The Dirty Truckers “Tiger Stripes” EP

You can't judge a book by its cover, and sometimes you can't judge a band by its name! I was expecting some Southern rock here, and well, I'm not the biggest fan of that style. I was very wrong, 'cause these guys actually sound power pop, in the vein of The REPLACEMENTS (this EP was... Continue Reading →

Nerve Button “S/T”

There's no reason why the new power pop wave wouldn't hit Canada, and Wanda Records is bringing us a vinyl proof of that with NERVE BUTTON. Handclaps, and THUNDERS influenced guitars from the start, it can't be bad, right? While the band has its roots in punk rock'n'roll, Batman (Yes!)'s vocals also remind me of... Continue Reading →

Role Models “Forest Lawn”

Just one year after their first, and promising album "The Go-To Guy", The ROLE MODELS are back with a new record, and new line-up. The band's power pop brings The WILDHEARTS to mind in songs like "(I Broke My Back) Disappointing You" (in which you'll hear Steve Conte on solo guitar), or "No Shame", but... Continue Reading →

Razorbats – Norway strikes again!

Some brand new blood from Norway! Guitarist Kjetil tells us about the band's love for 70s rock'n'roll, Turbonegro and the new Norwegian scene. Can you introduce the band? Have you played in other bands before? Yes I can! And thanks a lot for taking the time to have a chat with us! We really appreciate... Continue Reading →

Club Wow “Nowhere Fast”

(-review by Anguish Young) "Somewhere down the line, it will all be found..." (-Lazy Cowgirls) "Let's get the band back together..." (-Andy Shernoff) "Those twangy voices stole my choices all away from me..." (-Paul K.) "If you've been trying for years, you already know this song..." (-The Clash) BLACK CELEBRATION.... Like 32 or 34 years... Continue Reading →

Radiohearts “Tell You” 7″

New 7" record out on No Front Teeth Records by Californian power pop band RADIOHEARTS. Opening song "My Heart Has An Obituary" is quite catchy, and '77 punk influenced song "So Low" is even better, kinda power pop meets The CLASH! The BUZZCOCKS influence can still be heard in "Tell You All About It" as... Continue Reading →

Radiohearts “Lot To Learn” 7″

Californian punky power pop, mixing the energy of the RAMONES, the snottiness of the BUZZCOCKS, and a good dose of UNDERTONES ("Decisions.") I never heard of the RADIOHEARTS before, but it seems like they already released a couple of EPs before. The raw production, powerful bass, and guitar melodies bring The JAM to mind on... Continue Reading →

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