Straight To Video “S/T”

Staight To Video CoverRob Lane from TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY, Trash Pit ‘zine, etc. is back with this new project based on the idea of 80s/90s nostalgia and pure fun!
As a big fan of 80s movies, Rob decided to record some of his favourite soundtracks with the help of his former bandmate Jamie Delerict, KITTY HUDSON members and a few others:
“Rush Hour” from License to Drive with Johnny Monaco (ENUFF ‘Z NUFF) as a guest guitarist,
“Pretty In Pink” (The PSYCHEDELIC FURS) from the same titled movie which is turned into a very good punk/power pop version, “Misery” (SOUL ASYLUM) from Clerks 2 with Jaret Reddik (BOWLING FOR SOUP) on vocals, “Miss Amanda Jones” (The MARCH VIOLETS) from Some Kind Of Wonderful, and the always great “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)” (DRAMARAMA) from A Nightmare On Elm Street 4.
Apart from the obvious good taste in choosing the songs, this EP offers new versions of these classics that are not too different from the originals, but different enough to make it work as a whole. A limited edition of this EP will be released in a VHS video case including a T-Shirt. That’s another reason for you to get it!/Laurent C.

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