Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders “…there’s pretty things in Palookaville…”

PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS are back with a 16 track album (mine on beautiful pink vinyl!) on Hound Gawd! Records. Opening song “All The Years #1” is actually the first version of “All The Year” that was featured on “14th & Nowhere” and is definitely a great, faster version! You’ll be able to read notes about each song on the insert, which is a really cool thing. “Cheap Nostalgia” takes us not very far from DR.FEELGOOD‘s pub rock but you’ll still find the band’s own high energy punk rock’n’roll with a country touch in “The World Don’t Care & Neither Does She” or in “Nothing But Excuses”. “Read ’em & Weep” slows things down bringing Californian road images and DYLAN to mind. The country influences can clearly be heard in “To Get That Monkey Offf My Back” and you’ll also get to listen to a good cover of soul classic “Turn Back The Hands Of Time” (TYRONE DAVIS)! If you like your rock’n’roll with more guitar riffin’, then “Money’ will be the one for you and the band summons LITTLE RICHARD‘s spirit with “Little Jael”! Side 2 opens with “True Romance”, a great punk rock song full of melancholy just before the catchy rocker “I Will Lie To You.” “Theda #2” is another new version of an old song, originally faster, it has more of a ROLLING STONES vibe here. Guitarist Nick Alexander sings on “Hello To Mystery”, a cool punk rock song with a bit of DEAD BOYS and JOHNNY THUNDERS thrown in for good measure and then things slow down again with country ballad “Get Up On It”. While the record is almost coming to an end, you’ll get one of the best songs on it, ‘Way Deep Down In Your To Heart”, you’ll sure have the chorus of this one in your head after listening to it! The last song “They’re Wrong/Dead Wrong” slams the door shut in our faces punk rock style! This album should have been released earlier but got postponed because of the pandemic and the talented Richard Duguay re-mixed and mastered it. On more good reason for you to get it! /Laurent C.

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