Baby Scream “Castell de Pop”

A new album by BABY SCREAM (Juan Pablo Mazzola) to end this year softly. Opener “Castaway” has a bit of an acoustic SMASHING PUMPKINS vibe. You’ll hear many piano parts on this album in songs like “Kill Your Idols” or “Explosions” and beautiful BEATLES-like vocal harmonies in “Back Home (feat. Ky Anto)” or in “Spirits”. If you like it more intimate and even quieter than quiet then “Chillin'” will be the one for you and if want to get a bit more adventurous then listen to “The Hurt and The Weak” and its electronica beat. The songs sometimes sound fragile in an Elliott Smith way (“Here”) and it sometimes feels like Juan is playing just right next to you (“Castell de Pop.”) Stripped down and beautiful, you’ll get seduced. /Laurent C.

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