The Bad Somethings “S/T”

Opening song “Yeah Yeah Yeah” brings us back to 70s KISS with Ace Frehley inspired guitars and vocals bringing Gene Simmons to mind, but The BAD SOMETHINGS actually are a duo! Songs like “Let It Roll” or “Along For The Ride” are simple and catchy with raw energy, cowbell and classic rock guitar riffs while “Oh Honey” has a bit of Southern rock to it and “Body Language Psychology”‘s guitars could be a tribute to BALAAM AND THE ANGEL. The BAD SOMETHINGS play hard rock the old school way in a modern shape, and it is somehow refreshing to hear such an album that could also fit in between your favourite Scandinavian rock’n’roll records. /Laurent C.
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Kris Rodgers “Losing The Frequency”

The name of KRIS RODGERS might not sound familiar to you, but he’s been touring and recording with bands like The CONNECTION, SCOTT SORRY, BULLET PROOF LOVERS, KURT BAKER, etc., and I’m sure you already saw these names before if you’re reading this.
In 2011, KRIS RODGERS started a piano-oriented trio called The DIRTY GEMS, and today, he plays as a solo artist on this full lenght debut on Rum Bar Records, and with the help of his friends The DIRTY GEMS, and KURT BAKER on bass. While you could expect some power pop here, you’ll get surprised with strong 70s radio friendly rock’n’roll. Songs like “Let Go”, “Gone On Too Long”, or “I Know” bring MEAT LOAF and 70s ELTON JOHN to mind (and the piano melodies sure won’t contradict this!), and you’ll find traces of CHEAP TRICK in “Rock’n’Roll Radio.”
The good thing about these songs is that they definitely sound timeless. Put “Black Widow”, or “Revolution” on, and if you don’t know where these songs come from, good chances are you won’t be able to guess they have been released in 2017!
“Losing Ther Frequency” closes with the grandiloquent, almost QUEEN-esque “Who’s Gonna Save You Now”, and you wouldn’t expect less! Who said classic rock has to be something fom the past, anyway? /Laurent C.


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Baby Scream “Greatest Failures”

BBSGFArgentina’s Juan Pablo Mazzola (aka BABY SCREAM) already recorded quite a few albums and EPs, maybe that’s why he decided to introduce his music through this “best of compilation” record, and while it starts on a NICK CAVE-ish note with “Slut”, most songs on here are actually full of power pop melodies and BEATLES influences. BOWIE is also never far away in songs like “Mars”, “Jekyll & Hide”, or “The Riots”, and you’ll even find a bit of MARC BOLAN‘s spirit in Juan’s vocals (“Ojos Orientales”.)
Sad, quiet songs like “Away” or “Ups & Downs” get along with 90s indie pop (Every Day (I Die a Little Bit)), 70s glam (“Exile”) and laid-back bluesy ballads (“Morning Light”, “Aching Eyes”, “Hit & Run”), but all these various influences manage to perfectly mix together.
Maybe not the first record to put on at your next summer party, but “Greatest Failures” is your chance to get to know more about BABY SCREAM!/Laurent C.

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Telenovelas “I Am The Destroyer”

Telenovelas_coverThere’s not much information about TELENOVELAS online yet. This new band from Finland was formed by members of CRYSTAL EXTASY/HUNDRED MILLION MARTIANS, and released this 9 song album on Plastic Passion records.
Opening in a very “Gimme Shelter” way with “Existence On/Off”, this album is not your typical rock’n’roll record, it’s sci-fi rock, almost mystical. It all sounds very 70s, with bits of space rock at times (“Countless Dimensions To Visit and Send Postcards From”, “Intergalactic Debauchery At The Red Light District Of The Moon”, you got to love these song titles!) and poppy BEATLES influences (“Queen Of The Moths”…)
Sometimes evoking FAITH NO MORE (“Spacetrain”), TELENOVELAS can also be dreamy (“Nuevo Paraiso Sundown”, “Dreaming In The Great Blizzard”) and still rock in style mixing MONSTER MAGNET melodies to LED ZEPPELIN atmospheres in “Traveler Has Arrived” for instance. As you probably have guessed by now, this is not an easy album to classify because of its various influences and different psyche-wave-pop-70s-rock moods, but after all, this comes from a country that brought us WALTARI!
“I Am The Destroyer” is quite a good surprise, an album to listen to if you need a little relaxing, laid back change./Laurent C.

Baby Scream “S/T” – Special Extended Edition

BBScreamThis is the re-issue of a 2010 release by Argentinian band BABY SCREAM, actually the ever evolving project of Juan Pablo Mazzola. It comes out as a special extended edition on British record label OK! Records.
14 power pop songs full of 60s/70s influences, though a song like “Powerpop Crush” has a strong 90s feel in its guitars and arrangements.
Bowie and Bolan are never too far (“Jekyll & Hyde”, “Lazy”…), and John Lennon is often lurking on the corner (“Mental Case”, “Nipone”…) so you won’t be surprised to hear that these songs are full of sweet melodies and fine hooks (“What About You?”) Eric Dover (Alice Cooper, Jellyfish…) appears on guitar/backing vocals as a featuring on “The Ghost Of Valerie”, and the bonus material includes original mixes by Muddy Stardust (Chris Robinson Brotherhood, L.A. Guns…) and the 2005 demo of “Jekyll & Hyde.”
Get this album, put it on, and let it carry you away to timeless places./Laurent C.