Brad Marino “Extra Credit”

Following his EP “Four Track Attack”, BRAD MARINO (The CONNECTION) is back with a solo album on which he plays every instrument with a little help from his friend Kris Rodgers on keys/piano. Opening song “Broken Clocks” has a big RAMONES feel, and powerpop sweetly mixes with old-school rock’n’roll in “It’s Not Right”, “Don’t Do The Crime” or in “No One Else Tried It.” The 60s pop influences can especially be heard in “Wake Up Baby” or “Fit To Be Tied” and sunny hits like “C’Mon C’Mon C’Mon” and “Broken Record Baby” will stay in your head for the rest of the day after you’ve listened to them for the first time. You’ll even hear some country touches in “What Comes Naturally”, but punk rock is always around the corner (“From The Start”) and Brad doesn’t forget about the roots of rock’n’roll when he chooses to cover CHUCK BERRY‘s “Bye Bye Johnny”… “Extra Credit” is already in my top list of this year’s best powerpop albums. /Laurent C.

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