Brad Marino “Extra Credit”

Following his EP "Four Track Attack", BRAD MARINO (The CONNECTION) is back with a solo album on which he plays every instrument with a little help from his friend Kris Rodgers on keys/piano. Opening song "Broken Clocks" has a big RAMONES feel, and powerpop sweetly mixes with old-school rock'n'roll in "It's Not Right", "Don't Do... Continue Reading →

3 Parts Dead “Master” EP

3 new songs by Boston hard rockers 3 PARTS DEAD, from dark slow grungy heavy metal ("My Mistake") to modern hard/sleaze rock ("Summer Of Sam") and 70s boogie influenced drum beats ("The Mirror".) The chorus in "The Mirror" also has a bit of a STONE TEMPLE PILOTS feel, and 3 PARTS DEAD shows us that... Continue Reading →

Watts “The Black Heart of Rock-N-Roll”

Boston's WATTS are bringing us a healthy dose of straight up rock'n'roll with this 10 song album. From AC/DC ("The Black Heart Of Rock'n'Roll", "Strut (Like a Champ)") to The STONES ("Sunset") with an obvious AEROSMITH influence (especially in the vocals in songs like "Bring On The Lights" or "The B Side"), this is the... Continue Reading →

3 Parts Dead “S/T” EP

3 PARTS DEAD, from Boston, Massachusetts went through some line-up troubles before being able to offer us this 5 song EP full of modern heavy rock guitar riffs and hair metal influenced choruses. Fronted by a singer named Mike Patton, the band actually sounds more like WEDNESDAY 13 than FAITH NO MORE, dont' let homonymy... Continue Reading →

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