fear means we will not ask unpleasant questions of those in power. Fear permits the government to operate in secret. Fear means we are willing to give up our rights and liberties for promises of security. The imposition of fear ensures that the corporations that wrecked the country cannot be challenged. Fear keeps us penned in like livestock.” (-Chris Hedges)

Oppression and Repression in the U.S. by Angela Davis [1972] (1/4) – YouTube


Man, my electricity went out when I was typing this, so I gotta try and remember what I said the first time cause not all of it saved. All the glitter kids are super stoked about the latest fab collab between the legendary Hiroshi Nakagome, “The Johnny Thunders Of Japan” and the World Famous Mister Ratboy best known for his work with MOTORCYCLE BOY, Hollywood’s coolest band who were “Kicked Out Of Hollywood” for hating the Sunset Strip, and the sexier, darker, more brooding and Velvet Underground influenced PILLBOX that beat from the heart of Alphabet CIty. Ratboy also released a series of memorable records with his more eccelctic group, SOUR JAZZ and an excellent solo album before relocating to Japan. Chris Barry the very charming Pillbox frontman returned to Canada and created an outstanding record called “Let It Throb” with his band, Throbbing Purple, I think Lou paris moved back to Cleveland, and Francois still knocks around on the Sunset Strip in his swanky leopard print and probably still has the best hair in L.A. latest new youtube jam!

The Golden Rat – Gimme Danger (2018) – YouTube

Pillbox re-issue proves they were the real deal | Reviews (

Mr. Ratboy Interview (Motorcycle Boy, Sour Jazz, Pillbox, The Golden Rat) – YouTube

I Hate The Sunset Strip (Bonus Track) – YouTube

Cool You And Me – YouTube

Mr Ratboy A Gift – YouTube

Mr. Ratboy – Rocket to Reno – YouTube

SOUR JAZZ – Rock & Roll Star – YouTube

SOUR JAZZ – Mr Popular – YouTube

Walter Lure & Mr Ratboy – Chinese Rocks – YouTube

The Golden Rat with Naruzy Suicide- The Whole of the Law (The Only Ones) – YouTube

Blackout – YouTube

Let It Writhe – YouTube

Colour Me Gone – YouTube


Hunter S. Thompson interview on “Kingdom of Fear” (2003) – YouTube

Hunter S. Thompson’s Post 9-11 Interview [FULL] – YouTube

Hunter S. Thompson interview on “Kingdom of Fear” (2003) – YouTube

The Edge | Read by Hunter S Thompson – YouTube

Hunter S. Thompson at University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS – 2/2/1987 SBD – YouTube

Dr. Hunter S. Thompson on Bill Clinton – YouTube

25 Years of Rolling Stone Magazine- MTV Special – YouTube

Hunter S Thompson – On The Iraq War Bush Presidency – YouTube

Hunter shmoozes about Dubya – YouTube

Hunter S Thompson Didn’t Like Weed – YouTube

“We’ve bought into the idea that education is about training and “success,” defined monetarily, rather than learning to think critically and challenge. We should not forget that the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers. A culture that does not grasp the vital interplay between morality and power, which mistakes management techniques for wisdom, which fails to understand that the measure of a civilization is its compassion, not its speed or ability to consume, condemns itself to death.” (-Chris Hedges) 


