Scream Idol – Trash Rock a Go Go!

STAR STAR has morphed into SCREAM IDOL, a scary montster for a new degeneration. We've asked Johnnie Holliday (vocals/guitar) a few questions about this new incarnation and the STAR STAR days... You were one of the first bands I interviewed for Veglam back in 2002. I remember thinking it was so cool to be able... Continue Reading →

Scream Idol “Movie Mary”

SCREAM IDOL is the new incarnation of STAR STAR, The fabulous late 80s glam rock'n'roll band that should have been huge in a perfect world. Singer/guitar player Johnnie Holiday has been living in Greece for a long time now keeping the STAR STAR name and music alive through the years but some change was needed... Continue Reading →

Star Star (2002)

I was more than happy to find a STAR STAR website and to know that Johnnie Holliday still had something to say. If you didn't know the band when 'The Love Drag Years' came out, then it's never too late and you can start here!... So, what is the Star Star line-up in 2002? well... Continue Reading →

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