Warshow Angels “S/T”

WarshAngelsAny band mentioning T.REX and The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH in their biography is worth talking about, right? Well, good chances are you’ll hear about them on here!… Formed in NYC by Kneel Cohn (Vocals/Guitar) and Todd Bryerton (who played drums on the last CONSOLIDATED album) after recording a few songs in Manhattan, WARSHOW ANGELS offers us a very interesting and unexpected debut album full of special guests, mixing 70s glam sexiness to industrial/post-punk atmospheres.
“Bruises” and its SISTERS OF MERCY kind of bass played by Tony Barber (BUZZCOCKS) reminds me a bit of MARILYN MANSON‘s “Mechanical Animals” era, a retro-futuristic mood that can also be found in “Prozac Smile” and “Dive.” SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK synths and groovy Bolan-esque beats/guitars meet up in “This Is Not A (Hit Song)” (with HANOÏ ROCKS‘ Sam Yaffa on bass!), and LOVE AND ROCKETS often comes to mind while listening to this record. Other guests include Martin Shellard (SPIRITUALIZED) on the sci-fi ballad “Red Plastik Crush”, Peter Holmstrom (DANDY WARHOLS) on the spacey-psyche “Planet Girl” and Nicky Garratt (UK SUBS) on “Love Hz”, a dark sexy dancey electro-glam tune.
Beware! Songs like “Bang Bang Love”, “Sexy TV Trash” or the infectious “Flaunt It Like This” won’t leave your mind after listening to them a couple of times! (and since too much is neve renough, you’ll also get a “Flaunt It Like This” remix version à la SSS by Julian Beeston (NITZER EBB, PIGFACE) )… The 70s, the 80s and the future in one album, definitely the best surprise of these last months!/Laurent C.

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Dead Sexy “Rodeo Boys”

CoverDeadSexyFrench electro-glam-punk band DEAD SEXY are back with 12 new songs wrapped in flashy pink. Now based in Berlin, the runaway boys logically added some sound influences from the capital city of Germany in their music (“Panorama”, “Plastik Emotion”…), but they also kept their love for poppy dancey rock’n’roll alive, mixing The STOOGES and BLUR in “Anyway”,rocking to dancey boogie glitter beats in “Forever High”, occasionally flirting with punk rock (“This Is Rodeo Böys (dedicated to Rob Reiner), “Just a Dog”), and Mickey Blow (Johnny Thunders band) appears as a guest on harmonica. Founding members and vocalists Emmanuelle H and Stéphane H both use English and French, and they sure know how to make their Frenchness stand out, the best example being “Lonesome Poupée”, just imagine a place somewhere in time where the Yé-yés suddenly decided to start playing electro-clash and you’ll be getting close to the idea…
Some of these songs like “Slow Motion” and “You Can Make It” will stay stuck in your mind as soon as you listen to them, and it will be hard for you to keep your feet still while listening to “Rodeo Boys”. So, get this album without further delay, put your glitter boots on, and don’t be afraid to smear some lipstick on! This is how they rock!/Laurent C.


Miss Guy

TOILET BÖYS’ flamboyant singer Miss Guy just released a new video for “Don’t Stop”, from his first solo EP “Dumb Blonde”, so we had to ask him a few questions about his solo career, the BÖYS and more.

You released your first solo EP “Dumb Blonde” in January 2012, how was it received by TOILET BOYS fans, the media and other people?
I can’t speak for all Toilet Boys fans of course, but I got some really nice responses from some fans. I don’t think they expected me to do a solo project that sounded like Toilet Boys but they did seem to like the harder, more rock sounding songs on the EP. I got some great reviews as well which was exciting for me since this was my first release on my own.

Tell us about the song writing. Were all the song ideas recent? Did you have the finished songs before recording them?
I started writing about six months after Toilet Boys broke up. I had one idea that came to me on our last tour which is the first song I wrote and recorded called Crying InThe Rain. That’s going to be on my next EP. I did about 20 songs with producers Super Buddha over a five year period.

Have you played these new songs live? If so, who plays with you as a backing band?
Yes, I’ve done a handful of shows and worked with different musicians, trying different things. I’ve worked with Matt Katz-Bohen who plays keyboards in Blondie. He plays guitar in my band along with Dave Purcell on drums and Mike Greco on keyboards. They’re all incredibly talented and it’s great to work with them.

