The Dogs D’Amour “The State We’re In”

Finally gaining a release 10 years after it was first recorded this infamous, lost first album is everything you could want from a Dogs D’Amour album. The fact the 3rd generation tapes this was taken from sound like they’ve their fair share of whisky spilt on them in their years in a Wolverhampton basement only enhances the record. While always something of a designer mess you really can believe this is the Dogs in a true state, rough, raw and authentic the cigarettes and sincerity fair drip from Tyla voice. ‘State We’re In’ is all clattering punk guitars, taking after the Pistols on ‘Dole Hero’ or tourmate Johnny Thunders on ‘Wired and Awake’, and classic Glam sparkle on the T-Rex-tasy of ‘Don’t Ask Me To Say I Love You’ or ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, which is Hanoi Rocks in full blues-explosion mode. The original ‘Heroine’ is a hundred times for heart-breaking than is scrubbed-up younger sisters there after, while the scrapbook like sleeve and 2 CD-ROM videos remind of some heartbreaking haircuts and er, naked Tyla! Almost certainly worth the wait.

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