The Erotics “Rot In The Shade”

Albany’s sleaziest rock’n’roll band The EROTICS are back with 10 brand new songs for Christmas produced by Don Furry. “Knockin’ On Death’s Door” opens the album with a good dose of 80s hard rock before “Helltown Boogie” and “You Got Me Shakin'” both take us back to the 70s in an AEROSMITH/CHEAP TRICK way. “Diamonds” slows things down and “Dia De Los Muertos” offers us some good heavy rock with Spanish lyrics while “Too Hot To Stop” and “Scream Like A Demon” both sound more like the band’s previous albums. “When The Wolves Are Howlin'” is an interesting song, kind of a mix between RATT and horror rock and “Bless Your Heart” has a bit of a POISON “Nothin’ But A Good Time” vibe. “Hungover On Christmas” puts an end to this album making sure you’ll keep it sleazy even on Christmas. The EROTICS have tried new things on “Rot In The Shade” without betraying their style. Good job! /Laurent C.

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