You had the chance to sing with some of your favourite singers (Deborah Harry, Boy George…), didn’t you think about a featuring with one of them on your EP?
I didn’t want my first EP to be about guest vocalists but I’m releasing the song with Debbie next. As for the song with George, he wants to re-record it and release it on his next record.

What are the TOILET BOYS up to? You guys had the chance to open for GUNS N’ ROSES at The Ritz in last February. Can you tell us about this crazy experience?
We haven’t done anything since the Guns N’ Roses gig. We will eventually play more shows and possibly record some new material but as for now, I’m focusing on my solo project. The G N’ R show was hectic leading up to the show but ended up being a fun very fun night.

TOILET BOYS opened for a lot of bigger bands. Any special memory? What do you remember about your European tour opening for The RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS?
It was a highlight for us for sure. They were such nice guys and treated us very well. It was a perfect way to end our run as a touring band. We didn’t know it’d be our last tour when we were doing the tour but things had been brewing for a while and deep down I kind of knew it was over. I’m sure we all did in fact.

What are the best places to hang out in New York these days? Any new band you’ve enjoyed lately?
I like to hang out at Hotel Chantelle. I actually DJ a super cool Thursday night party there. As for current bands, I like Hussle Club a lot. I love Fiona Silver and Neon Music. The Nuclears are a cool hard rock band. I think Breedlove is doing something new and innovative. Shadow Lover are making some fun music too. These are all New York bands and artists that I like. Beyond New York, the list gets too long.

Do you like SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS? Were you familiar with Lady Gaga before she got famous?
I love Justin and think he’s a dynamite performer. I’ve seen the band once or twice and he is what I love most about the band. I think they’re talented and play well. I knew who she was though the club scene and we have mutual friends but we never knew each other personally. We’ve met once or twice and she seems very nice. I think she performed at a party I used to DJ at in the mid 2000s. I like her music and what she does quite a bit.

Were you ever asked to perform in Hedwig & The Angry Inch?
No because that was John’s thing. He was great when I saw the show but I never saw it again or with anyone else playing Hedwig. And I have no interest in doing that type of performance, so I’m glad I was never asked.

What about “A Rock’n’Roll Fairy Tale”, the documentary about Jobriath? Are you in?
No, but I was interviewed for the Divine documentary coming out soon. I’m a big Divine fan.

You’re also a DJ. Do you usually have play lists ready or just choose the songs on the spot? Some of your favourite songs to play?
I only have an idea of what I’m going to play if it’s asked of me when I’m hired and that’s usually for corporate gigs or special events. I like to play whatever I feel like hearing and I’m good at reading a crowd, so that usually dominates what I play.

5 favourite albums with blonde singers?
Eat To The Beat by Blondie, Too Fast For Love by Mötley Crüe, the first Runaways record, the first Madonna record and Beauty and the Beat by The Go-Go’s. And Dumb Blonde by Miss Guy of course!

You wrote for a few magazines/websites in the past. Can you tell us about it? Do you still occasionally do it?
Yeah, I’ve done that on and off since the 90s. It’s a fun thing to do once in a while but I didn’t really like doing it regularly. It’s something I prefer to do a few times a year, not weekly or monthly. I still write for a few different magazines. I just did a really silly interview with Debbie for the 35th Anniversary of Punk Globe.

What about the self-portrait pictures you post every day on Twitter? Are they part of an art project or something?
It was something I did about five years ago. I photographed myself everyday for a year starting on my birthday. I decided to do it again since I’m on Instagram now and figured it’d give me a reason to post photos everyday. Sometimes, however, I’m not in the mood or I feel like I look awful so then I do things like wigs or hats or sunglasses and that makes it interesting for me. I love Instagram.

Any plan to come back to Europe?
I haven’t been since last summer and I’m ready to go again. So yes, I suppose I’ll be there at some point in 2013. I love music fans there. They’re so much more open minded than they are in the USA. Rock is dead in America and has been for many years but thankfully it’s alive and well in other parts of the world.


