3 Parts Dead “S/T” EP

3PDEP3 PARTS DEAD, from Boston, Massachusetts went through some line-up troubles before being able to offer us this 5 song EP full of modern heavy rock guitar riffs and hair metal influenced choruses. Fronted by a singer named Mike Patton, the band actually sounds more like WEDNESDAY 13 than FAITH NO MORE, dont’ let homonymy trick you!
“Feed” is the perfect in your face opener, and “Party Never Ends” is catchy enough to make you sing along, but “Everything To You” is probably the strongest song on here, mixing classic 80s hard rock melodies to punky rock’n’roll energy. “Tattoo’d Toy” has a bit of LOVE/HATE in it, and that’s fine with me, I’ll just probably skip “So Long Girl” every time I listen to this EP since I don’t understand why 80s metal influenced bands still write power ballads in 2014 (weren’t they just a way to get to MTV?)
Anyway, if you’re into modern sleaze rock like LIVING DEÄD LIGHTS, then you should definitely check 3 PARTS DEAD, they should be your next drug of choice!/Laurent C.


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