Los Pepes “All Over Now”

Is it All Over Now for LOS PEPES? Well, it doesn’t seem so… The British band is just back from a European tour, a few shows in the UK opening for MUDHONEY, and finally has a new album (on Wanda Records) under their arm.
“I’m No Good” starts in a typical LOS PEPES way, melodic choruses and full punk energy. The tempo even speeds up as soon as the second song, “Can’t Stand It” starts with old-school hardcore rage. Don’t get me wrong, these guys might play loud and fast, but they’re still a powerpop band as you can hear in “All Over Now”, or “I’ll See You Tonight” for instance, this one will probably stay stuck in your mind for quite some time after you listened to it. Teenage punk anger can still be heard in songs like “My Language” and you’ll hear a few 60s garage influences in “Nothing Special”, and in “Just The Way That It Goes.”
Somewhere between sunny pop and disillusioned punk as in “I Don’t Believe In Anything”, this album will be the perfect soundtrack for your summer… And since Wanda Records always does things well, you’ll get a fine looking record, with a great cover and poster/lyric insert, one more reason for you to grab “All Over Now”!/Laurent C.

Buy from Wanda Records

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