Man I ended up talking with a boomer I know who reads those corporate celebrity magazines, so she’s telling me like, how popular and with it Kamala “KKKOP” Harris and (Neo)Kanye “Batshit” West are with the young people of the streets, and I’m kinda just like half smiling, trying to imagine where and what young people might even remotely care about either of them, at all. At all. Like, “who”? This is just media juggernaut celebrity magazine fiction. I mean, Ye had those ridiculous $500 cream colored shoes all the white people coffeetable magazines promoted some years back, and I know he married that idle heiress with all the elective surgeries and seems to have been driven bonkers by that family and whatever kook cult they belong to, but young people are probably all into some new shit me and that boomer have never heard of. She still thinks of Amy Pohler and Whoopi Goldberg as edgy, radical comediennes. She thinks “Hamilton” is woke hip-hop. I’m not sure there’s even such a thing, ya know. I’m so old now I can still remember when “woke” meant being conscious of the lies, falsehoods, fabrications and phony fictions the empire manufactured to hustle up support for their endless Dick Cheney proxy wars agenda, and the divide the working class and mass incarcerate people of color for capitalist shareholder profits. Woke meant you did not fall for patriotic, racist whitewash, history revisionism, or stupid advertising slogans, or bullshit copaganda, or believe in the corporate media bullshit of the day, or subscribe to all those long debunked archaic cold war divide n conquer narratives, or follow along with any of the evil empire’s oppressor nonsense, now, the fake as fuck corporate media keeps trying to convince these boomers and some Gen X role playing nerds that woke means endless wars and kill the poor, but maybe with a Buddha statue at your rainbow flagged airbandb and a “TRUST THE SCIENCE” sticker and a Ukraine flag on your BLM Tesla, with maybe a cameo appearance from Bob The Drag Queen. I instantly loved Bob the Drag Queen way back in the day, but the capitalist war machine is still the capitalist war machine, with or without some feelgood bumper stickers, or zaney but lovable cynically cast backup dancers. It’s a dead dull Saturday in a nowhere dead end place, and my family is sick and I’m taking heavy doses of Vitamin C trying to not catch whatever they have, but it might be unavoidable. I’m restless and pissedoff and just hate sitting around. Worked on the garden, expecting some seeds in the mail today or Monday. Bitchy. Wanna Rock. Nowhere Calling to the Faraway Clowns. Oh yeah, that same boomer also wanted to tell me about some Republikkkan that got caught lying (GASP!) but somehow they never heard about any of Gropey Joe’s FIFTY YEAR LONG MADCAP WELL DOCUMENTED, EASILY PROVEN, INDISPUTABLE, ENTIRE CAREER OF LIES. Woke means never trusting the bullshittery on tv.

I was saying Donald Trump sucked, all the way back in the eighties, where’s my donut? Ya know what I mean? All the fraudsquad superstars and Lyn Cheney were required to do was say “ORANGE MAN BAD” and they all got to be overnight shitlib celebrities. What the fuck is that? I gotta say it on Twitter or something? “ORANGE MAN BAD”. There I said it again, now I shouldn’t I be receiving like some kinda special credit card approval in the mail, or job offers in the supposedly popular media, or some kinda discount buffet at the tiki lounge or somethin’? Drink tickets at the Tuesday night gentrification bar? Free hats from the expensive boutique? That’s all the shitlib superstars of the fradsquad and Lyn Cheney the torture and fracking lady have done, some empty, meaningless justice tweeting about “ORANGE MAN BAD”. Most of that was just to make new laws against public protest, to criminalize anyone who contests the fix is in election results, and superfund the racist gestapo cops even after four long years of protests against superfunding racist gestapo cops. Some representation we got, huh? I guess redundant disappointment AOC has started tweeting “IRAN ALSO BAD”. I’ll always remember her crocodile tears over CHILDREN IN CAGES while Trump was in office. Once Biden was in, they put some peppy wall paper on the walls, did a photo op with border kids reading Elmo or some shit and changed the name of the CHILD CAGES to “overflow facilities”, quadrupled the population there, and AOC never mentioned it again. Even when Obama or Biden actually out incarcerate their Republikkkan pals, rightwing media still screams about all the immigrants coming here for our good jobs and healthcare benefits. Does any of this make any sense at all? Good jobs with healthcare benefits? I guess they just mean AOC and her anti protest, pro censorship friends. Politics are fake. All these awful greedy awful people hate the poor. One of my friend’s wives who sadly, tragically, unexpectedly died was a real genius level super extraordinary talented artist, she was sucha brilliantly gifted artist that excessively rich honcho hipsters would even pay her big bucks to paint campy pop art for their ridiculous showoff mansions. Her mom and aunt were old school women’s rights activists who wanted to see a female president in their lifetime, but even she had to admit that this cold war witch, Hillary Clinton, cashing big checks from the bonesawing despot Saudi pharoahs for her so-called foundation, rigging the primaries against Sanders, smearing him as sexist, and the blaming “RUSSIA!” for the next however many years when she lost the election unexpectedly to Trump, and promoting fracking which fucks up all the water supply everywhere, and cackling like an unhinged lunatic over her delight in killing Gaddafi for her central banking friends was terrifyingly outta the realm of acceptablility, no matter what body she has, or what pro nouns make her feel most seen. The ruling class hate our guts and are never, never going to advocate for us, or protect us, or do our will. They work for billionaires, Gropey Joe even said that straightup to a worker in Michigan which is why nobody on the real left believes he won on Super Tuesday without some Mayo Pete affiliated software goosing, aside from the fact that he had no base and never campaigned except with his wife while wearing a mask from his basement, the one time he did hit the campaign trail he bellowed at a union man who challenged his Corn Pop nonsense: “I don’t work for you!” Nader on holding fakes accountable! *Must see!

