Scream Idol “Movie Mary”

SCREAM IDOL is the new incarnation of STAR STAR, The fabulous late 80s glam rock’n’roll band that should have been huge in a perfect world. Singer/guitar player Johnnie Holiday has been living in Greece for a long time now keeping the STAR STAR name and music alive through the years but some change was needed and although SCREAM IDOL has STAR STAR‘s glittery blood running through its veins, this is also the start of something new. This is still rock’n’roll with a glam edge but with a more modern approach and sound. “Movie Mary” opens with a new and refreshed version of “Pizza Pattie”, a song that was released on the first STAR STAR album “Go Go Girls In Love” but didn’t have the production it deserved. “Teenage Doom Disciple” heads more into the glam industrial territory bringing The NEWLYDEADS to mind while “Kick It Down” and “Soul Sucker” both mix heavy rock guitars with a glitter pop sensiblity. You’ll get to hear more new versions from “Go Go Girls In Love”: “Kid City Act III”, revamped as a 70s gam song that could have been recorded in Blade Runner, “Sarah Soda” called “Sara Soda Act IV”, a poppy glam punk song as well as the title song “Go Go Girls In Love Act I” and “Baby Boom Act IV” and its ever catchy vibe. Speaking of catchy, just listen to the PALTRIDGE FAMILY cover “I Woke Up In Love This Morning”, this one won’t leave my mind… The album ends on a gothy dancefloor note with “1000 Years To Deep” and “Movie Mary” both reminding of the best of MARILYN MANSON (that is to say his post-human glam album “Mechanical Animals”.) “Movie Mary” manages to mix an underrated past to a brilliant present and can appeal to early STAR STAR fans as well as a new generation in search of decadent and danceable music. This is exactly what I needed to listen to these days! /Laurent C.
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