Los Pepes “All Over Now”

Is it All Over Now for LOS PEPES? Well, it doesn't seem so... The British band is just back from a European tour, a few shows in the UK opening for MUDHONEY, and finally has a new album (on Wanda Records) under their arm. "I'm No Good" starts in a typical LOS PEPES way, melodic... Continue Reading →

Los Pepes “For Everyone”

Another great looking record (cool colourful collage art-work/poster!) released by Wanda Records. London's LOS PEPES offer us 12 punked-out power pop songs somewhere between The RAMONES, The EXPLODING HEARTS, The BOYS, EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS and The BUZZCOCKS. When opener "All I can Do" does a fantastic job to get you hooked up with... Continue Reading →

Los Pepes “Tonight” 7″

Wanda Records keeps on bringing us the best stuff when it comes to '77 punk, glam or power pop... I wasn't familiar with this British band before, and now I can say that it's good to finally hear something great from London again! Well, ok there's JONNY COLA & The A-GRADES, but apart from them... Continue Reading →

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