LTNO “Sea, Sex & Burn” (2003)

Limited Teenage Noise Orgasm is back with this second album, the first one (“Global Cut”) was released in 1999. This new CD definitely has an electro influence but still keeps rock roots, it could be described as a mix of electroclash and glam (especially because of the vocals and catchy choruses.) The first song (“Inflatable Idol”) is a powerful one with some heavy guitar riff reminding me of MINISTRY, then two other hits follow: the killer “Sea, Sex & Burn” that you’ll sing to yourself night and day and the sexy “Number Five”. There’s no bad songs on here, most are interesting and innovative and the last ones are in a darker (“Lucifer Rising” and its MANSONish vocals) and more experimental vein. You’ll also find an awesome cover of Sabrina’s “Boys, Boys, Boys” as a summer bonus track as well as two videos. I’ve been playing this CD a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that you really need this.
/Laurent C.

Glampire (2001)

The best thing to describe GLAMPIRE’s music is to listen to it because it is very personal. The man has a lot of interesting things to say, whether it is about his emotions or about this world -Positive music for a negative world-

Veglam zine could only offer him some space…

Are you satisfied with “Drop Dead Gorgeous”? What’s the main difference with the previous records?

The easy answer is yes. However being so close to it on every level of the presentation and recording, I am both privileged and disadvantaged. I know too much about it. I cannot make that judgement. The real question is will other people be happy with it. So far most people are satisfied.
The difference between this CD and the last release (The Soft White Ghetto) is DDG is a very “rock” record. It has elements of drum-n-bass as well as hip-hop soul grooves. SWG also had those elements in a mellower and quieter slant. DDG was done purposely with a harder edge and a rock n roll flavor.

What are the advantages/drawbacks of being a solo artist compared to playing in a band?
The advantages come in the form of freedom to move and grow as an artist as well as a businessman. The drawbacks are that sometimes it would be nice to have a “band” – to have people to help out and add a different spin to the songs. It is no secret that bands are hard to keep together. The most important thing is to make the best music I can, record that music and get it out to as many people as possible. It is an expensive venture with or without a band. I choose to get the CDs out, advertise and do promotion… and if a band comes together, fine. If not, I still have music and business that keep me busy. I am always on the lookout for the right people.

I’ve read that most of your fans have heard about you thanks to the Internet, is it true?
That is true. I have been utilizing the web since early 95í. I saw it’s potential and decided that would be one of my key components to getting the word out to people. The ability to listen to music via the web grew rapidly and I took advantage of all that was available. The Internet will redefine our culture like no other thing hasÖ Look at the way Napster effected the music industry. We are about to break into a new era of commerce and communication. I am glad that I have a headstart. There is still more to do and more to come. It is a very exciting time. Along with these new paradigms comes a responsibility however.

Your music can’t really be labelled, is it a conscious choice?
Well thanks. Actually it can be labeled “glambient”. With DDG, I have come across what I feel is “goth-hop”. It may sound weird but The Cure, Peter Murphy and Depeche Mode, and Tones On Tail are all quite funky when they want to lean that way. Being an urban dweller in the USA, I am directly affected by funk and hip-hop beats. That type of grooves with big songs and glam/goth overtones is where a lot of the songs on DDG ended up. It made it very fun to work in those parameters. I see it as a new direction.

What do you mean when you refer to “the new responsibility of the artist in the 21st Century”?
Having the ability to record and release music so easily these days has me concerned as a member of pop culture. We have a large body of work collectively as a species, as a planet. So the problem is two fold: A) What to do that has not been done. B) How to learn about the great and small that has gone on before us. At least we have examples to go off of, but too many perhaps. There are traditions that are being carried on and new paradigms being constructed. Artists should be aware and sensitive to what the culture has done and what is happening to that culture at present. So as not to add any crap to the over crowded heap that exists. With the Internet you can safely and effectively see if people who you do not know like what it is that you are doing. It is an exciting time indeed.

You’re a vegan. When did you stop eating meat? What was your motivation? Do some of your fans or people around you sometimes tell you that you influenced them to become vegetarians/vegans?
I have been living as a conscious eater for almost 12 years now. I started young and made the decision because I wanted to be a good strong singer. As my instrument is my body, it made all the sense in the world to me to be a vegetarian. I am interested in herbal medicine as well. It is a large part of life for me.
I have had some nice connections based around it. A few people have become more dedicated and aware as a result of emailing with me. It is good to know I can pass on information to people that may have questions. Being healthy and living for a better planet is a job people all over the world should aspire to.

