The Erotics “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”

The world might be crashing down, but it won’t stop The EROTICS to play and release music. Here they are again with 14 songs recorded live in the studio by Don Fury in early 2020 in front of a contingent of dedicated fans. “Nothing To Sing About” opens the record on on an instrumental heavy metal note, making the place ready for “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”, s song with a bit of WASP thrown into it. “Lie My Way To Hell” and “Monday Morning Meltdown” both are catchy 80s hard rock influenced songs while “You’re History” sounds more 70s rock before “Scare Myself To Death” and “All Ripped Up” speed things up a bit. The EROTICS can also write ballads, but they’re never cheesy as you can hear in “Wrong Kind of Love Song” and “When You Fly Away”! The rock’n’roll side of the band shows more in “Sweet Cyanide Kisses” and in “Snake In The Grass” The record ends on a punk’n’roll meets new wave of British heavy metal note with “Fighting Like Cats and Dogs” that shows everyone that The EROTICS are not ready to give up… And who knows? In this 2020 world of social distancing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more “private live” records being released in the next months… /Laurent C.

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