Dead Sexy “Rodeo Boys”

CoverDeadSexyFrench electro-glam-punk band DEAD SEXY are back with 12 new songs wrapped in flashy pink. Now based in Berlin, the runaway boys logically added some sound influences from the capital city of Germany in their music (“Panorama”, “Plastik Emotion”…), but they also kept their love for poppy dancey rock’n’roll alive, mixing The STOOGES and BLUR in “Anyway”,rocking to dancey boogie glitter beats in “Forever High”, occasionally flirting with punk rock (“This Is Rodeo Böys (dedicated to Rob Reiner), “Just a Dog”), and Mickey Blow (Johnny Thunders band) appears as a guest on harmonica. Founding members and vocalists Emmanuelle H and Stéphane H both use English and French, and they sure know how to make their Frenchness stand out, the best example being “Lonesome Poupée”, just imagine a place somewhere in time where the Yé-yés suddenly decided to start playing electro-clash and you’ll be getting close to the idea…
Some of these songs like “Slow Motion” and “You Can Make It” will stay stuck in your mind as soon as you listen to them, and it will be hard for you to keep your feet still while listening to “Rodeo Boys”. So, get this album without further delay, put your glitter boots on, and don’t be afraid to smear some lipstick on! This is how they rock!/Laurent C.

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