The Great Reset | COVID-19 BEAST System Explained: A.I., Nano-Tech, Brain-Chips & 24/7 Surveillance (

World Health Organization gets closer to expanding its surveillance powers through international pandemic treaty (

Something Broken in the Promised Land – YouTube

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on Twitter: “Today, I met with East Palestine Mayor Trent Conaway and Village Manager Traci Spratt to learn firsthand the impact Norfolk Southern’s train disaster has had on the community and work to hold the rail giant accountable.” / Twitter

Mick Wallace on Twitter: “No matter who’s responsible for the sabotage of #Nordstream which was a blatant act of terrorism, surely if #Sweden has any information that could expose those responsible it should come clean. Or has Sweden suddenly lost interest in International Law..? Whose asking questions..?” / Twitter

American Exception on Twitter: “Sachs really crushes his New Yorker interviewer here. It’s interesting that they ran this. It seems like–as RAND recommended–the Establishment wants to slowly move the needle away from Ukraine Uber Alles!, given the realities on the ground.” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Further confirmation the Democratic Party has lost its mind and its heart.” / Twitter Dems are not even liberals except for empty kenta cloth virtue signaling. None of them are close to being leftist and Pelosi has told you that repeatedly.

“It is better to be an outcast, a stranger in one’s own country, than an outcast from one’s self. It is better to see what is about to befall us and to resist than to retreat into the fantasies embraced by a nation of the blind.” (-Chris Hedges)

Richard D. Wolff on Twitter: “Why do capitalists running railways, airlines, etc. say “safety is our #1 priority”? Because it isn’t. Profit is. Spending more on safety hurts profits. Tragedies like East Palestine, Ohio, make us ask: why let profit-driven capitalists be in charge? That’s what’s unsafe.” / Twitter

The MC5, White Panthers and 60s Revolution – YouTube


Whitney Webb on Twitter: “What do you think the war on “domestic terror” is really about? a few boogeymen here and there to justify crushing legitimate dissent and people-driven movements” / Twitter

johndissed on Twitter: “The Real Joe Biden Exposed!” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “For weeks Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has REPEATEDLY contradicted himself, and LIED, on whether #EastPalestineOH is safe. Yesterday after receiving a letter from the rail union about sick cleanup workers, he said “I’m not aware of it at all.” We strung together his lies…” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “BREAKING: A temporary dam erected by Norfolk Southern in #EastPalestineOH —with contaminated water—is overflowing AGAIN where Leslie Run and Sulphur Run creeks meet. There are 5 water wells in close proximity drawing from groundwater. This is at edge of East Palestine City Park.” / Twitter

David Sirota on Twitter: “Colorado Dems just joined with the GOP to help lobbyists kill @EmilyForCO’s labor-backed bill requiring large employers to provide predictable schedules to workers & to pay those workers when bosses tell them to show up but then they arent given work hours” / Twitter

Jordan on Twitter: “The EPA is “making a really bad situation and actually making it worse” @ErinBrockovich’s partner Bob Bowcock tells @louisd217 on #EastPalestineOH response. EPA is causing “a chronic contamination-something they are going to experience for decades.”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “At last night’s EPA/Norfolk Southern town hall w/ frustrated & desperate #EastPalestineOH residents, a Norfolk Southern lobbyist told residents and told them the company would not be paying to relocate residents despite widespread illnesses and homes that reek of chemicals…” / Twitter

Steven Donziger on Twitter: “Below is an article on the 1984 Bhopal disaster in India – caused by the US company Union Carbide – that killed roughly 15,000 people. The company paid almost nothing to its victims and has been protected for years by the same NY court that imprisoned me.” / Twitter

