Baby Scream “Castell de Pop”

A new album by BABY SCREAM (Juan Pablo Mazzola) to end this year softly. Opener “Castaway” has a bit of an acoustic SMASHING PUMPKINS vibe. You’ll hear many piano parts on this album in songs like “Kill Your Idols” or “Explosions” and beautiful BEATLES-like vocal harmonies in “Back Home (feat. Ky Anto)” or in “Spirits”. If you like it more intimate and even quieter than quiet then “Chillin'” will be the one for you and if want to get a bit more adventurous then listen to “The Hurt and The Weak” and its electronica beat. The songs sometimes sound fragile in an Elliott Smith way (“Here”) and it sometimes feels like Juan is playing just right next to you (“Castell de Pop.”) Stripped down and beautiful, you’ll get seduced. /Laurent C.

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Prophets Of Addiction “Nothing But The Truth”

Hollywood glam punks PROPHETS OF ADDICTION return with a semi-acoustic/stripped down version of the band, basically Lesli Sanders and Glenn Gilbert who toured together as a duo in the US last year when drummer Wayne Stokely wasn’t able to be with them on the road for health reasons. The cool DOGS D’AMOUR styled cover art and opening song “American Dream” set the tone of this album which often sounds close to Tyla’s solo records. Some people say that a good song must sound great when played acoustic, and this is the case with “Babylon Boulevard” that you can also hear on the band’s first album. The whole vibe aso sometimes brings GUNS N’ ROSES “Lies” acoustic side, or The ROLLING STONES to mind. Things aren’t always sad, heart-broken, gloomy or dark (the cowboyish “Last Of The Words”) and the acoustic version of “Spare The Bullets’ which was released on the band’s second album “Reunite The Sinners” is very catchy too. Tyla’s influence can also be heard in “Atmosphere”, “Return The Smile” and in “Heart Of Mine.” “Nothing But The Truth” shows us a different side of PROPHETS OF ADDICTION that suits them very well too. /Laurent C.
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Spencer Robinson releases “Live & Acoustic on Hot Licks with Lina”

On December 17th, 2017, Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders dropped by the Luxuria Music radio station to appear on Lina Lecaro’s Hot Licks with Lina. While on the show, the band played a short acoustic set. This is a raw recording from that radio show.

The EP can be downloaded for free:

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