The Phantoms “’65-’75” EP

San Diego rock’n’rollers The PHANTOMS offer us 5 covers from the 60s and 70s. The first one, BOWIE‘s “Drive-In Saturday” is very good, well they didn’t change much of it to make it their own, but covering BOWIE has never been the easiest thing to do, and they managed to do it right! JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES‘ classic “Shakin’ All Over” fits the band very well, so does DR FEELGOOD‘s “She Does It Right.” The PHANTOM‘s version of RUFUS THOMAS‘ “Walking The Dog” is quite groovy, and LARRY WILLIAMS‘ “Slow Down” won’t fail to make you dance.
This 5 song EP reminds us that 1965-75 was a crazy time for rock’n’roll, and The PHANTOMS do it with style. /Laurent C.
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