Kris Rodgers “Losing The Frequency”

The name of KRIS RODGERS might not sound familiar to you, but he’s been touring and recording with bands like The CONNECTION, SCOTT SORRY, BULLET PROOF LOVERS, KURT BAKER, etc., and I’m sure you already saw these names before if you’re reading this.
In 2011, KRIS RODGERS started a piano-oriented trio called The DIRTY GEMS, and today, he plays as a solo artist on this full lenght debut on Rum Bar Records, and with the help of his friends The DIRTY GEMS, and KURT BAKER on bass. While you could expect some power pop here, you’ll get surprised with strong 70s radio friendly rock’n’roll. Songs like “Let Go”, “Gone On Too Long”, or “I Know” bring MEAT LOAF and 70s ELTON JOHN to mind (and the piano melodies sure won’t contradict this!), and you’ll find traces of CHEAP TRICK in “Rock’n’Roll Radio.”
The good thing about these songs is that they definitely sound timeless. Put “Black Widow”, or “Revolution” on, and if you don’t know where these songs come from, good chances are you won’t be able to guess they have been released in 2017!
“Losing Ther Frequency” closes with the grandiloquent, almost QUEEN-esque “Who’s Gonna Save You Now”, and you wouldn’t expect less! Who said classic rock has to be something fom the past, anyway? /Laurent C.


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