The Erotics “Rot In The Shade”

Albany’s sleaziest rock’n’roll band The EROTICS are back with 10 brand new songs for Christmas produced by Don Furry. “Knockin’ On Death’s Door” opens the album with a good dose of 80s hard rock before “Helltown Boogie” and “You Got Me Shakin'” both take us back to the 70s in an AEROSMITH/CHEAP TRICK way. “Diamonds” slows things down and “Dia De Los Muertos” offers us some good heavy rock with Spanish lyrics while “Too Hot To Stop” and “Scream Like A Demon” both sound more like the band’s previous albums. “When The Wolves Are Howlin'” is an interesting song, kind of a mix between RATT and horror rock and “Bless Your Heart” has a bit of a POISON “Nothin’ But A Good Time” vibe. “Hungover On Christmas” puts an end to this album making sure you’ll keep it sleazy even on Christmas. The EROTICS have tried new things on “Rot In The Shade” without betraying their style. Good job! /Laurent C.

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The Erotics “Hungover On Christmas” EP

The EROTICS are getting ready to celebrate Christmas their own way with “Hungover On Christmas”, a new song in which you’ll find some good old hard rock influences with a punk rock production. Fans of early WASP will probably dig this one! They also offer us a cover of 1974 Jim Stafford classic “Spiders & Snakes” adding some groove to this 2021 chaotic Christmas. Get the bottles out!/Laurent C.

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The Erotics “Ride It To Death” EP

Following their 2020 release “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”, this brand new EROTICS EP has been produced by Don Fury again. “When The Wolves Are Howlin'” opens this new release with some killer glam metal guitar riffs and a chorus that could have been on a WASP album. “Scream Like A Demon” offers us some good heavy rock with a bit of biker rock thrown in it while “Ride It To Death” has a bit of early MOTÖRHEAD in it. You’ll dig “Bless Your Heart” if you like 70s KISS and the last song “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” is an old-school rock’n’roll song with a verse à la ROSE TATTOO. The EROTICS are alive and well and haven’t managed to kill rock’n’roll yet! /Laurent C.

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The Erotics “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”

The world might be crashing down, but it won’t stop The EROTICS to play and release music. Here they are again with 14 songs recorded live in the studio by Don Fury in early 2020 in front of a contingent of dedicated fans. “Nothing To Sing About” opens the record on on an instrumental heavy metal note, making the place ready for “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”, s song with a bit of WASP thrown into it. “Lie My Way To Hell” and “Monday Morning Meltdown” both are catchy 80s hard rock influenced songs while “You’re History” sounds more 70s rock before “Scare Myself To Death” and “All Ripped Up” speed things up a bit. The EROTICS can also write ballads, but they’re never cheesy as you can hear in “Wrong Kind of Love Song” and “When You Fly Away”! The rock’n’roll side of the band shows more in “Sweet Cyanide Kisses” and in “Snake In The Grass” The record ends on a punk’n’roll meets new wave of British heavy metal note with “Fighting Like Cats and Dogs” that shows everyone that The EROTICS are not ready to give up… And who knows? In this 2020 world of social distancing, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more “private live” records being released in the next months… /Laurent C.

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The Erotics “The Songs Remain Deranged”

Many sleaze rock/glam metal bands have disappeared these last years, but The EROTICS stand strong and offer us a new release each year! They never really change but are still able to offer us some quality rock’n’roll such as the heavy rock opener “Angel, Devil & Me”. You’ll hear some catchy horror rock (“Blood Of The Wasted”, “I Dismember You”, “Only When I Bleed”), some decadent glam metal (“The Things We Do In The Night”, “Steroids & Cocaine”), some sleazy rock (“Nice Things”) and even a bit of 70s rock with “Dity Little Secrets.” The EROTICS show us that they are also still good at glam punk with “Ain’t Talkin’ To You” and “Pretty Little Bomb.” A few of these songs were previously released on their “Stuck Between Venus and Mars” EP, including the ballad “Best Song of The Night”, so if you didn’t get the EP, that’s one more good reason for you to order “The Songs Remained Deranged”! /Laurent C.
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The Erotics “Stuck Between Venus And Mars” EP

One year after “United We Can’t Stand”, The EROTICS are back with 6 brand new songs. While the EP cover reminds me a bit of the excellent “Where You Been” by DINOSAUR JR., opening song “Stop Drop and Roll” confirms that The EROTICS still play 80s influenced hard rock’n’roll. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” is heavy and sleazy with a memorable chorus, “Stuck Between Venus and Mars” is a classic glam metal tune with great guitar riffs, and this time, the band has also decided to slow things down a bit with “Best Song Of The Night”, a power ballad somewhere between GUNS N’ ROSES‘ version of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and POISON‘s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” This being said, The EROTICS also keep their punk metal edge and dark humour lyrics with the catchy “Dismember You” and offer us a powerful cover of The MISFITS‘ “Skulls.” This is a great EP, and The EROTICS will be on tour in England soon (see dates below), so don’t miss them if you can go to one of these shows. /Laurent C.
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The Erotics “United We Can’t Stand”

A new 8 song album by Albany (NY)’s sleaziest rock’n’roll band, The EROTICS. “Steroid and Cocaine” opens on a heavy rock note that will make you want to go for a furious headbanging session, before “Ain’t Talkin’ To You” takes you right into the US sleaze rock territory, where The EROTICS always excel. “Big Beautiful Heels”mixes 70s hard rock and punk guitar riffs, while “United We Can’t Stand” is a catchy glam punk song that you’ll sing all day after listening to the album.
The EROTICS also has roots in classic American hard rock like AEROSMITH, and you can hear that in “Crawlin’ On Broken Glass”, but a song like “Only When I Bleed” and its horror humour and catchy chorus can appeal to WEDNESDAY 13 fans. “Pretty Little Bomb” could have been a FASTER PUSSYCAT song, and “Whoreified” closes this new album in style, and makes you think that after all these years, The EROTICS still have a lot to say. Now, if only they could tour in Europe! /Laurent C.
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The Erotics “Three Sheets To The Wind” EP

While most bands get wiser and softer as they get older, The EROTICS are taking the opposite way, sounding rougher and harder with every new release. Their previous CD “Preaching To The Choir” was a raw double live album, and here they are now with 3 brand new songs that sound as if you were standing in the studio with them.
“Three Sheets To The Wind” offers us some killer sleazy heavy rock with a guitar riff reminding of the best of MÖTLEY CRÜE, “Last To Arrive, First To Die” is a catchy track, in the vein of the MURDERDOLLS, and “Little Miss Misserable” is a cool dirty heavy rock’n’roll song that can appeal to both hard rock and punk rock’n’roll fans.
Keeping the sleazy rock flame alive, The EROTICS are just back from a tour in the UK, and they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in February 2016… Crazy!/Laurent C.
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