David Sirota on Twitter: “So apparently @GovKathyHochul thinks everyone is too dumb to realize what she did, or she thinks the New York media simply won’t bother telling New Yorkers what she did. Read the story:” / Twitter

sarah on Twitter: “On the streets of Paris, France today: Another huge anti-NATO protest that Western corporate media are trying very hard to ignore.” / Twitter

Donbass Devushka on Twitter: “Imaging getting on the internet and running interference for NATO/UN/EU/any BS liberal institution that mean nothing. Like imagine thinking the UN or NATO are cool.” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “The flooding is going into The Original Roadhouse restaurant parking lot where a lot of locals eat and drink. Pics taken by local resident Neko Figley, who posted on Facebook that he was told by contractors to leave because it was “super dangerous to be here right now.”” / Twitter

“It is the cult of self that is killing the United States. This cult has within it the classic traits of psychopaths: superficial charm, grandiosity and self-importance ; a need for constant stimulation; a penchant for lying, deception and manipulation; and the incapacity for remorse or guilt.” (-Chris Hedges)

Garland Nixon on Twitter: “So I’m watching these videos on telegram about the bodies stacking up in Bakhmut and I’m thinking, If you are in Taiwan and you can’t figure out what Biden and his lunatics have planned your you… your are seriously naive…” / Twitter

Realm of the Pirate Kings – YouTube

Videopoem Presents Patti Smith in support of Ralph Nader – YouTube


Louis DeAngelis on Twitter: “The situation is MUCH WORSE now with last night’s second overflow of the temporary dam, which is located right next to where I conducted this interview.” / Twitter

“One of America’s most vocal and steadfast advocates for supporting Joe Biden’s war policies in Ukraine. He voted to send $40 billion to Raytheon and CIA “for Ukraine,” and when asked if the US should send F-16 *fighter jets*, he seems not just ready but eager to send much more” (-Glenn Greenwald on sadly soldout pro war Sanders)

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “In 2016, Sanders excited and deceived millions by promising what he called a “political revolution” against the Demo establishment. Now, you wind him up and he says – even on the most consequential questions, like Ukraine – uh, I don’t know much about it but I support Biden.” / Twitter

Unholy on Twitter: “@SocialistMMA “I’m not sure” mf your only job is to be SURE! Foh sellout!” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “@UnholyRom3 He’s lying 100% Bernie knows what is going on, but he has to play stupid in order to defend Biden and Democrats” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Bernie Sanders clarifying that the takeover of the Democratic Party by the war machine is now complete.” / Twitter

Wyatt Reed on Twitter: “2020’s biggest “anti-war” candidate sounds like a raging neocon just 3 years later” / Twitter

Unholy on Twitter: “What I think about Jimmy Dore running in 2024.” / Twitter

Glenn Greenwald on Twitter: “Here, Bernie — asked about Corbyn – praised him in the vaguest way possible but basically said: The Labour Party? What’s that? I really don’t know much about it. I know nothing about why Labour expelled Corbyn so I can’t opine. LOL. What courage:” / Twitter

BDS movement on Twitter: “Last night apartheid Israel’s occupation forces murdered another Palestinian child with impunity! 15-year-old Mohammad Nidal Salim was shot in Azzoun, occupied West Bank. He is the 14th Palestinian child murdered by apartheid Israel in 2023! #MilitaryEmbargo #EndIsraeliImpunity” / Twitter

Prof Zenkus on Twitter: “Joe Biden has the power to extend Medicare for life to every adult and child affected by the Norfolk Southern disaster. He needs to declare a national emergency. @NinaTurner highlighted my tweet thread where I lay this out. full video:” / Twitter

Wyatt Reed on Twitter: “They call it “the rules-based order”because “the rules-for-thee-and-not-for-me-based order” was way too long” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network on Twitter: “The White Left Media Industrial Complex, aka The Bernie Industrial Complex, pushes an ill-fated, lackluster, resource-draining Marianne Williamson President Run For Money and Clout Anyone, NOT HER FRIEND, knows this @marwilliamson #DontDonateToMarianneWilliamson” / Twitter

