The Chris Rolling Squad “Cannonball Holocaust”

There’s quite a few reasons to be angry in 2021, so a good dose of speed rock might be useful. “Wild Time” and “Hate 2000 Blues” are opening this new album in rage with some hard rock’n’roll somewhere between MOTÖRHEAD and PETER PAN SPEEDROCK. The French power trio can get more metal with their guitar riffing in “Trapped Inside” (almost bringing VENOM to mind!) but can also get more melodic with slight pop punk touches in “Bring Down The Hammer” and even flirt with psychobilly (“Faster”, “Hollywood”) and speed boogie (“Crazy Little Boy”.) Punk rockers will also probably dig “Revolution All Around” and “Desperate City (I Get The Fuck Out)” and old-school rockers will dance to “Staying Home With Mommy.” Hard, fast, loud and definitely worth checking out! /Laurent C.

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