Sugar Shock “First Date” EP (2004)

First, let me tell you that the cover of this promo CD from Sweden is just great ! I mean, it’s nice, original,quite funny and romantic at the same time. This little boy standing up could symbolize every broken-hearted outcast glam/punk rocker, you know who you are! ūüôā In fact, it perfectly illustrates the lyrics and this atmosphere full of broken teenage dreams and passionate rebellion. It makes me feel like I’m 15 again ! The first song called “Promqueen Daydream” is a¬† poppy glam punk jewel dipped in bubblegum that makes every part of my body move.”Baby Doll” starts like “Cry Tough” (POISON) because of the drums intro but is indeed closer to HANOI ROCKS. Then, “Goodnight Kisses”proves that glam is punk, it sounds like a glitterversion of The RAMONES. The last song (“First Date”) is also a very good glitter punk pop anthem. SUGAR SHOCK do what they want and are damn good at it. Some will complain about the sound but I¬† won’t, damn& blast it ! This is a good punk sound to me, we don’t need powerful metal guitars and FM sounds here and there’s a lot¬† of charm in the punk side of the band. I’m sure that punks will¬† appreciate… So now,¬† I urge you to come and walk with me on GlitterGlue Avenue and greet SUGAR SHOCK with cheers ! Laurent C.

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