The Erotics “Ride It To Death” EP

Following their 2020 release “Let’s Kill Rock’n’Roll”, this brand new EROTICS EP has been produced by Don Fury again. “When The Wolves Are Howlin'” opens this new release with some killer glam metal guitar riffs and a chorus that could have been on a WASP album. “Scream Like A Demon” offers us some good heavy rock with a bit of biker rock thrown in it while “Ride It To Death” has a bit of early MOTÖRHEAD in it. You’ll dig “Bless Your Heart” if you like 70s KISS and the last song “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” is an old-school rock’n’roll song with a verse à la ROSE TATTOO. The EROTICS are alive and well and haven’t managed to kill rock’n’roll yet! /Laurent C.

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