What’s your opinion about groups such as the Animal Liberation Front?
I am not that familiar with the politics of the ALF. I know of the work they do and I applaud anyone who puts their life on the line for a better planet. The news makes them out to be “bad” but that is all relative, now is it not? I say if they can rescue animals and create awareness, go for it. There are people out in the world claiming to be and making themselves out to be great humanitarians and they are far worse.

The world’s situation is scary; do you still have faith in human beings?
I had little faith before 9/11 and less now. It is a difficult time. There are forces at work we are not even made aware of. The worldís situation has been scary for many years. I have said this all along in songs and in interviews. We as a planet need to get it together – not just the USA or the Middle East, but the whole ball of dirt and water. We As One. If there is to be a future with any sort we need to raise the consciousness in ourselves. Perfection is not the goal. The goal is to be aware. Things may happen that are not pleasing, but at least we will not be blind. Politicians run the show and they say we elect them. That is only 1/2 true. In the USA, people are lazy. People are comfortable. So they do not want to rock the boat, at least here on this soil anyway. In the last year an election was stolen and we were attacked. If humans are to really get it together it has to start with self-awareness. America is in such a weird state at the moment.

In the USA, religion is still very important, what’s your opinion about organized religion?
It seems to me that most forms of organized religion are about rules and exclusion. It has grown into a billion-dollar business with one purpose, to exclude people if they are not part of that particular faith they feel you should be. Most people who read the Bible or the Qur’an, which is really what I am referring to here, feel they are close with God or Allah. They do not want to admit that there are bad thingsÖ evil things that happen in the name of “religion”. Again it goes back to we are all humans and as a species are made similar. Someone’s blood or beliefs should not matter, yet it does greatly. Not to me, but many people hold dear these precepts and they are in positions of power and influence. So people now believe these things, even if they doubt, they do not challenge those thoughts due to fear. Religion is a large part of why the planet is messed up.
The Bible is rewritten all the time to suit the people it is being marketed to. The original writings have been changed so many times, who knows what the true words are? I am not a scholar by any means when it comes to the Qur’an, but there are various opinions on that as well. So we are left with people fighting over beliefs. What about ideas?
Here is an idea. If we as humans lived in accordance with nature, the world would be balanced. People can prey all they want, but if they live out of balance then no god or religion will save them or make them safe and sound here on earth. It will be a false illusion. The force of nature cannot be stopped. It can be tapped into and used as a benefit however. As a race of people we could use many more ingenious aspects of our intellect and serve mother earth with what she deserves seeing she has provided us with so much abundance and beauty.

What kind of music are you listening to these days?
As always I am listening to a wide range of music. The new Perry Ferrell is amazing… The new Roni Size is great… DJ Hi Tek is mad cool… Charles Mingus, the king… The London Suede is one of the best bands around… PJ Harvey – love her! What I listen to all depends on the day…

What are your projects?
I just finished two projects for Cleopatra Records. I did a cover of “Porcelain” for the Moby Tribute, which is out on January 15th, and a cover of “Serial Thrilla” for the Prodigy tribute. I do not when that one is going to be released.
There will be a second single released from DDG in the spring of 2002 entitled, “Life Means Nothing To Them”. It will go out to clubs, DJs, street team members and selected press people. There will be two b-sides on it as well.

Anything else to add? Thanks for your time.
Thanks for the support. Peace n Glitta 2 U n Yours!

Acey Slade & The Dark Party “The Dark Party”

