Kris Rodgers “Losing The Frequency”

The name of KRIS RODGERS might not sound familiar to you, but he’s been touring and recording with bands like The CONNECTION, SCOTT SORRY, BULLET PROOF LOVERS, KURT BAKER, etc., and I’m sure you already saw these names before if you’re reading this. In 2011, KRIS RODGERS started a piano-oriented trio called The DIRTY GEMS, and today, he plays as a solo artist on this … Continue reading Kris Rodgers “Losing The Frequency”

The Latter Day Skanks “Devilishly Dirty” EP

Portland’s punk rock scene seems to be very active nowadays. Preaching a message of equality through satire, The LATTER DAY SKANKS like their punk rock fast and raw as you can hear in opening song “Son Of Perversion (Warren Jeffs.)” These guys probably studied poetry with GG ALLIN (“Piss On Your Face)” and look like a Halloween version of the NEW YORK DOLLS, but songs … Continue reading The Latter Day Skanks “Devilishly Dirty” EP

The Hot LZ’s – Your Hangover’s Hangover!

The HOT LZ’s are bringing back old-school punk rock to the map! We asked them a few questions about the band, Portland, and their debut album “Aggravate My Mind.” Can you introduce the band? Jon: Captain Jonny Sensitive. I play the bass Ethan: Ethan Klickman, I play the drums and I don’t have a nickname Matt: Matt “Wet” Waters and I play the guitar Mark: … Continue reading The Hot LZ’s – Your Hangover’s Hangover!

The Hot LZ’s “Aggravate My Mind”

Founded in 2011 in Portland, Oregon, The HOT LZ’s offer us 12 garage punk songs full of search and destroy energy, with a contemporary powerpop feel in the vocals. Guitars sometimes bring JOHNNY THUNDERS to mind (“Living in Rewind”, “Don’t Wanna See You”), tunes like “Art Of Failing” and “Missing The Point” have a sharp street punk edge, and garage rock’n’roll fans will probably enjoy … Continue reading The Hot LZ’s “Aggravate My Mind”

Breaker Breaker “Wreckin’ Machine”

This power trio from Portland, Oregon seems to have been on a serious 80s heavy metal and 70s hard rock diet for long! While some guitar riffs sometimes evoke early JUDAS PRIEST, songs like “Pistol Grip Baby” or “Evil Woman” shows us that BREAKER BREAKER is all about high energy. rock’n’roll. Some 80s glam metal can also be heard in “Zombie” or opening track “Move … Continue reading Breaker Breaker “Wreckin’ Machine”