Toilet Boys “S/T” (2001)

Although this is being billed as the boys debut LP I’m fairly certain that ‘Come and Get It’ was released under that same banner a couple ears ago. Indeed the track listing is very similar, including such already well-loved tunes as ‘Another Day In The Life’ and ‘Party Starts Now’. What we also get here though is some very high production values- the whole thing … Continue reading Toilet Boys “S/T” (2001)

Torpedohead “Let’s Go Fo A Ride” (2010)

5 brand new songs produced by Siggi Bemm (KREATOR, LACUNA COIL…) by Germany’s most promising band TORPEDOHEAD. We already enjoyed their first EP “Lovesick Avenue” (2009) a lot here at Veglam so it’s more than nice to see that the band didn’t waste their time and decided to come back and offer us some of the finest punky hard rock’n’roll. TORPEDOHEAD is clearly heading towards … Continue reading Torpedohead “Let’s Go Fo A Ride” (2010)

The Dogs D’Amour “The State We’re In”

Finally gaining a release 10 years after it was first recorded this infamous, lost first album is everything you could want from a Dogs D’Amour album. The fact the 3rd generation tapes this was taken from sound like they’ve their fair share of whisky spilt on them in their years in a Wolverhampton basement only enhances the record. While always something of a designer mess … Continue reading The Dogs D’Amour “The State We’re In”

Gunfire Dance “Archway Of Thorns” (2007)

What could I say about this 16 song (+ 3 post split bonus tracks) collection CD? Well first I could say that it is an unexpected gift to the ones who played their demo copies again and again even if the quality wasn’t always the best! The band finally gets the sound they deserve and we can enjoy how great GUNFIRE DANCE was and even … Continue reading Gunfire Dance “Archway Of Thorns” (2007)

American Heartbreak “You Will Not Be Getting Paid $” (2004)

If you still don’t have a copy of ‘Postcards From Hell’, you’re just missing one of the best rock’n’roll album released by an American band these last years. As we speak, AMERICAN HEARTBREAK are almost ready to offer us their brand new super rock album but, since every fan of the band is dying with impatience, they decided to put out this CD which consists … Continue reading American Heartbreak “You Will Not Be Getting Paid $” (2004)