The Sacred “Lovesick Pills/Sick Society” 7″

(-review by Anguish Young) This is some serious speedball and malt liquor ya’all motherfuckery that takes me back to the teenage years of blasting “Hell Comes To Your House” in the turpentine huffing, suburban garages of our middleclass delinquent friends’, whose parents were smalltown squares and absolutely shocked and appalled by us creepy, Midwestern lost boys who were wearin’ make-up and growing sideburns and renting … Continue reading The Sacred “Lovesick Pills/Sick Society” 7″

Lovesores – Rock’n’Roll Animals!

We asked ex-HUMPERS/VICE PRINCIPALS Scott Deluxe Drake a few questions about the LOVESORES. He also tells us about a few records that changed his life, and about his radio show The Golden Age Of Rock’n’Roll. Can you intoduce the band? The Lovesores are: Saul Koll (guitar), Adam Kattau (guitar) Alex Fast (bass) Boz Bennes (drums) and me, Scott Deluxe Drake (vocals) Can you tell us … Continue reading Lovesores – Rock’n’Roll Animals!

The DeRellas “Freakshow” 10″

“Freakshow” is the first release of The DERELLAS with new singer/guitar player Stevie D, and while it was difficult to imagine the band without Robbie, The DERELLAS didn’t die out, and came back with fresh ideas and drummer Billion Dollar Bish (ex-FLESH FOR LULU, BUBBLEGUM SCREW…) to complete the new line-up. “Rip It Up”, and “Strung Out Sin City” shows us a band holding the … Continue reading The DeRellas “Freakshow” 10″

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads – “C’Est La Vie!”

DUNCAN REID (ex-The BOYS) is back with The BIG HEADS and a fantastic new record (“The Difficult Second Album”) out on Wanda Records. We had to ask him a few questions about the band, the album, The BOYS, second albums and French literature! How would you compare “The Difficult Second Album” to the first one? Was it that difficult? No. it wasn’t difficult at all. … Continue reading Duncan Reid And The Big Heads – “C’Est La Vie!”