Revolutionary Blackout Network🥋 on Twitter: “I will be flying out to Seattle tomorrow to give a speech at Workers Strike Back launch event BLM taught us any organization that does not organize outside the two party duopoly is deeply unserious” / Twitter

“We are living in the most expensive and dangerous timeline and Dems just keep telling you deal with it. They don’t even answer questions anymore, you’re just smeared as “pro Russia.” What a sick bunch. What are we doing?” (-Thia Ballerina)

““China, China, China.” “Russia, Russia, Russia.” Anything to distract us from the fact that our greatest enemy is our own government.����” (-Jory Micah)

“Poor people, especially those of color, are worth nothing to corporations and private contractors if they are on the street. In jail and prisons, however, they can each generate corporate revenues of $30,000 to $40,000 a year” (-Chris Hedges)

“Once you know someone is a compulsive liar, you’re not going to fall for their lies anymore. That’s how manipulation works: it’s only effective when you don’t know it’s happening. So our job is to wake people up to the fact that it is happening, and how precisely it is happening. Journalism will never have any meaningful impact on society as long as those in power can manipulate how that journalism is received by the public. This means that the real fight is in crippling their ability to do this by expanding public awareness of those manipulations. Investigative journalists do good and important work, but they’re only a small piece of the equation when it comes to circulating information and waking up the public to effect meaningful societal changes. The bigger part of the fight is in fighting the propaganda machine. The fight is no longer just getting information out there, it’s now also about making sure people see it and understand it correctly. There’s already enough publicly available information out there to incite revolution; only reason it doesn’t is because of imperial spinmeisters. The silver lining in this cloud is that fighting the imperial propaganda machine is something all ordinary people can do in their spare time. We can all circulate inconvenient facts, debunk and discredit the imperial spin machine, and help further degrade public trust in the MSM.” (-Caitlin Johnstone)

Edge of the Switchblade – YouTube

It’s Never Enough – YouTube

WHITE PANTHER The Legacy of John Sinclair – YouTube


PunchUpPod on Twitter: “Cult Culture Nazis, book burning, banning political opposition, voter suppression, Covid policies, immigration… Liberals have no stand-alone ideology. w/o Trump & Repubs, they struggle to define themselves as anything more than simply the Lesser Evil.” / Twitter

Turncoat Don on Twitter: “@MaxBlumenthal Whoa hold it right there pal. That’s Wonder Woman you’re talking about now.” / Twitter

Max Blumenthal on Twitter: “Liz Cheney called Gitmo defense lawyers terrorists & co-authored a piece with her father Dick Cheney arguing that Saddam had close Al Qaeda ties. Now liberals reward her with a fake academic job “finding lasting solutions that not only preserve but strengthen our democracy”” / Twitter

BDS movement on Twitter: “Inciting to genocide, self-declared fascist Israeli minister, Smotrich, calls for “wiping out” Palestinian town of Huwara. On Sun, 500 Israeli settlers, protected by apartheid Israel’s forces, launched a pogrom injuring hundreds of Palestinians, burning homes, businesses & cars.” / Twitter

“No, there are no “UN troops” taking over Chile right now and rounding people up for bird flu. IDK why so many are asking me about this, but don’t trust a Canadian living in Canada to tell you what is going on in Chile.

Fearmongering BS doesn’t just come from MSM you know.” (-Whitney Webb)

A society without the means to detect lies and theft soon squanders its liberty and freedom.” (-Chris Hedges)

“Dear Fellow Americans Our Gov’t lied us into the Iraq War and killed a million people, they just lied to us for 20 years about what was really happening in Afghanistan If you let them make you believe Putin went into Ukraine for no reason and Ukraine is winning you’re just dumb.

No matter what political label Americans gives themselves it appears that almost all of us still believe in American Exceptionalism.

Many Americans had and some still have WWII vets in their families Do they know that our Gov’t is now arming Nazis instead of fighting them?

The reason why the U.S. and NATO have been unable to destroy Russia with sanctions like they thought is because almost the entire Global South knows that the West are the liars and remembers what the West has done to their countries.

The U.S. couldn’t beat the Taliban, NATO can’t beat Russia so the next logical step is to try to start a war with China.

Agree with Russia going into Ukraine or not, Putin and Russia are the ones telling the truth about why the war started and the U.S. and the West are playing us for suckers again.

