The Dirty Truckers “Tiger Stripes” EP

You can’t judge a book by its cover, and sometimes you can’t judge a band by its name! I was expecting some Southern rock here, and well, I’m not the biggest fan of that style. I was very wrong, ’cause these guys actually sound power pop, in the vein of The REPLACEMENTS (this EP was actually produced, recorded and mixed by Sir David Minehan of The NEIGHBORHOODS (REPLACEMENTS reunion/Paul Westerberg.) “Stranger In Disguise” and “Human Contact” sound like they could be played by every alternative rock radio in America, and “Feedback” already sounds like a classic!
These six songs will make you think of long drives across the US, and college heartbreak stories. You’ll also hear a bit of STONES in the catchy “Not That Into You”, and some SOUL ASYLUM in “Just Ran Away.”
Thank you Rum Bar Records for bringing us some fine American rock’n’roll again!/Laurent C.

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