Blue Jinns “Baby’s On Drugs” Single

BLUE JINNS from Leeds, England was formed in 2017 by members of various DIY punk hardcore bands (JOHN HOLMES, AND NONE OF THEM WERE ROBOTS, HHH, GOATSPEED, AMPLIFIGHTERS and JADED EYES.) They quickly recorded their first album “Sonic Viagra” before releasing the single “Drinking From The Skull Of Your Favourite Enemy.” “Baby’s On Drugs” is the second single from the upcoming album “Hell Razors” and it’s available on CD and streaming format. This new single offers us some fine and sleazy hard rock’n’roll reminding a bit of The ALMIGHTY or WOLFSBANE. The other track “Krankenstein” is a cool punk rock’n’roll song with a verse that could have been on a SIMON CHAINSAW album and a ’77 punk chorus. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the new album release! /Laurent C.

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