Americans don’t care about invasions when the US is doing the invading.
It is the U.S. and NATO that has totally failed in what they promised.

They didn’t turn the ruble to rubble, they haven’t forced Russia out of Ukraine, taken back Crimea, forced out Putin, isolated Russia, or sent Russia back to the Stone Age. But they took $100 billion from us. When the U.S. and Europe says the world is with them, it’s because they truly believe that they are all that matters and what the other 85% of people in other countries think doesn’t really mean anything.” (-Black In The Empire)

“Political parties are a problem. A voter could agree with a policy and still vote against the candidate promoting the policy because they’re not in the same party as them. Parties keep us divided. As a result, we don’t focus on the elites using all of us.” (-Sabby Sabs)

“Every time Joe brag tweets about his booming economy he’s erasing ppl that are struggling, suffering, hungry, homeless, poor, without medicine, hurting and living paycheck to paycheck. I’m sorry, but he doesn’t give 1 solitary fk about you and it shows.” (-Thia Ballerina)

مركوس on Twitter: “@blackintheempir The “whole world” according the US and EU. #WhiteSupremacy” / Twitter

Profiting Off of Death and Suffering is the American Way | CovertAction Magazine

House overwhelmingly approves resolution to maintain Syria sanctions after earthquake – The Grayzone

Top Biden officials address pro-war rally led by Ukrainian Nazi supporters – The Grayzone

Resetting Without Schwab: Russia & the Fourth Industrial Revolution (

Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter: “This is because imperial narrative control has gotten so much stronger than it used to be. It doesn’t matter if you can expose the malfeasance of the powerful if their propaganda machine controls if and how that information is distributed and how it’s seen and interpreted.” / Twitter

Anti-government protesters besiege Netanyahu’s wife at Tel Aviv beauty salon for hour (

Mark Jeftovic, The ₿itcoin Capitalist on Twitter: “@_whitneywebb on BombthrowerTV – #JeffreyEpstein, the merger between organized crime and national intelligence agencies, and Klaus Schwab… “We’re In A Battle For the Fate of Humanity”.″ / Twitter

Fiorella Isabel on Twitter: “APPROVED & confirmed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken…the U.S. sends Ukraine another $400 MILLION package… Meanwhile at home…” / Twitter


Man I had some mediocre dreams last night concerning old shit from the high school years, drumkits and arguing with people about recording costs. Stuck in the past. Woke up and checked my old mostly obsolete email cause I’d received some unexpected correspondance from distant quarters there and man the propaganada machine bullshit is RELENTLESS. Somehow during my misguided Bernie daze, when I wrongly thought he had the character, backbone, and integrity to stand up and fight the corrupt DNC and Hillary Clinton and the Military-Surveillance-Pharamaceutical-Media-Incarceration Monopolies, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer and Blackrock, I got on these bullshit DNC, gullible shitlib echo chamber mailing lists, so now I am being flooded with all this STAND WITH IRAN WOMEN and LGBT RIGHTS IN IRAN spam, deceptively manufacturing consent for war. Crassly manipulative wag the dog war piggery. Everytime the empire wants to target another country for um, “Liberation”, they start with the feminist angle, trot out AOC to demand the bombs be deployed on some foreign culture the deep state has determined is not woke and sensitive enough. They did the same shit with Afghanistan, then Syria. Destroyed Libya and laughed about it. If you think women and gay people have more freedom and better quality of lives after USA, USA goes in and flattens all their buildings and infrastructure and rough men come to town with big guns and kick everybody’s door down and shoot the males and do what they do in war to the women and children they are invading, you are an imperialist, white superemacist, or naieve. Women and gay people are not better off in Afganistan or Libya, just because their male family members have been slaughted and tortured and some rich ladies in Amurkkka got more billions donated to their “foundations”. Haiti does not want or need no white women who work for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin overthrowing their governments or helping to steal their natural resources for Davos billionaire profits. I see how they do it though-they whip up the identity politics Nato left, make them think it’s all for the kittens and the oppressed. If the empire could never be bothered to fix fucking FLINT MICHIGAN, how the fuck do you college people imagine they give a rat’s ass about “women’s rights” in Afghanistan? The fraud squad warpigs make me sick. What fakes, what liars, how can they sleep at night? Like babies, rolling in the money, I guess. Those grossout ladies on “The View” really have dumbed the KKKaryns down,.

