Biters “Last Of A Dying Breed” (EP)

How come The BITERS are not the biggest new band around yet? Let’s face it: They’ve got the songs, the look and I’ve heard that they’re even better as a live band. You would think that opening for bands like ACE FREHLEY, DANKO JONES (which is quite big in Europe) or SOCIAL DISTORTION would help… Ok, it probably does, Rome wasn’t built in one day they say, so let’s wait again and listen to this new EP released by Pipeline Records before these guys make Atlanta the new world rock’n’roll capital.
Despite a not very attractive cover, these 4 new songs show that The BITERS are still the band that rock’n’roll/glam/power pop fans have been waiting for these last years. Sure, The BITERS wear their influences on their sleeves (CHEAP TRICK – “Hallucination Generation” or THIN LIZZY – “So Many Nights”) but they know how to write and get you hooked on a song (“Hell Is For Babies” is the perfect example), and that makes a huge difference these days. On this brand new EP, the band also explores a new side of their music, slowing down the tempo with “Evil Eye”, a quite interesting 70s influenced rock ballad with an epic ending.
I’ve heard that The BITERS might be touring European clubs in March 2013. By then, hopefully Rod Stewart/SLADE haircuts and glitter rock shirts will be the new cool./Laurent C.

Pipeline Records website

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