Baby Scream “Greatest Failures”

BBSGFArgentina’s Juan Pablo Mazzola (aka BABY SCREAM) already recorded quite a few albums and EPs, maybe that’s why he decided to introduce his music through this “best of compilation” record, and while it starts on a NICK CAVE-ish note with “Slut”, most songs on here are actually full of power pop melodies and BEATLES influences. BOWIE is also never far away in songs like “Mars”, “Jekyll & Hide”, or “The Riots”, and you’ll even find a bit of MARC BOLAN‘s spirit in Juan’s vocals (“Ojos Orientales”.)
Sad, quiet songs like “Away” or “Ups & Downs” get along with 90s indie pop (Every Day (I Die a Little Bit)), 70s glam (“Exile”) and laid-back bluesy ballads (“Morning Light”, “Aching Eyes”, “Hit & Run”), but all these various influences manage to perfectly mix together.
Maybe not the first record to put on at your next summer party, but “Greatest Failures” is your chance to get to know more about BABY SCREAM!/Laurent C.

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