Los Pepes “For Everyone”

LosPepesIFEAnother great looking record (cool colourful collage art-work/poster!) released by Wanda Records. London’s LOS PEPES offer us 12 punked-out power pop songs somewhere between The RAMONES, The EXPLODING HEARTS, The BOYS, EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS and The BUZZCOCKS.
When opener “All I can Do” does a fantastic job to get you hooked up with its glammy chorus/vocal harmonies, it only gets better with “I Just Don’t Know’, “I Don’t Need Anyone”, or “Unknown” that puts the band right close to The BITERS. You’ll also find a good 60s pop dose in songs like “I Won’t Fall In Love” or “Alone In The City”, and some high energy punk’n’roll mixed to some fine melodies in “This Love’s War”, “Guilty Pleasures”, or “Modern Life.” Early HANOÏ ROCKS and SOHO ROSES even come to mind when listening to “Inconsolable” and “Tonight.”
Some of these songs sound familiar, but it’s just because LOS PEPES managed to use the same ingredients as the bands who wrote your favourite classics. Listen to them when they say that LOS PEPES is “For Everyone!” /Laurent C.

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