Los Pepes “Tonight” 7″

LosPepes7Wanda Records keeps on bringing us the best stuff when it comes to ’77 punk, glam or power pop… I wasn’t familiar with this British band before, and now I can say that it’s good to finally hear something great from London again! Well, ok there’s JONNY COLA & The A-GRADES, but apart from them it’s hard to think about new killer sounding/looking bands from the city that used to offer us the best rock’n’roll acts!
LOS PEPES are more into power pop on speed, ’77 snotty glammy punk in a BRIEFS/EXPLODING HEARTS way ; Songs like “Tonight” or “Too Late, Too Late” will make you wear your white sun glasses and dance all night!
Side B is as good as Side A, The UNDERTONES seem to be jamming with the SEX PISTOLS on “Unknown”, and The CLASH seems to go pop on “Somebody Else.”
Trust me, your record collection would definitely look better with this cool looking yellow vinyl 7″!/Laurent C.

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