Nicotine Pretty “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?/Nicotine Pretty” (Single)

NICOTINE PRETTY hail from Bridgend, South Wales, and are fronted by Ginge Knievil (The SICK LIVERS.) “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” has a bit of pre-Generation Terrorists MANIC STREET PREACHERS in it, with a street punk edge, and “Nicotine Pretty” is a cool glam punk song, with JOHNNY THUNDERS guitars and a bit of a QUIREBOYS/DOGS D’AMOUR vibe. If you still wear your leopard print, … Continue reading Nicotine Pretty “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?/Nicotine Pretty” (Single)

The Cheap Cassettes “All Anxious, All The Time”

Formed out of the ashes of the DIMESTORE HALOES, The CHEAP CASSETTES, from grunge capital Seatlle are more into power pop and ’77 punk with fine melodies reminding of The REPLACEMENTS, CHEAP TRICK, or Paul WELLER in songs like “All Anxious, All The Time”, “Disappear With You”, “Girlfriend”, “Wreckless”, or the catchy “Big Dumb Town.” It’s good to hear Chaz Matthews’ vocals again, some of … Continue reading The Cheap Cassettes “All Anxious, All The Time”

Nerve Button “S/T”

There’s no reason why the new power pop wave wouldn’t hit Canada, and Wanda Records is bringing us a vinyl proof of that with NERVE BUTTON. Handclaps, and THUNDERS influenced guitars from the start, it can’t be bad, right? While the band has its roots in punk rock’n’roll, Batman (Yes!)’s vocals also remind me of Ian McKaye in “Operation Idiot”, “Bit The Bullet”, or in … Continue reading Nerve Button “S/T”

Spit Pink “Night Of The Lizard”

77 punk from Germany on Wanda Records, so as usual, you get a great cover, with insert, poster, etc. “Fools” starts with glammy handclaps and STOOGES riffs, while the following songs “Don’t Bring a Knife To a Gun Fight”, and “Jenny & Jim” shows us that despite their angry energy, SPIT PINK keeps a melodic, almost poppy edge, just like their elders (BUZZCOCKS, UNDERTONES…) Early … Continue reading Spit Pink “Night Of The Lizard”

Les Suzards – Sons of the Dogs

After reviewing their debut album out on Wanda Records, we decided to send a few questions to Les SUZARDS in order to know more about them. T Boy Stoogeling (vocals/guitar) tells us about the band’s history, French rock’n’roll, their last tour and influences… Can you tell us a bit about the history of the band and this name choice? You’re sometimes called Les SUZARDS or … Continue reading Les Suzards – Sons of the Dogs