Joe Normal & The Anytown’rs “From Anytown in the USA”

You’re probably familiar with JOE NORMAL if you ‘re a regular on here or if you like The ZEROS. After releasing tons of singles, Joe finally took the time to gather 11 songs and release a full album opening with a great cover of The FOUR TOPS‘ classic “I’ll Be There” before delivering some catchy garage power pop with “Into The City Tonight”. A song like “Anytowns” has a BOB DYLAN on speed flavour while “This Is Your Life (And Your Desitiny’s Calling)” and “Living With Me” bring The ROLLING STONES to mind. You’ll also get a bit of americana with “Even Now (The Future’s Looking Brighter Every Day” and some guitar riffs sounding like real 70s classic rock (“Take Me With U”, “Going Mobile”). Joe is a great storyteller and working class themes can be found in “Stuck In A Job” and in the catchy “Nuthin’ (I’ve Got Nohing)” but he sometimes get more personal (“Don’t Hurt Me”). Whether you like TOM PETTY, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN or glammy powerpop, there’s something for you on this album! /Laurent C.

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