Rainbow flags on tanks killin’ more poor brown people for oil is not okey dokey, or wokey wokey. Fix Flint. And if you don’t care about the poor people of East Palestine being poisoned by your big media programming mushroom cloud Blackrock buddies just you know cidentally becuse they supposedly just had no choice but to burn all those toxic chemicals there in the farmlands,where they wanna mine for Cobalt, while Bill Gates buys up all the remaining farmland everywhere, stop pretending you love marginalized peoples in foreign countries you know nothing about Sal the Agorist on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “East Palestine’s MONTH OF HELL: Sick Residents Get HEATED at EPA/Norfolk Southern, Rail Workers Sick w/ @JordanChariton LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”My grandkids have been sick for 2 weeks…they were diagnosed w/ chemical burns on their skin & throats; diagnosed my daughter w/ chemical bronchitis,” -Stella, #EastPalestineOH resident. Norfolk Southern would only reimburse daughter’s hotel for 4 days. “I am absolutely livid.”” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “East Palestine’s MONTH OF HELL: Sick Residents Get HEATED at EPA/Norfolk Southern, Rail Workers Sick” / Twitter

AS`AD AbuKHALIL: Netanyahu’s Anthology of Errors, Fabrications & Falsehoods (

Ivy Larsen on Twitter: “Whoa…talk about embarrassing! Remember when Gavin ran for governor in 2018 and promised to solve this problem? Now it’s far worse than ever.” / Twitter

Whitney Webb on Twitter: “NEW – Did Barbara Marx Hubbard call for the culling of one-fourth of the human population? @ProfessorTaoist investigates the truth about the Malthusian bent of Hubbard’s “co-creative” gospel of “conscious” transhuman evolution.” / Twitter

☀️👀 on Twitter: “don’t worry, they’ve also found a solution for global warming” / Twitter

☀️👀 on Twitter: “the future of capitalism looking bright” / Twitter

WATCH: Assange Belmarsh Tribunal Live From Sydney (


You know I understand people are punished 24/7 with fear programming and fabricated bullshit hysteria about the boogeymen coming to steal their special privileges or whatever, which is the main reason the consumerist hypnospell see no evil motherfuckers just dutifully repeat what the spin doctor tv millionaires say until doomsday, which is here for a lot of us, but man, I will never really get the whole sham about how all the goosestepin’ gotmines still believe that talking about Obama and Beyonce all day makes them NOT RACISTtm, ESPECIALLY while they steadfastly ignore all the white supremacist wars of aggression, the mass incarceration of black people, and kkkops killing about six people a day in this country, the majority of them people of color, but somehow the tv still convinces them that applauding the soldout fraudsquad or Cailtin Jenner some more somehow means they aren’t absolutely batshit complicit with the HONKY DEATH MACHINE, that’s just slapped some feelgood bumper stickers on the back of their tanks. “COEXIST”, my ass. You mean coexist with other rich white people, mostly. And maybe some token models. A few. “I feel so seen”, the shitlibs all say. What about all the poor people whose lives are being destroyed by your bullshit diversity idol’s donor class bosses and forever prez?

It Was OBAMA’s Deregulation That Caused East Palestine Disaster – Says Wash Post – YouTube

Biden Won’t Go To East Palestine Because Trump Went First – YouTube

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EPA Orders Dioxin Tests One Month After Disaster & Ohio Park Animals/Labor Union Workers Falling Ill (

Angry East Palestine, Ohio, Residents Confront Norfolk Southern Railroad Over Health Fears | HuffPost Latest News

Woody Harrelson Tells Truth About COVID On SNL! – YouTube

Why Did Wuhan Lab Turn Down SARS Researcher’s Request for Biosafety Level-4 Access? • Children’s Health Defense (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “”Why do they need Social Security cards for everyone in my house?…My one foster child has a bloody nose, Saturday morning when we woke up she couldn’t breathe, my little dog—we have a Shichon— could not breathe,” -Sherry tells @louisd217” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Erin Brockovich BLASTS CLASSIC COVERUP in East Palestine, OBVIOUS “Nothing is Safe Yet” w/ @TinaDesireeBerg and @RonPlacone LIVE NOW:” / Twitter

