Superhorrorfuck “Death Becomes Us”

SHFDBUThis is already the 3rd album of these flashy Italian horror rockers. Still addicted to grand guignol (just look at the cover photo) and playing some sleaze injected metal that will remind you of WEDNESDAY 13, and sometimes of fellow Italian rock’n’rollers HOLLYWOOD KILLERZ (“Down At The Graveyard”, “Horrorchy III”), SUPERHORRORFUCK is now a well known name in the European horror rock scene.
On this brand new release, songs like “Love After Death” and “Headless Groupie” can appeal to MARILYN MANSON fans while “Voodoo Holiday” Threesome With The Dead”, or the punk metal anthem “Break Your Shit” can be played loud on more festive occasions such as Halloween parties or Zombie Walks. While the band maintain their fun colourful image on a high level, they can get darker musicwise, flirting with goth metal on “Ante Mortem Pictures”, and this fits them quite well since it is one of the best songs on this new album.
Now, I’m not sure why the band released the “Gore-Geous Dead” EP since those 4 songs are included on this album, and I wonder if the bonus track “Holy Zombie” was really needed, but apart from that “Death Becomes Us” should definitely be on top of your Halloween playlist this month along with CADAVER CLUB’s album./Laurent C.

Superhorrorfuck “Gore-Geous Dead” EP

goregeous-EPItalian glam metal horror junkies SUPERHORRORFUCK have released this new EP on December 21st 2012 so that they can rise from the dead and promote it in a post-apocalyptic world. Nothing really changed since that date, but that sure won’t stop the band to spread their Grand Guignol disease.
4 songs that are still heavily influenced by WEDNESDAY 13 and The FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13, but that also show a new interesting side in “Voodoo Holiday” where surf-rock guitars meet horns similar to those in RIVER CITY REBELS for instance. “Death Become US” and “Ante-Mortem Pictures” are heavier and closer to the band’s previous released, but there’s also a bit of punk in those zombies’ colourful blood (“Dawn At The Graveyard”) that will help you to sing along. Be warned!/Laurent C.