Undercover Slut “Haters Gonna HATE”

10 years after their album "Amerikka Macht Frei" and after quite a few EPs and singles, UNDERCOVER SLUT are back with a new 10 song album, a new line-up and a new approach to their music. While they were often described as a glam punk version of MARILYN MANSON flirting with WHITE ZOMBIE, they now... Continue Reading →

The Latter Day Skanks “Devilishly Dirty” EP

Portland's punk rock scene seems to be very active nowadays. Preaching a message of equality through satire, The LATTER DAY SKANKS like their punk rock fast and raw as you can hear in opening song "Son Of Perversion (Warren Jeffs.)" These guys probably studied poetry with GG ALLIN ("Piss On Your Face)" and look like... Continue Reading →

Raging Dead “Born In Rage” EP

New horror punk band from Italy bringing us 6 (well, actually 5 since "Awakening Of The Damned" is an intro) songs with heavy WEDNESDAY 13/MURDERDOLLS influences, and an image close to Sweden's SISTER, something like black metal meets glam on a Halloween night. The guitar sound in songs like "Scratch Me", or "Anathema" is definitely... Continue Reading →

Rogue Male

In the 80s, metal was quite a codified and uniformized world, but some bands managed to stand out with a strong identity. ROGUE MALE was definitely one of these bands, mixing the new wave of British heavy metal to punk roots wrapped in a post-apocalyptic image. I was around 14 when I got into them.... Continue Reading →

Superhorrorfuck “Gore-Geous Dead” EP

Italian glam metal horror junkies SUPERHORRORFUCK have released this new EP on December 21st 2012 so that they can rise from the dead and promote it in a post-apocalyptic world. Nothing really changed since that date, but that sure won't stop the band to spread their Grand Guignol disease. 4 songs that are still heavily... Continue Reading →

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