Cyclope Espion “Friday Night Epitath”

CYCLOPE ESPION is the project of Thomaxe, you might have read some of his articles/columns in various ‘zines, including ours, or if you’re lucky enough to live in New York City, then you might have seen him play in a rock’n’roll club with his bands, or jamming with local rock’n’rollers. Thomaxe was a French teacher in NYC, but since all things have an end, he’s now back in France.
CYCLOPE ESPION is mostly about his life, and the years he has spent in New York, it is a DIY effort that consists of Thomaxe and producer Nate Kohrs.
Expecting some RAMONES influenced songs would be too easy, CYCLOPE ESPION is a personal project based on experience, life and feelings, so you’ll find many different sounds and colours on this album. “Faux Départ” is a French pop song full of melancholy while “Friday Night Epitath” and “Wishful Thinking” are sad ballads in which vocals sometimes have a bit of JEFFREY LEE PIERCE in them, and although it might not sound like him, NIKKI SUDDEN came to my mind while listening to these songs. Vocals also remind me of French band GUTTERCATS at times, especially in songs like “Snapdragon”and “D.B. Cooper.” Listening to “Mad Love & The Self”, “Indélébile and “Satellite” instantly make you think that this album is a very personal one in which feelings mix with stories in the most sincere way.
“Friday Night Epitath” might not be the easiest album to get into you’ll ever find, but there’s definitely beauty into it. /Laurent C.

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