Superhorrorfuck “Gore-Geous Dead” EP

goregeous-EPItalian glam metal horror junkies SUPERHORRORFUCK have released this new EP on December 21st 2012 so that they can rise from the dead and promote it in a post-apocalyptic world. Nothing really changed since that date, but that sure won’t stop the band to spread their Grand Guignol disease.
4 songs that are still heavily influenced by WEDNESDAY 13 and The FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13, but that also show a new interesting side in “Voodoo Holiday” where surf-rock guitars meet horns similar to those in RIVER CITY REBELS for instance. “Death Become US” and “Ante-Mortem Pictures” are heavier and closer to the band’s previous released, but there’s also a bit of punk in those zombies’ colourful blood (“Dawn At The Graveyard”) that will help you to sing along. Be warned!/Laurent C.

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