Twin Guns “The Last Picture Show”

The first song “Temperature Rise” and its sexy vibe and primitive beats immediately brings The CRAMPS to mind, but that’s not surprising, since drummer “Jungle” Jim Chandler toured with Lux and Ivy in 2003. Then, “Fugitive” takes us somewhere in which The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH would have been a bit psychedelic, while the shadow of IGGY POP wanders around “Johnny’s Dead” and “Trigger Jack.”
Dark, cryptic rock’n’roll full of fuzz, reverb and hypnotic guitar riffs, the band’s biography describes their sound as garage noir, and this is very acurate, whether it’s in the sppoky bluesy “Maniac” or in the slow instrumental surf rock influenced “Harlem Nocturne”, black remains the colour. It sometimes gets quite intense in a ROWLAND S. HOWARD way in “Living In a Dream for instance”, but you can still dance to songs like “Now I Understand”, or “The First Time.”
“The Last Picture Show” will take you to the darkest side of New York City, and I’m not sure you’ll ever want to come back!/Laurent C.
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