Role Models “Dance Moves”

Three albums in three years, so here is the third one! “Evangeline” opens on a darker note than what we used to hear on the two previous albums, but you’ll still find this “American indie rock melancholy” touch in the chorus (think of SOUL ASYLUM or The REPLACEMENTS.) “I Want More”, “Empire State”, and “Feel Like Being Alone” confirms that ROLE MODELS have kept their pop sensibility, and you’ll be happy to know that their rock’n’roll side is also still alive and well (“Reach Me”, or “Manette Street” that brings the best of The WILDHEARTS to mind.) If you’re more into punk rock, then just listen to “Wizard Van”! To me, the best surprise on this new album is actually the last song, “Meteor”, a great new-wavish song with a bass line reminding me of The LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH.
You’ll find guest such as Duncan Reid, Kris Rodgers, and Stacy Stray on this new album. If you liked the two first albums, then big chances are you will love this one! /Laurent C.

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