The Latter Day Skanks “Devilishly Dirty” EP

Portland’s punk rock scene seems to be very active nowadays. Preaching a message of equality through satire, The LATTER DAY SKANKS like their punk rock fast and raw as you can hear in opening song “Son Of Perversion (Warren Jeffs.)” These guys probably studied poetry with GG ALLIN (“Piss On Your Face)” and look like a Halloween version of the NEW YORK DOLLS, but songs like “D.D.D.S.G” or the speed metal influenced “Keep It In Ther Family” sound like they must be a lot of fun when played live. The LATTER DAY SKANKS show us that you can talk about serious things while having fun, since their song about street harassment “Cat Callout” features five female vocalists of the Portland scene, which results in a cool girl hooligan chorus!… And well, let’s be honest, trashy punk with 80s hair metal solos and tons of fun can’t be a bad thing, right? /Laurent C.

Volume Bomb Block Party 5

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