Enuff Z’Nuff “Finer Than Sin”

So we got another gem by the always awesome Enuff Z’ Nuff. Those of us how have been following this band since forever know the whole story behind the ups and downs with the line up, and the never ending drama former (and very genius) singer Donnie Vie. Turns out that Chip and the boys have released 4 studio albums since Donnie’s departure (2018’s Diamond Boy, 2020’s Brainwashed Generation, 2021’s Hardrock Nite and this new adventure, “Finer than Sin”) I have said this before, and I’m gonna said this again. Back when Donnie left the band I had my doubts about Chip carrying on with the band’s name, I felt like literally half of the band I loved was not going to be there. It’s a curious thing when a trademark singer leaves a band, I can think of a lot of them that didn’t get away with it. This is not the case, as I’ve said it before. The songs in “Finer Than Sin” are equally as good as the ones that they used to out out with Donnie. The albums opens with an instrumental called “Soundcheck”, followed by “Catastrophe”, a Power Pop anthem about how drugs can destroy your life. Songs like “Steal The Night” can prove how much of an influence Cheap Trick was on this band, Enuff Z’ Nuff is my favourite band when it comes to bands influenced by the mighty Cheap Trick. The album is (again) filled with classic Hard Rock meets distorted Pop songs, so is the case of “Lost and Out Of Control” I believe the song I like the most here is “Intoxicated”, I understand this like an ode to sugar, if this is the case…then all I can say is that I feel really identified with this concept. “Hurricane” is a song about how fragile everything can be, especially depending on a system that instead of preaching peace, just asks for money. This one can be used as the perfect soundtrack for somebody who’s sick and struggling, while going bankruptcy at the same time. If “Love Grows (When My Rosemary Goes)” by “Edison Lighthouse” would have been released in the year 2022, it would have sounded a lot like “Trampoline”, a beautiful love song . “Temporally Disconnected” was written by Chip and Donnie Vie, it would been really cool to have a guest appearance by Donnie like they did in “Brainwahsed Generation” with “Strangers In My Head”, still, the song kicks ass. There’s a Sex Pistols cover here, “God Save The Queen”, it feels accurate and fun when Chip approaches a Punk Rock vibe. Again, this new lineup of Enuff Z’ Nuff is brilliant, their new album is huge and Chip continues to write big beatlesque hard rocking songs. As long as they keep releasing these albums, I’ll keep buying them. /Juan Pablo Mazzola.


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Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs “From Anytown in the USA”

You’re probably familiar with JOE NORMAL if you ‘re a regular on here or if you like The ZEROS. After releasing tons of singles, Joe finally took the time to gather 11 songs and release a full album opening with a great cover of The FOUR TOPS‘ classic “I’ll Be There” before delivering some catchy garage power pop with “Into The City Tonight”. A song like “Anytowns” has a BOB DYLAN on speed flavour while “This Is Your Life (And Your Desitiny’s Calling)” and “Living With Me” bring The ROLLING STONES to mind. You’ll also get a bit of americana with “Even Now (The Future’s Looking Brighter Every Day” and some guitar riffs sounding like real 70s classic rock (“Take Me With U”, “Going Mobile”). Joe is a great storyteller and working class themes can be found in “Stuck In A Job” and in the catchy “Nuthin’ (I’ve Got Nohing)” but he sometimes get more personal (“Don’t Hurt Me”). Whether you like TOM PETTY, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN or glammy powerpop, there’s something for you on this album! /Laurent C.


Enuff Z’Nuff Live in Valencia, Spain / Interview with Chip Z’Nuff

Ever since I started reviewing albums and live shows I decided to write one special article after New Year’s Eve, covering one band. On Nov 20th I got to see one of my favourite bands, Enuff Z Nuff, and I got to interview Chip Znuff. I took advantage of the situation and asked him about several things that I was personally curious about (as a fan) like the story behind “Jani Lane” singing “The Devil Of Shakespeare” or Donnie Vie’s in and out of the band dilemma. Right after the interview I knew this event was going to become “the one” for 2022. Not only I found out that Chip is the sweetest guy ever, he didn’t bitch about me asking personal questions, which is super cool…..but I got to know a bit more about their latest releases. I gotta be honest, when Donnie Vie left Enuff Z Nuff, I was one of too many wondering WTH, like I couldn’t picture the band without him. As Enuff Z Nuff kept releasing mind blowing albums I changed my point of view. That is, my viewpoint was drastically changed by Chip’s version of the band, which has it own vibe, even considering that Chip and Donnie still manage to have a relationship and they contributed on each other’s work, they can walk different roads. Being both of them awesome and prolific at the same time. I doubt their relationship will ever end, both of them are like brothers who at some point decided to go separate ways in life, like Chip said to me “it is like a marriage” Their show was mind blowing including classics like “Baby Loves You”, “Kiss The Clown”, “New Thing” and Fly High Michelle”, mixed with stunning Beatles / McCartney covers (from their amazing tribute album “Hardrock Nite”) like “Magical Mystery Tour”, “Eleonor Rigby” and “Live and Let Die” The band sounds tight as fuck, and one thing that it’s worth pointing out is that they do have fun, they enjoy themselves for sure. This new version of Enuff Z Nuff has already released a few albums, every one of the them is just like everything they ever released, catchy Power Pop / Hard Rock tunes with a meaning. I hope I’ll get to see them again promoting their beautiful and new “Finer Than Sin” album, sometime in 2023. The interview was originally posted on Uber Rock (U.K.) as part of their “Big Uber Rock Interviews” on December 4th 2022. /Juan Pablo Mazzola.

