Rebel Rebel “France Comes Alive” (2007)

Punk shock rockers REBEL REBEL started to terrorize their homeland back in 1990… After all this time, the terror show had to be exported to Europe and landed in the country of Guillotine, France. I was lucky to be part of this wild and chaotic ceremony in 2005 in Paris. Of course, the visual aspect is missing on CD but you’ll find all the raw energy and destructive craziness of that night on this live album. REBEL REBEL has never been a typical Sunset Strip band, their music and attitude has more to do with The STOOGES, The PLASMATICS and SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK. This SPUTNIK influence is even more obvious on the studio tracks/ads (there’s even a Sputnik 2 Martin Degville ad) that have been added at the end of the CD. “Harness All The Energy” is now of one of my favourite REBEL REBEL song!… French kids have fallen for them, the rest of the world will follow!/Laurent C.

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