It might appear as a bit surprising when you first see the names SLAYER and GWEN STEFANI listed in the band’s influences on their MySpace page. But think about it, SLAYER has been one of the darkest and most powerful band for more than 25 years now and it’s hard to think about any 2000s pop music album that is more catchy than GWEN STEFANI’s “Love Angel Music Baby”.
Dark yet catchy, this is where ACEY SLADE & THE DARK PARTY are heading to! After the short and almost EBM intro “Darklexia”, the band offers us “Here Today”, a song reminding of BOWIE when he was experimenting with jungle/drum & bass beats. Notice that the album is produced by English drum & bass producer Shaun Morris (DJ Stakka.) This is a quite risky way to start an album, especially for an ex-MURDERDOLLS/DOPE/TRASHLIGHT VISION! But we all know that “safe” often means boring in music nowadays, don’t we?
The catchy/poppy side of the band then shows more in songs like “Sugarcum”, the electro rock “Nothing’s Gonna Change” (and its DANZIG intro guitar riff) and goth rock single “She Brings Down The Moon” (helped with female backing vocals reminding me of the SISTERS OF MERCY.)
Other great moments on the album include dark pop ballad “Baby The Stars Shine Brightly”, electro glam song “Plastic Lego Queen” and closing track “Reptile House”, a slow and heavy industrial rock song. And since a dark party wouldn’t be a good one without a CULT song, you’ll also find a cool dancey version of “She Sells Sanctuary” on the album.
This is out on British high quality label TrashPit records and you’re all invited to the party!/Laurent C.http://www.myspace.com/aceyslademusic

Pink Grease “Mechanical Heart”

Sheffield’s electro-glam band PINK GREASE were my favourite 2005 band (though their first album “This Is For Real” (Mute records) was actually released in 2004. The band really managed to mix the best of 80s new wave to 70s glam rock with fresh energy and style on “This Is For Real”.
This second album “Mechanical Heart” was planned for a 2006/2007 release but various record label problems made it all different and the record was sadly never officially released. Very sad indeed, especially when you get the chance to listen to killer songs like “Alien”, “Carlights”, “Right With You”, “Never Darken”, “Climax Pt. 2”, or very personal ones like the disco dark wave “Distraction” or the electro epic punk song “Ordinary Girl”.
The band also shows his more experimental side on “Solid” for instance but never gets annoying to listen to. Whether you like DEVO, BLONDIE, HANOI ROCKS or just all of them, you will find something for you in these 12 songs. These last few years, many bands tried the electro-glam thing but failed, lacking real good songs or soul and this makes the difference with PINK GREASE.
I also had the chance to get the “Fever” single on both CD (including two unreleased songs: “Shiver” and “2003” which actually is an electro remix of their song “Pink G.R.EASE”) and vinyl (with the incredible “Killer Killer” as a B-side) to complete my collection. There’s so many boring bands around, it all became too safe… The world needs more PINK GREASE!/Laurent C.http://www.myspace.com/pinkgrease

Sohodolls “Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation”

A band with such a great name can’t be wrong, can they?… Just a quick look at the photos and you’ll see a coherent glamourous unit consisting of a gorgeous female singer (Maya Von Doll) and male musicians (Toni Sailor, Weston Doll, Matt Lord and Paul Stone) with a great sense of style reminding me of 80s HANOI ROCKS. They definitely can’t be wrong! Beware though, all of this doesn’t mean that SOHODOLLS are a British glam punk rock’n’roll band. Well, yes they are British but you’ll get the idea as soon as opening song “Stripper” starts, a modern keyboard driven glam rock song sounding like an unexpected, sparkling mix of T-REX and GOLDFRAPP. If you like the best of MARILYN MANSON (from “Mechanical Animals” of course) or KYLIE MINOGUE’s new single “2 Hearts”, then there are big chances that you will love this as well. While “Prince Harry” sounds like a big dancefloor party between PEACHES, BLONDIE and LADYTRON, “My Vampire” takes the listener to a slightly darker side of the band and singles such as “Right and Right Again”, “Trash The Rental” or the fantastic “Bang Bang Bang Bang” won’t leave your mind after listening to them only once!… While most of today’s bands take the easy way and mix 80s synth to rock without any originality or identity, the SOHODOLLS aren’t afraid to experiment with more original influences like in “I’m Not Cool” in which they amazingly incorporated a bit of New Orleans jazz. This is not on the album but I can’t resist telling you that as a Christmas present, the DOLLS have recorded their own version of HANOI ROCKS’ “Dead By Christmas”, watch it here! This band has the image, the songs and managed to build their own universe in a country where the so-called indie scene has been giving birth to clones for too long now. I’ve yielded to the “Pleasures Of Soho” and I can tell you that this is nothing but the best electro glam of the year to me!/Laurent C.http://www.sohodolls.co.uk