Pictures by Fabio Mogrovejo


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Baby Scream “Castell de Pop”

A new album by BABY SCREAM (Juan Pablo Mazzola) to end this year softly. Opener “Castaway” has a bit of an acoustic SMASHING PUMPKINS vibe. You’ll hear many piano parts on this album in songs like “Kill Your Idols” or “Explosions” and beautiful BEATLES-like vocal harmonies in “Back Home (feat. Ky Anto)” or in “Spirits”. If you like it more intimate and even quieter than quiet then “Chillin'” will be the one for you and if want to get a bit more adventurous then listen to “The Hurt and The Weak” and its electronica beat. The songs sometimes sound fragile in an Elliott Smith way (“Here”) and it sometimes feels like Juan is playing just right next to you (“Castell de Pop.”) Stripped down and beautiful, you’ll get seduced. /Laurent C.

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Joe Normal releases new single/video “Living In The Borough”

“LIVING IN THE BOROUGH” is a mostly autobiographical slice of teenage Americana growing up tough in Elizabeth, New Jersey of the late 70’s and early 80’s just before discovering my calling as an artist.

We’ve all had our share of childhood trauma, and some of us have worked hard to overcome its hold over our adult lives. Though “Living In The Borough” is my own deeply personal story, perhaps you may relate to one or more of the scenes I have depicted here.

Ultimately, it was music that delivered me from the destructive path I was on, and gave my life meaning and purpose. For that I am grateful.” Joe Normal


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The Piggies “… And Now!” EP

Japanese band The PIGGIES have been around since 1997 although they broke up in 2001 and reappeared in 2017. They are a quite mysterious band (it’s actually hard to find any info about them online!) with cartoonesque girl vocals. They mix power pop, 60s girl bands and punk pop in an interesting way as you can hear in “Tell Me”. Songs like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” or the amphetamine fueled rock’n’roll “Evelyn” are very catchy and hard to resist. Short but sweet, this 6 song 12″ is out on Monster Zero Records (on nice clear vinyl!) /Laurent C.

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Cheap Cassettes “Ever Since Ever Since”

Holy smokes, my brothers and sisters and friends of the revolution, if you like good music, this record is gonna shock you with it’s Replacements like greatness. It is extraordinarily, mind bogglingly good. Reminds me, some, of that Sylvain song from the Dolls reunion record, “End Of The Summer” and the Generation X song, “Heaven’s Inside” and not just thematically, but his guitar playing has become somewhat spectacular, his singing’s been perfected, the songs themselves are beautiful, he’s become an all around fantastic entertainer over these past few decades, and I can say that to you as somebody who knew him briefly in our early twenties, when we shared many of the same influences, collaborators and even common experiences. I was writing about his early work in my personal memoirs, how I remember really digging a goth demo he did called “Tombstone Radio”, and then, seeing his Manic Street Preachers influenced band, A Streetcar Named Disaster, and then, appreciating the Dimestore Haloes song, “Hot Pink Stereo”. I have not kept up with his prolific discography in recent years ’cause I been otherwise involved, but honestly, man, oh man. It’s just so good. You like Paul Collins the Beat, or Candy, or Rick Springfield, Chris Isaak, or Material Issue? This album might become one of your very favorite records. He is eclipsing some of his own former influences, at this point. “Ever Since Ever Since” is undoubtedly one of the best power pop records I’ve heard in a long time. Sensational, uplifting, energizing, it’s what you want. “One Black Summer” reminds me of my whole youth, really, the bottles we emptied, basement shows, and girls we knew who wore a lot of makeup. I think the big, right now, solid platinum hit you need to hear most urgently is called, “Endless Summer Ends”. I’m an absolute fan club, total sucker for this stuff. Just dig this right now. I dunno about you, but I really love this. Also, he has a good sense of humor, and does not take life so dead seriously like I do, and in perilous, uncertain, tumultuous, oppressive and regressive times like these, I’ve come to really respect and sincerely appreciate his work. Vive le Cheap Cassettes! /JD Misfortune.

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Fast Eddy “Take A Look”

First album by FAST EDDY from Denver who flew to Atlanta during the pandemic to record 10 songs with Tuk Smith and Dan Dixon. “Take A Look” is a great opener, it offers us THIN LIZZY influenced guitars in the intro and vocals that remind me of RHINO BUCKET. It definitely makes the listener want to hear more! Second song “Milwaukee” sounds like a hit from the 70s played by 2010s US power pop rock’n’rollers while “Kill City” sounds more modern with its up tempo beat and angry vocals but you can definitely hear some 80s roots in it. The band also takes influences from British indie rock in songs like “Dead Eyes”, “Sunflower” or “Help Me” and mixes the STONES and ELVIS COSTELLO with fresh punk energy in “Hurricane Alley.” FAST EDDY also pays tribute to CHUCK BERRY with the killer “Lost” and gets soulful in “Game Of Love.” Different songs, different moods, the band manages to mix their various influences in style whether it is 70s American rock’n’roll, British pop, punk rock or even sunny boogie (“Frankie Died”.) Well, we can already say that “Take A Look” is a great 2022 album! /LaurentC.


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