Jimmy Dore on Twitter: “You should see how shitty @MSNBC has gotten since it was bought by Big Pharma, Wall st & Military Industrial Complex. Just blatant pro-war propaganda & Russia conspiracy theories 24/7.” / Twitter

‘Worst Public Health Mistakes in History,’ Witness Tells COVID Pandemic Oversight Committee • Children’s Health Defense (

Jay Bhattacharya on Twitter: “”Masks perpetuated the lie of universal risk on which lockdowns were predicated, and thereby helped keep in place school and business closures and stay-at-home orders.” Another home run piece by @galexybrane, this time in @compactmag_” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Erin Brockovich was FURIOUS about the @EPA and Politician’s lack of response in #EastPalestineOH, speaking with @JordanChariton a week after the Norfolk Southern chemical disaster. She’s giving another town hall in EP today. Watch Here:” / Twitter


“The media propagates a message that corporations want, and there’s a belittling and mocking of the poor and celebration of wealth. A kind of cutthroat, rapacious capitalism is celebrated on reality television shows where you betray and manipulate and push aside your competitors for fleeting fame and money. These are sick values, but they’re disseminated through corporate media in almost every program you watch.” (-Chris Hedges)

ANSWER Coalition on Twitter: “End all wars, including U.S. economic warfare against Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela! Sanctions kill! Rally with us March 18 to say NO to ALL endless U.S. Wars! 📝Saturday March 18, 1pm 📍Washington, D.C., the White House” / Twitter

Dr. Jill Stein🌻 on Twitter: “Time to end US subsidies for pogroms and other apartheid violence.” / Twitter

Fred Hampton on the importance of revolutionary education – YouTube

It Is the mass media’s job to help suppress anti-war movements – Pearls and Irritations (

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johndissed on Twitter: “No help coming from either corporate party…” / Twitter

Status Coup News on Twitter: “For weeks Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has REPEATEDLY contradicted himself, and LIED, on whether #EastPalestineOH is safe. Yesterday after receiving a letter from the rail union about sick cleanup workers, he said “I’m not aware of it at all.” We strung together his lies…” / Twitter

How Israeli cyber weapons are taking over Latin America (

Status Coup News on Twitter: “Live at 5PM ET with @RonPlacone and @TinaDesireeBerg Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine CAN’T STOP LYING About East Palestine Train Explosion” / Twitter

Mediaite SMEARS Jimmy Dore For Telling Truth About Ukraine N@zis – YouTube

Sabby Sabs on Twitter: “LIVE!” / Twitter


Dan Denton on Twitter: “Coming in the fall of 2023 from Roadside Press. My next novel. The longest, most intense piece of writing I’ve ever produced. #novel #comingsoon #writer #newbook

Dan Denton on Twitter: “I wrote a book and it’s getting published and releases in November. Its my second book, and you could preorder a signed copy at the link #book #published #prose #poetry #writer” / Twitter” / Twitter

David Lee Roth shares new ‘studio live’ version of Van Halen’s ‘Unchained’ – Metal Edge Magazine

Don’t Extradite Assange – #FreeAssange on Twitter: “The Disappearing Of Julian Assange: In My Wallet Created by: @caitoz” / Twitter


Ralph Nader on Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their “total support” of war and empire – YouTube

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Anthony Reyes on Twitter: “Mike gravel was a G I looked up one of his old quotes from the 08 campaign no wonder they cut off his mic” / Twitter

Rex Patrick on Twitter: “10 years of #FOIs by @KellieTranter leaves no doubt about the complicity of Australian Governments and bureaucrats in the persecution of Julian #Assange. Attorney-General @MarkDreyfusKCMP’s claims to champion #pressfreedom are hollow indeed. #auspol” / Twitter

Patti Smith Interview: I Will Always Live Like Peter Pan – YouTube

WikiLeaks on Twitter: “ACLU: “The Government needs to drop the charges against Assange” @ACLU Freedom of the Press Foundation: “The Biden Admin must drop the charges against Assange immediately” @FreedomofPress Amnesty: #Assange prosecution is “politically motivated and unjustified” @amnesty” / Twitter