Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds V/A

Wassup Rocker Radio/Alex Kish (Ohio) have decided to gather some of their favourite tracks on a free 32 song compilation.  This is a good idea to promote these underground bands as well as the radio! If you regularly read these pages, then you must be familiar with names like RAZORBATS, The CRAZY SQUEEZE, FAZ WALTZ, TEENAGE FRAMES, or The CONNECTION. The songs on here go from girl pop (LUCY AND THE RATS, The EXBATS) to garage (The DARTS, RIK & The PIGS, VOIID, GINO & The GOONS) and angry punk’n’roll (CRIMINAL KIDS.) You’ll also hear some good pop punk (GEOFF PALMER, BLACK HEART BREAKERS, LATTE), some power pop (BRAD MARINO) some modern garage (The WHY OH WHYS, STUFFT CRUST), some ’77 influenced punk rock (GLITTER TRASH, DEVIOUS ONES, PRIVATE FUNCTION, The CHEETAHS, KILLER HEARTS, KÜKEN, MOLLY & The KRELLS, The SOLD AND BONES, DIRTY CHEETAH…) and some cool glam rock’n’roll (The MATT TRUMAN EGO TRIP, The HANDCUFFS, BBQT.) You’ll even hear a bit of postpunk (ROSEGARDEN FUNERAL PARTY) ska reminding of The CLASH with XSLF.
This is free and this is good, so you should just download this compilation and then buy the releases of the bands you enjoy the most! /Laurent C.

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