The Ghosts Of Lovers “S/T”

When drummer Steve Pegrum told me that he was planning to release a GHOSTS OF LOVERS CD on his own label Angels in Exile Records, I thought it was the best idea ever! I only knew a couple of songs (thanks YouTube!) before, but it was clear to me that this band had everything, from their intriguing name, to the perfect image for this era (late 80s/early 90s), and songs that stand somewhere between The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH and HANOÏ ROCKS.
The CD artworks perfectly fits with the band’s spirit, dark and glamourous, romantic black and white with a drop of blood/rose red. Opener “Tonight” brings you back to the times when HANOÏ ROCKS was ruling London, catchy glam punk full of energy that you can also hear in songs like “Don’t Be Afraid” or “The Light Of My Sanity”! “Iona” is a song that you can easily imagine on some 80s London DJ setlist, just between a LORDS song, and a DAVID BOWIE one, magic! “Another Time” or “That Girl” were easily memorable, and it just makes you think that they could have been released as singles in those days.
Even though it was 1990, the spirit of the NEW YORK DOLLS was alive and well in The GHOSTS‘ music (just listen to “So Lonely” and “(Requiem For) Candy”), and the BOWIE meets Rocky Horror feel in “Sweet Sensitive Young Thing” reminds me of STAR STAR, another underated shooting star glam band.
In order to complete these 1990/1991 recordings, you’ll find four bonus live raw tracks, and I just hope that more bands from the 80s/90s London glam scene will get the chance to finally have their music on record (it also happened before with SOHO ROSES.)
The GHOSTS OF LOVERS had perfect taste, and should have been big. Do yourself a favour and let them haunt you with this CD! /Laurent C

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